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JEE Main 2022 June 29th Shift 1 Physics Question Paper with Answer Keys and Solutions

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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Download JEE Main 2022 June 29 Morning Physics Question Paper Solutions PDF

If you are preparing for the upcoming JEE Main exam, then this JEE Main 2022 Physics Question Paper Solution will help you to plan strategically for the exam. Preparing for the JEE Main can be difficult, specifically for the Physics section. Therefore, we at Vedantu, have provided solved solutions for the JEE Main 2022 Physics June 29 Question Paper. This will give you an insight regarding the type of questions and JEE Main 2022 difficulty level so that you can be well aware of the question paper format. 

All these solutions are provided by our Physics experts in a very simple and to the point manner. Practice the JEE Main 2022 Physics question paper and appear for the exam with full confidence. Students can download the JEE Main 2022 Physics question paper PDF for June 29 Shift 1 by clicking on the "Download PDF" button provided on this page.


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JEE Main

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Date and Month:

29th- June


Shift-1 Morning

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JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers with PDF

JEE Main 2022 Physics Question Paper Analysis 29 June Morning

The following are the important points of the question paper analysis.

  • The question was of moderate level of difficulty.

  • The concepts were taken from NCERT textbooks

  • The important topics included semiconductors, electromagnetism and optics 

How to Download Physics Question Paper of JEE Main 2022 (June 29th Morning Shift)?

Candidates can download the questions with solutions of JEE Main 2022 Physics question paper PDF. Just click on the links to download the free pdf of the answers. By downloading the question paper solutions, candidates can analyse the difficulty level of the exam, how much score candidates will get, what could be the cut-off, and what the candidate's rank could be.

In comparison to JEE Main previous years’ papers, candidates found the overall questions in Physics to be moderate to difficult this year. However, a few candidates have mentioned difficulty attempting questions such as application-based problems. The comprehensive analysis of each question from Physics in the question paper of JEE Main 2022 will be available. Also, some essential tips and tricks will be discussed to ensure the candidate’s performance improves in the upcoming JEE Main exams.

Candidates should dig into the type of questions from a topic or concept and refine their approach towards a question accordingly.


Scoring good marks in Physics can be easy in JEE Main if we prepare smartly for it. Make sure you solve as many questions as possible. You can also download the solved JEE Main 2022 Physics Question Paper for all the shifts that we have provided on Vedantu’s website.

For more information on JEE Main 2022, visit our website or check the JEE Main 2022 Physics question paper FAQs.

FAQs on JEE Main 2022 June 29th Shift 1 Physics Question Paper with Answer Keys and Solutions

1. In which mode JEE Main 2022 will be  conducted?

JEE Main 2022 will be conducted in online mode as per the notification published by the National Testing Agency(NTA).

2. How many questions are asked from Physics in the JEE Main 2022 exam?

There are a total of 30 questions asked from each section in JEE Main. Out of which 20 questions are MCQs type while other 10 questions are non-MCQs. A candidate has to attempt all 20 MCQ-type questions whereas he/she will get a choice to attempt only 5 questions out of 10 non-MCQ types.

3. What was the overall level of difficulty of jee main 2022 exam

The overall difficulty level of the exam can be deemed moderately difficult. The physics section was moderately difficult. The mathematics section was the easiest, most of the question on chemistry was directly taken from NCERT.

4. What are the important topics covered in 2022 jee main examination?

Answer: The following are the important topics covered in the examination