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Maharashtra Board Class 10 Solutions for English Chapter 1.4 Be Smart

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Maharashtra Board Class 10 Solutions for English Chapter 1.4 Be Smart – Download Free PDF with Solution

Class 10 English Chapter 1.4 Be Smart is an excellent essay. The writer of this essay is not known to us. This essay is all about explaining the difference between smart people and common people. The writer explains how smartness is important to survive in life and to become better in everything than the rest.

To understand the context of this chapter, download and refer to the Be Smart Solutions prepared by the Vedantu experts. These notes will explain how smartness is not related to being intelligent all the time. Get a simpler explanation of this chapter’s summary and become better at answering its fundamental questions.

Access Maharashtra Board English Class 10 Chapter 1.4 Be Smart

English Workshop:

1. Complete the following web with the words associated with the passage and the given title:

Components of Success

Components of Success


  • Identifying area

  • Time–bound

  • Realistic

  • Building expertise

  • Achievable

  • Tracking progress

  • Measurable

  • Specific

2. Pick Out Examples From the Text that Support Each of the Following Facts:

(a) Goals should be achievable.
Ans: We can’t become a President or a Prime Minister, but we can hope to hold the office of an important social worker and deliver results.

(b) A time limit should be set to achieve goals.
Ans: To reduce weight we know how to go about it. But without consistent time-bound action, it never becomes a reality. It may be exercise, diet, and stress-free thoughts. All these have to be practiced and implemented within a deadline.

(c) A specific field/area has to be fixed to achieve goals.
Ans: If it is building a house, what exactly is the capacity required and how long can it stretch?

(d) Good results depend upon the quality and quantity of work put in.

Ans: Life is like a trumpet. If we don’t put anything in, we can’t get anything out.


(e) A benchmark is needed to track progress.

Ans: While playing football, a player’s exact role and position have to be clearly defined.


3. Complete the Following Sentences.

(a) SMART goals are …………….

(b) Two valuable assets of setting goals are …………


(a) A methodology of thinking that helps people reach success.

(b) Sense of originality and a stepping stone to illuminate the path.


4. Read This Quote.

‘If we don’t put anything in, we can’t get anything out.’ Guess the meaning. Discuss in pairs and find similar quotes that bring in the same meaning.

(a) You reap as you sow

(b) Input is equal to output

(c) …………………………….

(d) …………………………….

(e) …………………………….


Ans: The meaning of ‘If we don’t put anything in, we can’t get anything out’: the hard work and the efforts we put in to achieve something determines the results yielded. That means, that if we put in a lot of effort, we obtain better results and if we do not work for our goals, then we obviously will not obtain the desired results.

(a) You reap as you sow 

(b) Input is equal to output.

(c) No pain, no gain.

(d) What goes around, comes around.

(e) The longer you work, the more you get.

(f) Hard work always pays off.


5. Drafting a Speech. Discuss in groups each block and make notes about it.

Drafting a Speech.

Ans: Do it yourself

6. Speech development

(A) Content

(a) Greeting and introduction of the topic

(b) Exposition of main theme / clarity of message / organised thoughts and ideas.

(c) Moral and practical application with examples.

(d) Conclusion

(B) Speaking Presentation

(a) Verbal clarity- pronunciation of words, voice modulation and projection.

(b) Presentation /Speaking style -mannerism, audience eye contact, ability to keep

the audience engaged.

(c) Confidence -gestures and expressions, stage courage

(C) Useful phrases and vocabulary

(a) It’s pleasure to see you all/I am happy to see you today/It’s good to see you

all here.

(b) Today’s topic is /My talk is about My topic is

(c) The purpose /aim of this speech.

(d) I will focus on one /two/three major issues.

(e) If you have any question, feel free to ask me.

Ans: Do it yourself


7. Dos and Don’ts for delivering a speech. Add some more points.



Talk slowly

Don’t mumble

Emphasize keywords

Don’t look up /down




Talk slowly

Don’t mumble

Emphasize keywords

Don’t look up /down

Have confidence

Don’t use too many hand gestures

Maintain a good posture in front of the audience

Don’t keep the speech too lengthy

Always have eye contact with the entire audience

Don’t repeat the same words



8. You are going to participate in interschool elocution competition. The subject given to you is “How to achieve success in life.” Draft a speech to present, in a competition.


Honourable Mr Chairman, Respected Principal, Teachers, and my dear friends. Today I would like to share with you "How to be successful in life.

Everyone has a dream to become a successful human being in life. There is a saying that "Success is a journey and not a destination." How true it is! If we look at the lives of all successful people, we realize the truth of the statement. Success is different for everyone. For a child, success is solving a puzzle, for S.S.C. for a student it is an achievement to get good grades, for a businessman it is an achievement to get a contract and for a grandparent, it is an achievement to see the whole family living happily together.

All of us want to be rich and successful in life. There are many steps to follow to achieve an ambition. First, we must set our goal, that is, we must decide what we are and what we want to be. So having a proper plan and executing the plan is very important. The tragedy of life is not the failure to achieve the goal, the tragedy is that we have no goal to achieve.

For great success, we need a lot of confidence, patience, knowledge, perseverance, and hard work. We should not waste time because time is money. We should never compare ourselves with anyone else in the world. If you do, you are demeaning yourself. The important thing is that we should always think positively and never give up hope. Many of our failures are people who didn't realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

Always remember that the word "impossible" means I am possible, and if destiny is accompanied by the three D's: determination, dedication, and commitment, then anything becomes possible. We should learn from our mistakes. We should always follow in the footsteps of great and successful people. Take the example of Dhirubhai Ambani.

He was born into a poor family, but he fought hard to achieve his ambitions and never gave up hope, knowing that there is always room at the top. He kept hope in his heart and tried his best, and as you know, he became one of the richest industrialists in the world. After all, no gains, no pain.


There is a great saying that successful people don't do different things, they do things differently. So work hard, continuously. God's blessings are always with you. Thank you for listening to me with patience.

Have a good day ahead!


9. Project Work :

Your goal, this year, is to successfully pass out from secondary school. So let us be SMART and note down the following.

(a) Specific Area :

(Subjects) and number of units/lessons

1. English 4 units     2. …………….  3. ……………..  4. ……………..

5. …………………….     6. ……………..

Ans: Do it yourself.


(b) Measurable :

Comparison of scores in previous examinations and in recent one.

Test 1

Test 2

Semester 1

1. Poor 








Ans: Do it yourself.


(c) Achievable goal :

(Target scores/performance in SSC Exams.)

1. Good %    4. ………………….

2. …………..   5. …………………

3. …………...    6…………..

Ans: Do it yourself.


(d) Realisitc approach :

Plan of action that matches with your expertise/resources.

For example :

1. Make a study time table and follow it regularly.

2. ………………………………………………………………

3. ………………………………………………………………

4. ……………………………………………………………..

5. ………………………………………………………..

Ans: Do it yourself


(e) Time-bound Action :

Days Required for Revision

Subject Days for Revision

1. English






Ans: Do it yourself.


Importance of Maharashtra Board Class 10 English Chapter 1.4 Be Smart

This is a brilliant essay in the Class 10 English syllabus. This chapter explains how one can be smart and intelligent enough to stand different from the crowd. In this chapter, the writer explains the importance of smartness in our everyday life.

He explains that champions and achievers are made different. They have something that not everyone possesses. He describes how desire and a vision make a person different. These champions know how to push themselves to attain a decided goal.

They have skills and their willpower is off the chart. They know how to set an attainable goal and give their best to achieve it. Setting a goal, according to the author, has two priceless assets. One asset is the sense of keeping it original. The other one is to define the stepping stone for illuminating the right path to follow.

Fearing to fail can make someone devastated if there is no goal. He explains that only an optimistic person can decide what he wants in his life. Fearing something in the future will not let you set a goal and pursue it.

He also explains the full form of SMART. Specific goals, measurable actions, achievable aims, being realistic, and time-bound activities are what make a man smart. To understand this chapter well, refer to the Be Smart English workshop PDF.

Benefits of Class 10 English Chapter 1.4 Be Smart Solutions PDF

  • These Solutions can be downloaded and referred to anytime you want. It means you can make your study sessions more productive.

  • You can now resolve doubts on your own using the Solutions of this chapter.

  • Use the easier version of this chapter in these Solutions to revise and recall the concepts. Learn how to use these concepts to answer questions accurately.

  • Proceed to solve the exercise questions and check your preparation level. Evaluate yourself by checking the Be Smart question and answer of all exercises. Find out where you need to work more and become better.

Download MH Board Class 10 English Be Smart English Solutions PDF

Get the free PDF version of these solutions and find the accurate Be Smart English workshop questions and answers framed by the experts. Find the ideal formats to answer such questions to score more in the exams. Understand what the writer wanted to explain in his essay and score well in the board exams.

FAQs on Maharashtra Board Class 10 Solutions for English Chapter 1.4 Be Smart

1. How does the writer distinguish between smart and common people?

The writer addresses smart people as achievers. They have that desire and dream in them that define them properly.

2. How does fear of failure affect a person?

The fear of failure does not let a person take risks. He cannot even plan or aim for something big.

3. Why should your results be measurable?

Measuring your results will show where you need to improve and proceed in the future.

4. Why goals should be realistic?

Realistic goals remain within the skill set of a person. They are more achievable than something unrealistic and different from one’s expertise.

5. What is consistency?

The sheer determination of sticking to a path set to achieve a goal is called consistency.