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JEE Main 2023 Permutations and Combinations Revision Notes


JEE Main 2023 Permutations and Combinations Revision Notes - PDF Download

JEE Main is generally a computer-based online test that is considered the toughest examination of the country for school students which is conducted by the National Testing Agency for students aspiring to pursue undergraduate courses in top engineering institutes in India. It is the first phase of the IIT Joint Entrance Exam which consists of two exams. The JEE Main 2023 examination is conducted in two sessions and candidates can take the examination either in January or in April. 

The candidates can further opt to appear for one of the exams or both the exams. Also, the top 2,50,000 students only from JEE Main Examination will qualify to appear for the next level exam ie. JEE Advanced Examination. To crack such an important and tough examination you need standard material and revision notes to revise that standard material. Thus, Vedantu has come up with JEE Main Permutations and Combinations Revision notes which are prepared by the Mathematics experts to help you build a strong understanding in these two chapters as per the standard and requirements of the paper.

Download JEE Main 2023 Maths Chapter-wise Revision Notes - Free PDF

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What Do You Mean by Combinations JEE Main Permutations and Combinations Revision Notes?

A combination refers to a given item (which may be similar or different) to select one or more items. The words selection, committee, and collection can be changed with the name combination. Example - A combination of the top 5 cricket players in a team of 11 players is a selection of 5 players (in any order).

The order in which they are to be selected is not important here. And we can say that the orderliness of the election is not a concern for the issue of integration.

What Do You Mean By Permutation JEE Main Permutations and Combinations Revision Notes?

The word permutation refers to the arrangement of the same or different objects taken by one or all of them at a time. So we can note the word ‘system’ used in the definition of approval. Here order means selection and order. That means that the way things are chosen is also taken care of in this case.

Example - Some 5-digit numbers can be created using the digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

In this example, we must not only select 5 digits from the 6 digits provided but also see the number of possible events for a different system. Therefore the numbers 34251, 21034, 42351 are all separate cases.

Why Should You Go for Permutation and Combination Revision Notes for JEE Main?

  • Revision notes on these two chapters are designed in such a way that students will be able to go through all the concepts at once which are required and Important for JEE Main.

  • Permutation and Combination notes will be going to benefit the students in various ways such as speeding up the problem-solving skills of the students and revisioning these two important chapters.

  • The revision notes for JEE Main provided by Vedantu are in a very descriptive way which is prepared by keeping the exam syllabus.

  • With JEE Main Permutations and Combinations revision notes, Students will be able to learn and revise all the formulas and Important types or concepts at any time before the actual exam and even before attempting the sample papers or previous year papers which will accelerate their preparation level.

  • Permutation and Combination notes are designed by keeping in mind the students' need for last-minute revision that is required before the examination so they do not miss any important concepts or formulas.

  • Before any mock test or exam, you will not have to turn all the pages of the book or your bulky registers to memorize the concepts or formulas, etc. of these two chapters. These revision notes will solve this problem and you will not miss any important type at the end that will help you to attempt well in the paper.

  • Preparing notes is not an easy task and it is also very time-consuming but important as well but Vedantu is here to help you in this regard by providing you Permutation and Combination revision notes for JEE Main which will help you in scoring good in this exam.

Benefits of JEE Permutation and Combination Revision Notes

  • JEE Main Permutation and Combination Revision Notes will help you to review all key points before the JEE entry test in time

  • A brief note of each chapter provided in the latest JEE Math textbooks will help you to read and practice all the main ideas at the entrance hall of the exam.

  • The notes provided by Vedantu are specially prepared for JEE exam students to get the best position in the future JEE entry

  • Download all PDF notes of JEE Permutation and Combination and make sure you have them all included.

How Do You Prepare for the JEE Main Permutations and Combinations?

Self-confidence: Having a positive attitude towards competitiveness as a JEE main is the most important thing students need to have on their own to successfully erase marks with good points.

Time Management: Time management is another important factor in preparing for an exam. Make sure you set a deadline for each topic as this way you will be able to complete the entire lesson on time.

Revision: You must review everything you have already read after the syllabus is completed. Revision is just like fixing all your topics. Follow the prescribed syllabus to make sure you have read all the topics.

How to Study: Set your study hours before you start preparing for competitive exams like JEE Main. Also, choose the best learning environment. Make sure you give enough time to solid topics compared to other topics that you already hold firmly to.

Refreshment and Relaxation: Set aside time to refresh your mind by doing extra outdoor activities each day. Make sure you get 6-7 hours of comfortable sleep. Exercise regularly and practice yoga. Make sure you eat healthy food.

Before Exam Preparation: Ignore reading any new topic just one day before the exam. Make sure you get up early on the day of the test and review the important topics you have marked. Stay calm, relaxed, and make sure you try to ask questions with confidence.

Important Points for JEE Main 2022 Maths

Preparing for JEE Main 2022 Maths can be a bit challenging because of the high level of competition and difficulty of the questions asked. But this section can be really scoring if prepared smartly. 

Here are some important points that candidates should focus on while preparing for JEE Main Maths 2022.

  1. Before starting with the preparation, make sure that you know the JEE Main 2022 Maths Syllabus. Make a note of important topics and chapters. 

  2. Solve as many questions as possible. Candidates can easily find JEE Main Mock Tests and JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers available on Vedantu. This will help them understand the pattern of questions asked in the exam.

  3. Cover all the topics included in the syllabus and try to clear all the concepts beforehand. It is advised not to keep any topic for last-minute preparation.

  4. Make a separate note to jot down all the important JEE Maths formulas and revise them regularly. Try solving questions that are based on these formulas.

  5. While solving the JEE Main Previous Year Papers, keep in mind the questions or topics that were repeated in most years. These topics are important and you must practise them.


Hence, we can say that revision notes play a prominent role in tough exams such as IIT JEE. To crack this exam, you require proper planning and strategy along with good and standard study material. When you are done with this study material you require revision notes which helps in revising the whole chapter in a few minutes. You can get revision notes of all the chapters here on Vedantu such as matrices, determinants, probability, and permutation, and combination revision notes for JEE Main and others. These will help you in easing your studies and help you in cracking the examination.

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FAQs on JEE Main 2023 Permutations and Combinations Revision Notes

1. Are Maths NCERTs Enough for IIT JEE?

Undoubtedly, NCERTs are one of the most preferred and used books for practicing Math but if we talk about the JEE exam, they are considered as best books only for JEE Mains, and these books will not be enough as they will not be sufficient for practicing and covering complex JEE Advanced problems. These NCERT books will help you to build the foundation of the basic knowledge of Math but you have to refer to other standard books or modules for JEE Advanced preparation.

2.  Is JEE Advanced Maths Tough?

If we talk about the JEE Advanced Mathematics problems, yes, these are generally harder than the other subjects. Mathematics and Physics are very broad subjects and we can think and visualize a lot of problems, so IITs make a paper which contains some practical daily life examples so it will be a little tough to extract the method to solve, but the calculation part will be very easy. If a student practices, anything will get easier and worth solving. We, at Vedantu, make studies the most efficient and simple with our solutions.

3.  How can I Improve my Maths for the IIT JEE Exam?

The students of JEE Advanced can follow some basic tips to improve themselves in Math. For strong conceptual knowledge, you must revise and practice every basic concept of all the chapters properly. All notes of Important chapters such as matrices, determinants, vectors, geometry, probability and permutation and combination revision notes for JEE Main and JEE Advanced, etc.  Solving previous year papers and sample papers will help you a lot in improving your speed and accuracy along with the examination pressure and atmosphere.

4.  Can a Weak Student Crack IIT?

Yes! If you are a regular student and have the passion to get admission to a good college, any student can crack this exam. With proper guidance and study material with good planning and management, you can become ready for this paper. You must know what to study and what not to study. For building self-confidence, you have to do self-study as well as per your daily and weekly targets. If you follow all these then you can succeed in the examination.

5. How can we download the JEE Mains Permutations and Combinations Revision Notes?

The importance of revision notes is all known to us. We, at Vedantu, have not been able to reach out to every student but the students can reach out to us at all times for the best assistance and guidance. The JEE Mains Permutations and Combinations Revision Notes are available free of cost for the students so they can prepare hassle-free. These notes can be beneficial for the candidates as they must revise before the exam. Excelling in this examination requires downloading the revision notes directly from the Vedantu website just by logging in.