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Identify the electromagnetic waves whose wavelengths lie in the range.
$\left( A \right){\text{ 1}}{{\text{0}}^{ - 11}}m < \lambda < {10^{ - 14}}m$
$\left( B \right){\text{ 1}}{{\text{0}}^{ - 4}}m < \lambda < {10^{ - 6}}m$
Write one use of each.

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Hint: These are the rays that are used for the treatments and there are also a number of benefits that pose these waves. These electromagnetic waves can be sensed by us. Gamma rays are also used for the x-rays and various medical applications.

Complete step by step solution: Frequency and wavelength are accustomed to describe EMR. Waves per second could be termed as the frequency. Wavelength refers to the gap between 2 adjacent wave peaks. The upper a wave’s frequency, the shorter its wavelength. For instance, gamma rays have a tiny wavelength and extremely high frequency. They even have a great deal of energy!
 The wa${\text{ 1}}{{\text{0}}^{ - 11}}m < \lambda < {10^{ - 14}}m$ wavelength of gamma rays is and therefore the wavelength of infrared is ${\text{1}}{{\text{0}}^{ - 4}}m < \lambda < {10^{ - 6}}m$.
The gamma rays are accustomed to treat some kinds of cancer, circular function the rays conjointly kill cancer cells. Whereas the infrared is employed in heat-sensitive thermal imaging cameras. It will be accustomed to study human and animal body heat patterns.
There are seven natural kinds of electromagnetic radiation. Gamma rays have the very best energy and the shortest wavelength. Then return X-rays, ultraviolet illumination, visible light, infrared, and microwave radiation. Finally, radio waves have all-time low energy and the longest wavelength.

Note: We can solely sense two elements of the EMS. We'll be able to feel infrared and you'll be able to see visible light. Radio waves, X-rays, and gamma rays will taste your body. However, we can’t see them or feel them. Electromagnetic radiation travels in very little packets (quanta) of energy. These charge-less bundles of energy area units are known as photons. Light travels with the speed of $3 \times {10^8}m/s$.