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Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Chemistry Chapter 2 Solutions - PDF

Last updated date: 27th Feb 2024
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Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Chemistry Chapter 2 Solutions – Download Free PDF with Solution

Class 12 Chemistry of the MH Board Syllabus is very crucial for higher secondary students. It is also important for the students who are preparing for the competitive exams for engineering and medical courses. The second chapter deals with solutions and their chemical features. This chapter of Physical Chemistry is of utmost importance.

You can download the Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 2 exercise solutions Maharashtra Board compiled by the experts. Add these files to the study material of Chapter 2 of this syllabus and prepare well. Make your study sessions more convenient and easy to comprehend with the exercise solutions.

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Importance of Maharashtra State Board Class 12 Chemistry Digest

As mentioned earlier, the Class 12 Chemistry syllabus is vast. It includes 16 crucial chapters belonging to various chemistry domains. All these chapters are very important for a student who is preparing for the board and competitive exams.

The second chapter explains the fundamental concepts of solutions. It is a form of a homogenous mixture of a solvent and one or more solutes. Here, all the technical terms related to a solution will be elaborated on with proper definitions, formulas, and mathematical expressions.

You will learn to find out the concentration of a solution from the amount of solvent and solute(s) used. The units of the concentration of a solution will also be explained for mass percentage, mole fraction, etc.

Each section will also lead to an exercise where you will find fundamental questions related to the concepts you have studied. These exercises will help you check your preparation level. You can follow the Solutions chapter solutions prepared by the experts to find out how to solve these questions.

This is an important part of the Class 12 Physical Chemistry syllabus for higher secondary students. You will learn how to find the concentration of a solution and various other physical quantities. You will also use these concepts in other chapters of Chemistry.

Benefits of Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 2 Exercise Solutions Maharashtra Board

  • This chapter can be easily prepared if you understand the basic concepts of how the physical quantities are calculated. To make it easier, refer to the Maharashtra State Board 12th Chemistry Digest PDF prepared by the experts. This digest for this chapter will contain a simpler explanation of all the concepts.

  • The easier format used to prepare this note will also help you complete preparing this chapter faster. You will also find good study material to complete revising this chapter quickly and recall all the concepts you have studied.

  • These solutions can also be used for doubt clearance. Clarify doubts on your own and proceed to solve the exercise questions. In this way, you can evaluate your preparation level and can find out where to work more.

Download Maharashtra State Board 12th Chemistry Textbook Solutions PDF

Get the free PDF version of the textbook solutions and complete your study material. Refer to these solutions according to your study sessions. Learn how the experts have solved the questions and develop your answering skills perfectly. Grab the concepts of solution and solubility by studying this chapter in a proper way and stay ahead of the competition.

FAQs on Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Chemistry Chapter 2 Solutions - PDF

1. What is solubility?

The amount of solute that can be dissolved in a standard amount of solvent is called solubility.

2. What is molar concentration?

The measurement of the concentration of the solutes present in a solution is called molar concentration.

3. What are the types of solutions?

According to concentration, the types of solutions are unsaturated, saturated, and supersaturated.

4. What is a dilute solution?

A solution is called dilute when a small amount of solute is mixed homogeneously in a solvent.

5. Is a solution a mixture?

A solution is definitely a mixture. It is a homogenous mixture as every part of a solution contains an equal amount of solute and solvent. Example: A salt solution is a homogenous mixture.