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The temperature at which centigrade thermometer and kelvin thermometer gives the same reading is:
A) $4^\circ $
B) $273^\circ $
C) $\text{Not possible}$
D) $0^\circ $

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Hint: Celsius or centigrade is a measuring unit of temperature which was developed by astronomer Andres Celsius, he was from Sweden and the measuring unit centigrade was developed in 1942. In centigrade $0^\circ $represents the freezing point of water and $100^\circ $ represents boiling point of water at standard atmospheric pressure and kelvin temperature scale was developed by William Thomson.

Complete step by step solution:
The formula for converting centigrade to Kelvin is given by:
${T_c} + 273.15 = {T_k}$;
 ${T_c}$= Temperature in Celsius;
${T_k}$= Temperature in Kelvin;
Now, in option one we have been given the temperature $4^\circ $, Let's assume it is in Celsius:
$4 + 273.15 = 277.15K$;
Here, we can see that $4^\circ $in Celsius is not equal to $4^\circ $ in kelvin,
Similarly, Assume $273^\circ $in Celsius:
$273 + 273.15 = 546.15K$;
Now, again the 273 Celsius is not equal to 273 Kelvin.
Similarly let’s assume $0^\circ $is in Celsius:
$0 + 273.15 = 273.15K$;
We have similar results. If we assume all the given temperature in kelvin and then solve for Celsius then also, we would not get both the measuring units the same.

Final answer is option (C) is correct. Therefore, the temperature at which the centigrade thermometer and kelvin thermometer give the same reading is not possible.

Note: Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin are the measuring units of temperature. Each measuring unit has its own value and is used for different purposes. Kelvin is generally used in scientific applications, in defining the temperature of a star, etc while Fahrenheit and Celsius are used in common household needs.