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Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for English Chapter 3.5: Drafting a Virtual Message

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Download Free PDF with Solutions of Drafting a Virtual Message Class 12, Chapter 3.5

In the Maharashtra Board Class 12 syllabus, the chapter Drafting a Virtual Message holds a very important place. This chapter discusses some important theories and concepts used behind Drafting a Virtual Message.

The chapter requires a lot of practice, and to understand the chapter properly, students will have to practice from the solutions provided by Vedantu experts. The solutions will cover everything significant about the chapter so that students don’t have to miss out on important details about the sub-topics and problems of the chapter. For further help in solving questions from the chapter, download Free PDF with Solutions of Class 12 Chapter 3.5 Drafting a Virtual Message.

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Access Maharashtra Board Solutions for English Class 12 Section Three 3.5 Drafting a Virtual Message


(i) In pairs, enact the given conversation between Rakesh and Mrs Sarkar.

Rakesh: Hello, may I speak to Dr Sarkar?

Mrs Sarkar: He has gone to the hospital to attend the OPD. May I know who is


Rakesh: Yes. I am Rakesh Sood. My wife has been having a severe headache since yesterday. Since this morning she has also developed a high temperature. I would be very grateful if the doctor could come over to our place to examine her.

Mrs Sarkar: Of course. Please let me note down your address.

Rakesh: It is B-49, New Colony.

Mrs Sarkar: I will give him your message as soon as he returns.

Rakesh: Thank you.

Mrs Sarkar had to leave for the school where she teaches. So she wrote a message for her husband. Draft the message in not more than 50 words.


June 1, 2022

2:30 pm

Dr Sarkar

Mr Rakesh called to report that his wife had a bad headache yesterday that developed into a high temperature this morning. He has asked that you go see them as soon as possible.

B - 49, New Colony, is the address.

Mrs Sarkar

(ii) Using information from the dialogue given below, write the message which Amrita left for her brother, Sourajit. (Do not leave out any vital information or add any new information).

Shekhar: Is this 28473892?

Amrita: Yes. May I know who is speaking?

Shekhar: I am Shekhar. I want to speak to Sourajit. I am his friend from IHM, Goa.

Amrita: I am his sister. Sourajit is not at home at the moment. Can you ring up a little later?

Shekhar: I shall be a little busy. Actually, I have got a placement at the Hotel Mumbai, and will have to join with immediate effect. So right now I am trying to get all the formalities completed. This is the news that I wanted to give Sourajit. Will you do that for me? Also, tell him that I will let him know my new cell phone number as soon as I get one.

Amrita: I’ll do that. Bye and all the best.

Amrita had to leave for office. So she wrote a note for Sourajit. Draft her message in not more than 50 words.


November 5,2022 

2:00 pm

Sourajit Shekhar

Your IHM Goa friend had called. He wants to let you know about his new position at the Mumbai Hotel. He is finishing the paperwork now and will provide you with his new cell phone number as soon as he receives it.


(iii) You are Priyanka, a personal assistant to Ms Sen. She was away attending a meeting when Mr Garg rang up. You spoke to him and jotted down his message in your note- pad. 

Draft the message for Ms Sen using the information in your notes given below.

Mr Garg - rang up - 5 pm - has received the CDs and the posters - coming

tomorrow - to thank Ms Sen and to personally hand over the cheque.


January 28, 2022 

5:15 pm

Ms Sen

At 5:00 PM today, Mr Garg called. He wants to let you know that he had the CDs and the posters. He expressed his gratitude and said he would visit the office the following day to personally thank you and present the check.


(iv) Read the following conversation between Aashna and Mr Singh.

Aashna: Hello, may I speak to Ranajit, please?

Mr Singh: Ranajit is getting ready for school. May I know who is speaking?

Aashna: My name is Aashna. I am Ranajit’s classmate.

Mr Singh: Hello, Aashna. I am Ranajit’s father. Is there any message?

Aashna: Yes. Please ask him to bring his biology notebook to school today. I was absent from school due to illness. I would like to see the notes which our biology teacher gave to the class during my absence.

Mr Singh: I will definitely do that.

Since Mr Singh had to go for his morning walk he left a message for Ranajit. Draft

that message in 50 words.


December 3, 2022 

7:15 am

Aashna Ranajit,

While you were getting ready for school, a classmate called. She requested that you bring your biology notebook to class. She needs to finish the notes she started but didn't finish while she was away.


(v) Rajat comes home from school and finds the door locked. Since he has a duplicate key he enters and finds a note from his mother kept on the table. In it, she explains that she had to rush to the hospital with Mrs Manohar, their neighbour, who had met with an accident. She has also written that he should have the rice and curry kept on the dining table for lunch. He could heat the food in the microwave oven if he wanted to, but he should be very careful while handling the switch.

Draft the message which Rajat’s mother left for him.


September 19, 2022

12:30 pm


Mrs Manohar had an accident, so I drove her to the hospital. For lunch, might the rice and curries be kept out on the table? If you want to reheat the food in the microwave, go ahead, but please use caution when operating the switch.


(vi) Using the information given below, write a message which Manu left for his sister, Renu. (Do not add any new information. The message should not exceed 50 words).

Ruhaan rang up-book-reading session-‘Children Ask Kalam’-Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam-ompilation of letters received by him from children and his answers- Oxford Book Store-8 pm, this evening,-pick you up-6:30 pm-attend reading session together.


August 30, 2022 

4:00 pm


At 8:00 p.m., Ruhaan called to let them know about a book reading event at the Oxford Store. Topic: Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's "Children Ask Kalam" segment. It is a collection of letters that Dr Kalam has received from kids. At 6:30 p.m., Ruhaan will pick you up.


(vii) Given below is a template for a message. Imagine you are working as a receptionist in a company and you are supposed to maintain the call record.

Complete the details given in the template for a particular message.

Call for: 







Action (Circle one)

Taken by


Returned your call

Call back

Will call again


Call for Mr Gupta



Mr Goel

Malik Electronics





4:45 pm



We have received the shipment of mobile chargers. The call is scheduled for tomorrow at 11:00 am where we will discuss the next shipment. We invite you to be present for it with your team. We will call again to discuss the details. 

Action (Circle one)

Taken by


Returned your call

Call back

Will call again

Ms Suhani Shah

(viii) Explore:

  1. Browse the net and prepare a tabular column to explain the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ while drafting messages.




Send it to the appropriate person.

Don't speak to too many people about it

Keep it brief.

Don't make fun of others.

Use plain wording.

Don't go overboard

Be particular

Avoid including pointless details.

Make sure you include pertinent information.

Avoid being repetitive

When writing the message, be timely.

Remember to sign your name!

  1. Browse the net to find innovative ‘Message Templates’.

Ans: This is an activity-based question, students are advised to do it by themselves. 

  1. Prepare a collection of short messages that are usually drafted and exchanged within the family members to keep them well informed and updated in case of different situations.



Message Model

1. There would be a delay

I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to be late today. Don't make me stay up all night, please.

2. Leave the grocery store.

I visited the market to buy food. I'll return in one hour

3. Leave of a helper

Kamlabai called to say she was unable to attend today. Her young daughter is ill.

4. A request from someone

You have been invited to Mohit's birthday party at 8:00 p.m., he told you over the phone.

5. A repairman was called

When would be a good time to visit? the repairman asked over the phone. Call him back, please.

6. An Announcement

On Monday, there will be a water cut, according to the local authorities. Get ready.


  1. Prepare a project titled, ‘The Importance of Messages in Everyday Life.

Ans: The Importance of Messages in Daily Life. 

  1. They are brief, understandable, and simple.

  2. They enable a way of communication between you and your friends, family, coworkers, and relatives.

  3. Relationships can be developed that are better, stronger, and more dependable.

  4. In the interests of all parties involved, they contribute to the improvement of a situation.

  5. Finally, they help us in understanding everyone in our surroundings.

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Benefits of using Vedantus' PDF Solutions for Class 12 English Maharashtra Board

  • No doubt, Drafting a Virtual Message is one of the toughest chapters. But the concepts have been cleared with the solutions provided by Vedantu experts. They have explained each and every single process and concept in very easy language. 

  • Practising from the Class 12 English Chapter 3.5 will help students in building a great foundation for the chapter. The chapter Drafting a Virtual Message is a very important chapter in the syllabus, and students will get all the help in preparing for their exams. 

  • If students have missed out to take notes during their classes, they can easily download the PDF version of the chapter solutions from Vedantu. One can easily access the file, and it can be viewed offline from any mobile device as well. 

  • Students can use the solutions to revisit any doubts that they have about the chapter and their answers. This can be an aid during the revision for examinations. 

Practice Well With Maharashtra Board Class 12 English Chapter 3.5 Solutions

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