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JEE Advanced Sets Relations and Functions Important Questions

Last updated date: 20th May 2024
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JEE Advanced Important Questions of Sets Relations and Functions

Get here all the JEE Advanced Sets Relations and Functions Important Questions available here as free PDF downloads to help you make your study process easy. These solutions are created by Maths experts to help you understand maths better. The Important Questions Sets Relations and Functions JEE Advanced has all the answers in a short way helping you to understand all the tips and tricks to solve them more accurately.


JEE Advanced Important Questions


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JEE Advanced

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Sets Relations and Functions

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Chapter-wise Important Questions with PDF

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Sets Relations and Functions Important Questions JEE Advanced

The Important Questions Sets Relations and Functions JEE Advanced is one of the most reliable study materials for those looking out to score well in this chapter of maths. The aim here is to help you make maths easy and more fun to solve and then eventually score better. The shortcut techniques and necessary tips and tricks are given here in the detailed elaboration to make the studying process more easy for you.

Here is a list of important topics in this chapter with which you can start preparing for this chapter

  • Introduction to Relations and Functions

  • Relation and its meaning

  • Total Number of Relations from A to B

  • Functions

  • Domain co-domain and Range of a function

  • Graph of a function Classification of functions

About Sets, Relations and Functions

Solving the Important Questions Sets Relations and Functions JEE Advanced can be of immense help for those looking out for chapter wise help while preparing for JEE Advanced paper. These questions are prepared by the subject matter experts giving you an ideal insight for the various kinds of questions that might be asked in the exam.

The preparation for JEE Advanced can never be complete until and unless you have consulted the previous years' question papers. To make your task easier and save your time, Vedantu offers you all the important questions that you need to have a look at, on the website. The expert teachers have selected the most important question papers that you must solve before you appear for the examination.

Advantages of Solving Important Questions before Examination

Surfing through the internet and going through various books in order to find out the most important question can be a tedious task to do. That is why the expert trainers at Vedantu have selected the most important questions out of the previous years' question papers and have assembled them in one place. Now you can easily solve all of them and get prepared for your examination.

Though it is undeniable that in order to score well in examinations, the students need to understand the topics and practice a lot. But working hard is not enough to achieve success. They have to find out some strategies by which they can solve a lot of questions in a short time. It is not possible until they get their hands on a book that comprises all the important questions that may appear in the JEE Advanced question papers.

  • Solving the important questions will make sure that they do not waste their energy and valuable time in solving questions that are not so important.

  • The students must emphasize practicing those questions that seem to be difficult for them to answer. It will help them to strengthen those particular areas about which they need more clarification.

  • The JEE Advanced question papers that have included all the important questions will help the students to score well because they can expect similar questions in their examinations.

The chapter is very important and the learners should never miss the chance to score better by referring to these question papers and solving the equations.


Mastering Sets, Relations, and Functions in JEE Advanced is crucial for success. Focus on understanding the fundamental concepts like set operations, types of relations, and various functions along with their properties. Practicing a variety of questions helps solidify your understanding and prepares you for the exam. Pay special attention to questions that involve application of these concepts in real-world scenarios or in solving complex mathematical problems. Additionally, understanding the interconnections between sets, relations, and functions can enhance your problem-solving skills. Ultimately, consistent practice and a clear understanding of the basics will lead to success in this area of the exam.

FAQs on JEE Advanced Sets Relations and Functions Important Questions

1. Is understanding the concept of set theory important to crack the JEE Advanced examination?

In order to crack the JEE Advanced examination, you need to learn all the concepts with proper attention because there will be questions in the examination from each and every chapter. Having knowledge about set theory will not only help you to score well in your JEE Advanced examination but will also help you to advance your academic career further. Set theory is one of the most important topics of mathematics.

2. What is the purpose of learning the concepts of set, Relations, and Functions?

These are some of the concepts that are associated with finding out the relationship between various elements. The purpose of learning the equations of Relations and Functions help you to establish the relationship between two or more elements. You can also establish relationships between various elements that are included in one particular set. Solving the equations of Relations and Functions properly will serve the purpose of proving a particular Relationship between various elements.

3. What are the different types of Relations?

There are four different types of Relations that can be represented with specific symbols. The four most popular Relations students need to deal with while solving the equations are known as reflexive, transitive, symmetric, and antisymmetric Relations. You can learn about all these in detail by consulting the NCERT books and practicing model question papers from the books including all the JEE Advanced important questions after downloading them from the Vedantu website.

4. Is there any simple method to solve the questions of Relations and Functions?

Since understanding the concept of set theory and solving the equations of Relations and Functions seem to be very difficult at first, the students need to pay special attention while attending the classes. Students can join the free classes on Vedantu if they want to acquire in-depth knowledge. All the important questions of the previous years' and practice question papers are available on the Vedantu website. The students can also refer to the NCERT solutions where they will get to know about some simple methods to solve the equations in the easiest manner.

5. What are the important factors that need special attention while solving the problems of Relations and Functions in JEE Advanced?

First of all, the students need to read the question papers thoroughly and try to know what a particular question is asking of them. Then. They should try to think and analyze in their minds the possible Relations and Functions between various elements that are represented by numerical values and symbols. Since the concept is included in algebra, the values are mostly based on assumptions. The students need to be very careful while handling the brackets and the symbols that play a very important role in signifying a particular Relationship between elements.

6. What is the concept of set relation and function?

Relation: A relation between two sets A and B is a collection of ordered pairs (a, b) where a belongs to A and b belongs to B. It describes a connection between elements of the sets.

Function: A function is a special type of relation where each element in the first set (domain) has exactly one corresponding element in the second set (codomain). Essentially, an input from the domain leads to a unique output in the codomain.

7. What is the formula for set relations and functions?

There is not a single formula for relations and functions. They are typically described using set notation or mathematical symbols depending on the context in general as n(A∪B) = n(A) + n(B) - n(A⋂B). Relations can be represented as subsets of the Cartesian product (A x B), while functions are often denoted as f: A -> B, where f maps elements from A to B.

8. Which set defines a function?

A set defines a function only if it meets the following condition: No two ordered pairs in the set share the same first element (domain element). In simpler terms, each element in the domain must have a unique corresponding element in the codomain.

9. Is a function a relation between two sets?

Yes, a function is a type of relation between two sets. However, it has the additional constraint of having a unique output for each input. Not all relations satisfy this uniqueness property.

10. What are the properties of sets and relations?

Sets: Properties like closure, associativity, commutativity, etc., apply depending on the specific set operation being considered.

Relations: Relations can have properties like reflexivity (every element relates to itself), symmetry (if a relates to b, then b relates to a), transitivity (if a relates to b and b relates to c, then a relates to c), etc.

11. What are the functions between two sets?

A function f: A -> B maps elements from set A (domain) to elements in set B (codomain). Each element in A has a unique output in B determined by the function's rule.

12. What is the difference between relation and relation set?

These terms are often used interchangeably. A relation itself is the collection of ordered pairs, while the "relation set" refers to the set containing all these ordered pairs.

13. Which relation is called function?

A relation is called a function if it adheres to the following rule: for every element in the domain (first set), there exists exactly one corresponding element in the codomain (second set). There can't be multiple outputs for a single input.