NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Marigold Chapter 2 Poem

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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Marigold Chapter 2 - After a Bath (Poem)

Learning English Marigold Class 1 Chapter 2 Poem can become very interesting if one has chosen the right guide to guide their children on the right path. Availing Class 1 English Marigold chapter 3 solutions just catalyze the interest quotient among children. As the solutions are written by the professionals after a considerable amount of research work, there is no chance that the children will have difficulty understanding. Therefore, if you are looking out for an English Marigold Class 1 Chapter 2 poem then go ahead and check out the right site and explore your options. 


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NCERT Solutions Class 1 English Chapter 2 - Free PDF Download

NCERT Solutions Class 1 English Marigold Chapter 2 Poem

To find out questions and answers for Class 1 English Marigold chapter 3 can be stressful especially at a time like this pandemic when running to the book stores can be difficult. But you need not worry when you have NCERT Solutions Class 1 English Marigold Chapter 2 poem available online. They are also available offline wherein one only needs to download the PDF file of the solutions and learn it easily in their convenient hour. Could it be any better?

After A Bath Class 1 NCERT Solutions: In A Gist 

After A Bath Class 1 NCERT Solutions is about after bath activities of a young boy. This poem is one of the important poems of the syllabus that the children must learn in order to secure good marks in the exam. All the questions and other exercises at the back of the chapter have been solved by experts in the NCERT Solutions which is available in the Vedantu app. 

NCERT Solutions Class 1 EnglishMarigold Poem After A Bath- What are the Questions You Need to Learn?

Each and every question in the textbook must be studied by the children. If they are unable to solve the questions by themselves then they can take help from NCERT Solutions where the answers are explained in a very lucid and constructive manner. It is expected that the potential doubts of the children regarding the chapter will be solved easily. The solutions have been helpful for significant children across the country to score good marks in the exam. Besides, it has also helped them minimize the time and cost otherwise spent on private tuition, which is quite expensive these days. Therefore, if you use the NCERT Solutions Class 1 English Marigold poem After A Bath, it will simply be for your own advantage, and securing a high score in the exam is a matter of time. 

Class 1 English Marigold Chapter 2 Solution- Chapter-wise Weightage

It is important to understand that like any other chapters of English, Chapter 2 is equally important. It contains equal marks and hence cannot be the only chapter to be studied or for that matter to be left out. Each chapter of each subject in Class 1 must be read carefully. At this crucial stage of education, children are advised not to do selective studying. This kind of attitude and studying habits will not be helpful for them in the future and they would be missing out on basics. Each chapter of the syllabus is important for their educational growth and in order to expand their knowledge, it is ideal that they deliver their utmost attention to this chapter and other chapters. Such an initiative will not only help them expand their horizon but will improve their grades. 

Benefits of Class 1 English Marigold Chapter 2 Solution

If you are thinking about how it will be helpful for you or your child then here are some of the benefits you can draw by availing of NCERT Solutions:

  • NCERT Solutions mean a one-stop solution to all your problems- This means that whichever class you might be in, whatever subjects or chapter you want to study, everything is available on NCERT Solutions of Vedantu App.

  • Costing cutting- Getting a professional at your home to tutor your child, you might have to invest a considerable amount of money as a tuition fee. However, if you choose to download the PDF NCERT Solutions from the Vedantu app, you are getting the opportunity of teaching your child with the help of solutions that have been written by professionals in exchange for zero amount of money.

  • Comprehensive learning- All the solutions are given chapter-wise and in a manner that is easier for the child to read. Hence it is an opportunity for comprehensive learning for children. 

There are numerous benefits of learning from NCERT Solutions by Vedantu. To avail them just sign up today!

Important Questions and Answers of NCERT Solutions Class 1 English Chapter 2

Below are the important questions of Class 1 English Chapter 2 Poem After A Bath:

Q1. Have You Seen an Animal Drying Itself?

Ans. Yes, I have seen my pet dog drying itself whenever I bathe it by shaking off the extra amount of water from its body.

Q2. Do You Like to Have a Bath? Say Why?

Ans. Yes, I like to have a bath regularly in order to keep myself healthy and clean. It thus helps me stay neat and tidy.

Q3. Can You Bathe Yourself?

Ans. Yes, I can bathe by myself.

Q4. How Do You Dry Yourself?

Ans. I dry myself by using a clean towel after my bath.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Marigold Chapter 2 Poem

1. What Can I Learn from NCERT Solutions Class 1 English Chapter 2?

You can learn all the back questions, match the following, fill in the blanks from NCERT Solution of Class 1 English Chapter 2 poem.

2. How Do I Find the Solutions Trustworthy?

The solutions are written by professionals only after they have conducted a significant amount of research work. Besides the solutions are available on one of the most trustworthy websites which are Vedantu. Hence the authenticity of the solutions is far from suspicion and students can learn it with ease. 

3. What is the concept of Chapter 2 “After a Bath”?

This poem is interesting and also children learn the activities that one must follow after taking a bath. This is also the routine that they do before going to school, like having a bath, dressing up, wearing a uniform etc. This is not something new so it will be easy to understand as they know these activities. The questions in the exercises teach the student to answer the questions in a better way from the initial stages.

4. What are the questions asked in this poem?

The questions asked here are very simple and the children will enjoy answering these questions. The poem is easy to learn and can be taught in full rhythm.

  • Do you like to have a bath?

  • Do you bathe yourself?

  • How would you dry yourself?

  • Have you seen an animal drying itself when it is wet?

When children try to answer these simple questions they will know and get an idea of the way the answers should be written. This might be very simple or just an answer of one line but they will know how to frame the simple answers and then when they do to the higher classes it becomes quite simple for them. 

5. What are the words used thrice in this poem?

To make this poem more interesting, the words are rhythmically used so when the children recite the poem it develops interest within them. The words that are used thrice in this poem are dry, try and shake. Trying to wipe and dry is for us, how we dry after a bath and the word shake is used to show how dogs dry by shaking. This poem makes the children focus and be attentive in the class due to the smooth flow of the poem.

6. What are the activities to be done after a bath according to the poem?

The activity after bath is to dry, wipe the hand’s toes, fingers and nose. It is a time-consuming activity. In this poem, it is also mentioned that if it would be in the case of a dog what would he do to dry himself? Will he use a towel wipe? Will he take so much time? No, right? because he will just shake his body and he is all set. It is just a comparison to developing more interest in children’s minds. At this age, it is an important factor to make sure the children are attentive and focused.

7. How can Vedantu help children in learning this poem in an easy way?

Vedantu’s NCERT Solutions are very well designed after deep research by experts. All the efforts are made so that the solutions or the answers can be easily understood and also they have made sure that learning is fun and children enjoy their studies. This is the right path and a guide to get a strong foundation of the language. The words and the sentences used are very comprehensive and Class 1 students will be happy to study from these solutions. The NCERT Solutions are available at free of cost on the Vedantu website and on the Vedantu app.

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