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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Chapter 8 - A Little Turtle

Last updated date: 18th Apr 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Marigold Chapter 8 - A Little Turtle (Poem)

Download the Class 1 poem A little Turtle in English Chapter 8 A Little Turtle poem available in the PDF format. NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Marigold Chapter 8-A Little Turtle (Poem) available here on Vedantu are in compliance with the new NCERT guidelines. To help you revise the entire Syllabus and score more marks, you can find all the textbook answers for Exercise Questions with Solutions. After studying this poem,you should go through these NCERT Solutions to get a clear understanding of the poem.


NCERT Solutions for Class 1


Class 1 English

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English Marigold

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Chapter 8 Poem - A Little Turtle


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English and Hindi

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The Solutions for Class 1 English will soon be uploaded on this page

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Marigold Chapter 8 Poem A Little Turtle

Here are the complete NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Marigold Chapter 8 Poem. The free NCERT solutions on Vedantu will help you with your exam preparation. It will help you to gain a basic understanding of chapter 8 of Marigold - A little Turtle. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Marigold Chapter 8 Poem - Free PDF Download

All the solutions are prepared by our highly experienced teachers at Vedantu for Class 1 students, and can be downloaded as a PDF for free. Going through the solved NCERT exercises will help students to understand the types of questions that are generally asked in the exam. 

They can study the NCERT Solutions Class 1 English Chapter 8 and learn the appropriate answer-writing approach for the exam. The PDF version of these NCERT Solutions help students learn and prepare for the exams on the go. These solutions are available for free to download and score excellent marks in the exam. At Vedantu, we have some of the best teachers in India, whose ultimate goal is to make learning easy and fun for the kids by providing good quality study material.

The English Marigold Chapter 8 of Vedantu NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Poem covers the answers to every question given in the exercise. So, students can write the answers and compare them with these NCERT Solutions to test their understanding of the poem. 

Benefits of NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Marigold

The benefits of learning the NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Chapter 8 poem A Little Turtle are as follows.

  • These NCERT Solutions are designed in such a way that a student can have a comprehensive exam preparation.

  • The NCERT solutions PDF file is available for free download.

  • The solutions are written in a precise way so that students do not face any difficulties in learning any concept covered in the poem.

  • These NCERT Solutions are very easy to understand. Students can learn them and try to write the answers in their own words, for effective exam preparation.

Apart from the NCERT Solutions, other study materials are available on the Vedantu app and website. For the convenience of students, chapter-wise solutions for various subjects are also available. Download the Vedantu app now and avail of the study materials on the go. 

Marks Weightage of English Marigold Class 1 NCERT Solutions

Class 1 chapter 1 poem A little turtle is an interesting poem in the Marigold’s book. Mostly the questions from this chapter carry 1, 2, and sometimes even 3 marks as well.  It is advised that students should prepare this poem, keeping this in mind.

How Does Vedantu’s Study Material Help in Scoring Better Marks in Class 1 English?

Each topic in the Class 1 book is prepared by the English experts at Vedantu for Chapter 8. All solutions are structured well and are developed according to current CBSE guidelines. Each topic is well explained and arranged in such a manner on Vedantu, so that students don't face any problems when going through any question.  Solutions for all the other subjects of Class 1 are also available on Vedantu, in addition to A Little Turtle Class 1 NCERT Solutions, so you can quickly download them and read it and score better marks in your exams. 

Lakhs of students are availing of Vedantu's free study materials, so download the NCERT solutions now and stay ahead in the competition. Also, download the Vedantu app from Playstore and AppStore and enjoy free live masterclasses. Our teachers are available 24x7 to answer all your questions. You can clear all your doubts at any time with the help of our expert teachers. 

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Chapter 8 - A Little Turtle

Q1. Can I find solutions for all the subjects of Class 1 on Vedantu?

Ans: On Vedantu you can access topic-wise solutions for all subjects of Class 1. Students can access all the NCERT Solutions on Vedantu, at any time and anywhere. All the solutions available in PDF format for free download. You can also attend free live masterclasses on Vedantu 's app. Vedantu has made the topics easier to understand with simple step-by-step explanations prepared by our subject-matter experts. If students face some problems in the middle of these exercises, they can always count on Vedantu. We at Vedantu have some of India's best English teachers. They share our mission to make learning meaningful and effective for all students. So, download the NCERT solutions now. 

Q2. Can I completely rely on NCERT solutions on Vedantu for exam preparation?

Ans: Yes, you may focus entirely on the NCERT Solutions provided on Vedantu for exam preparation. Many students face difficulties when searching for a reliable study-guide for several subjects. 

The subject-experts at Vedantu have prepared these NCERT Solutions in a simple language. You can also download our app from the play store and view all the solutions in one place at any time. All solutions are developed with utmost care to ease the examination preparation. So download the NCERT solutions now and start preparing efficiently for the exams.

Q3. Is the NCERT subject material for Class 1 English easy to follow?

Ans: NCERT textbooks are highly recommended by the CBSE. The NCERT content is according to the CBSE guidelines and well suited for the requirements of the students as per their age group. Hence, this carefully crafted subject matter should be easy to follow for Class 1 students. In addition to being simple, it is also engaging. If students face any difficulty in the course content, they can refer to Vedantu's study materials for Class 1 NCERT Class 1 English.

Q4. Can you give any tips and tricks for parents and teachers to assist young students in studying English for Class 1?

Ans: Students of Class 1 are brilliant minds that are constantly active. Techniques used to teach them should differ from older students. The teaching sessions should be interactive and engage the students’ attention well. Class 1 English is a subject full of brilliantly crafted lessons that should provoke children’s curiosity. Parents and teachers should first read the chapter with them in a fun manner and then explain the course material while engaging them in a discussion.

Q5. Can young students themselves use Vedantu’s study materials easily?

Ans: Vedantu makes sure that all its teaching material and NCERT Solutions are composed suitably to each class’ needs. For Class 1, the study material is easy to follow and often explained directly with the help of representation wherever required.  Vedantu also provides free Master Classes and conceptual videos to further aid in the students’ understanding. Thus, in this technology-based era, Class 1 students should easily be able to follow Vedantu’s study material themselves. Also, the study material is available on the Vedantu Mobile app.

Q6. How can “A Little Turtle” aid in evolving the vocabulary of young students?

Ans: In NCERT Class 1 Chapter 8 English, Although “A Little Turtle” is a short poem, it introduces the children to some action words and adjectives that students can use in their daily lives. Added to that, the poem provides students with interesting information about turtles in a fun manner. Moreover, the activities at the end of the chapter also introduce some words to children to enhance their vocabulary. 

Q7. How should students learn “A Little Turtle”?

Ans: In NCERT Class 1 Chapter 8 English poem, “A Little Turtle” is a short yet delightful poem that students are bound to enjoy. The poetess Carolyn Graham engrosses the children through scenic imagery of the turtle performing various actions. The best way for students to learn this poem is by singing and repeating it with actions. This will enable the students to relate and memorize the poem well. They can also refer to the explanation by Vedantu for further understanding.