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Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Economics Chapter 4 Supply Analysis

Last updated date: 13th Apr 2024
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Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Economics Chapter 4 Supply Analysis – Download Free PDF with Solution

A commodity is designed and launched in the market with the sole purpose of serving the consumers and creating a demand. Its demand depends on the manufacturing rate and supply to the market. In this chapter, you will study what supply analysis is and how you can use different formulas to do that.

To understand the basic concepts of supply analysis, refer to the textbook and use the Supply Analysis solutions prepared by the experts of Vedantu. Check how the experts have simplified the concepts and use them to answer all the exercise questions for your convenience.

Importance of Maharashtra Board Class 12 Economics Chapter 4 Solutions Supply Analysis

In this chapter, you will study what supply is and how it can be a crucial factor in deciding the demand for commodities. The manufacturing and supply of the products in the market are also linked to the demand created. Hence, supply and demand are interrelated.

The definition of supply will be given and explained in this chapter. Supply is also related to the price of a product. To understand its aspects, you will study different terms such as stocks, production, etc.

There are different definitions of prices set to understand the actual value of the supply of a commodity. You will also learn what a supply schedule is, how to design a supply curve and how it depends on the price of a product.

On progressing further, this chapter will explain what the determinants of supply are and how they are the controlling variables of the supply of a product. For instance, we have discussed how the price of a product determines its supply. Similarly, the cost of production of a product increases and the supply decreases. In the same context, favourable policies designed by the government ensure a proper supply of products to the markets.

If you refer to the Economics Chapter 4 Class 12 solutions, you will clearly understand these concepts.

Benefits of Maharashtra Board Class 12 Economics Solutions Chapter 4 Supply Analysis

  • The subject experts have followed the syllabus of MH Board Class 12 Economics and covered all the aspects of this chapter to compile these solutions. It means these solutions will be your best companion to studying and preparing this chapter.

  • You can resolve doubts on your own by using these solutions. After completely preparing this chapter, you can solve the exercise questions and seek answers from the Class 12 Economics Chapter 4 solutions. You can evaluate your preparation level and find out where you need to work more.

  • Utilise the simple version of these solutions to memorise and revise this chapter faster. In this way, you can save your precious time and recall the right answers to all the questions during an exam.

Download Economics Chapter 4 Class 12 Solutions PDF

Why wait then? Get the free PDF version of these solutions for this chapter and give your study sessions the right boost. Find out how the experts have explained the crucial concepts of supply analysis and learn from their answering skills. This is how you can prepare for this chapter and score more in the board exams.

FAQs on Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Economics Chapter 4 Supply Analysis

1. What is the reservation price?

The minimum price that a seller can sell the products to a consumer is called the reservation price. Below this price, a seller does not want to sell a commodity.

2. What is individual supply?

Individual supply determines the volume of a commodity a seller wants to sell at different prices.

3. What is stock?

Stock is the outcome of the production of commodities. It is directly linked with supply. In fact, supply is considered to be the outcome of stock.

4. What is the production of commodities?

The creation of utilities by using various resources such as labour, land, organisation, and capital is called production.

5. Why do we study supply analysis?

Studying supply analysis enables us to identify the market features for particular goods and services.