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What is the symbol of copper?

Last updated date: 11th Jun 2024
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Hint: Periodic table is a great source of information about the elements and their relation to each other. Changes of different periodic properties. Also, this helps to predict the properties of the elements even if they are not discovered. To identify these elements of the periodic table a chemical symbol is used.

Complete step by step answer:
Chemical symbol of an element is basically one or two letter expressions for a chemical name, where the 1st letter is capital and 2nd letter is lowercase. These symbols of elements also can refer to the alchemy symbols for the elements. For example, H for hydrogen, He for helium, Br for bromine etc.
Copper has atomic number 29 and it is a soft, ductile metal. Copper bears a very high electrical and thermal conductivity.
For Copper the symbol is Cu.

In the periodic table all the elements are arranged by the atomic numbers. Generally, at the left side of the periodic table, elements are metallic in nature. Moving from left to right the metallic character decreases and non-metallic character increases. At the extreme left elements are non-metallic in nature. There are a total 118 numbers of the elements in the modern periodic table.