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Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: The Day When Wisdom Was Born

By FathimaAugust 28, 2023
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Ganesh Chaturthi: The Festival of Wisdom and Prosperity

The Birth of Lord Ganesha

Close your eyes and imagine: it's a sunlit day, alive with anticipation. The air is brimming with excitement as people scurry around, adorning their homes with colorful flowers and intricate rangoli patterns. Why, you ask? Well, it's the day when Lord Ganesha, the charming deity with an elephant's head, graces us with his presence!

Let's rewind time to an ancient tale. Parvati, the mother goddess, wished for a moment of tranquillity as she prepared to bathe. With Nandi, the loyal guard absent, Parvati ingeniously sculpted a boy from the turmeric paste she used for her bath. Breathing life into her creation, she brought Ganesha into the world.

Meanwhile, Lord Shiva, eager to meet Parvati, encountered the young Ganesha who staunchly guarded his mother's privacy. A clash of wills ensued, resulting in Shiva inadvertently severing Ganesha's head.

Learning of this tragedy, Parvati demanded Ganesha's revival. Responding to her plea, Shiva's emissaries embarked on a quest for a replacement head. Their search led them to the head of Gajasura, a mighty elephant, which was placed upon Ganesha's body. With the touch of Brahma's divine hand, Ganesha was reborn as a god.

Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: The Legend, Ritual and Celebrations of Vinayaka Chaturthi
Ganesh Chaturthi
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Ganesh Chaturthi's Ceremonies

Ganesh Chaturthi is more than mere observance; it's a grand celebration brimming with music, dance, and delectable treats. Temporary pandals, resembling ornate stages, dot cities and towns, showcasing splendid Ganesha idols. Crafted with love and imagination, these idols range from tiny palm-sized sculptures to towering giants.

The heart of the celebration is the 'Aarti,' a collective offering of song and prayer to Lord Ganesha. The energy in the air is palpable, and the positivity is contagious.

Eco-Friendly Innovations

In recent years, an eco-friendly revolution has taken over Ganesh Chaturthi. People realized that the traditional idols, made from plaster of Paris, were harming our environment. So, they started making idols from clay and natural materials, ensuring that the idols dissolved in water when the festival ended without harming aquatic life. Isn't that an excellent step towards a greener planet?

Important Dates for Ganesh Chaturthi 2023:

  • Chaturthi Tithi: Starts on Monday, September 18, 2023, at 12:39 PM (IST) and ends on Tuesday, September 19, 2023, at 8:43 PM (IST).

  • Ganesh Puja Muhurat: 11:01 AM to 1:28 PM (IST) on Tuesday, September 19, 2023.

  • Visarjan: On Thursday, September 28, 2023.

The Ganesh Chaturthi festival is celebrated for ten days, starting from the Chaturthi Tithi and ending on the Dashami Tithi. The main deity of the festival is Lord Ganesha, who is the remover of obstacles and the god of wisdom and prosperity. During the festival, devotees pray to Lord Ganesha for his blessings and offer him prayers, food, and other offerings.

The Story Behind Ganesh Chaturthi

Let's time-travel back to ancient times. Lord Ganesha wasn't just a beloved god; he was also wise and witty. One day, he was guarding his mother's chamber when Lord Shiva, his father, arrived. Ganesha, unaware of Shiva's identity, blocked his way. This led to a mighty battle of words, and Shiva accidentally chopped off Ganesha's head in a fit of anger!

Goddess Parvati was heartbroken. To mend her sorrow, Shiva promised to give Ganesha a new life. Ganesha was reborn with the head of an elephant, making him truly unique and endearing.

Learning from Lord Ganesha

Ganesha isn't just a god; he's also a teacher. His big, floppy ears remind us to be great listeners, while his small eyes encourage us to focus on the tiniest details. The trunk? It's a symbol of adaptability – the ability to handle anything that comes our way. And oh, let's not forget the sweet tooth! Ganesha's love for 'modak' tells us to savor the sweetness of life.

Creating Your Ganesha

How about getting your creative gears turning? This Ganesh Chaturthi 2023, how about making your very own Ganesha idol? You can use clay or even recycle materials from around your house. Don't worry about perfection; what matters is the love and effort you put into it.


And there you have it, young explorers! Ganesh Chaturthi is more than a festival; it's a time to embrace joy, creativity, and devotion. From the vibrant celebrations to the heartwarming stories, this festival teaches us valuable life lessons and brings communities together.

So, as you dive into the celebrations, remember the wisdom of Lord Ganesha – listen well, adapt to change, and always find the sweetness in life's moments. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

FAQs on Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: The Day When Wisdom Was Born

1. What are the important events that take place during Ganesh Chaturthi:

Here are some of the important events that take place during Ganesh Chaturthi:

  • Prana Pratishtha: This ceremony installs the Ganesha idol in the home or temple. It is performed on the Chaturthi Tithi.

  • Aarti: This prayer ritual is performed on Lord Ganesha daily during the festival.

  • Hawan: This is a fire ritual that is performed to invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesha. It is usually performed on the first and last day of the festival.

  • Visarjan is the ceremony of immersing the Ganesha idol in a river or ocean. It is performed on the Dashami Tithi.

2. What is the significance of Ganesh Chaturthi?

Ganesh Chaturthi is a major Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed god of wisdom, prosperity, and success. The festival is also a time for prayer, feasting, and celebration.

3. What are the do's and don'ts of Ganesh Chaturthi?

Here are some of the do's and don'ts of Ganesh Chaturthi:


  • Install the Ganesha idol in a clean and auspicious place.

  • Worship the idol daily with devotion and love.

  • Sing bhajans in praise of Lord Ganesha.

  • Offer prayers for your well-being and the well-being of your loved ones.

  • Immerse the Ganesha idol in a river or lake on the 10th day of the festival.


  • Leave the Ganesha idol alone at home.

  • Offer food that is not vegetarian, or that contains onion or garlic.

  • Argue or fight during the festival.

  • Engage in activities that are considered to be impure, such as gambling or drinking alcohol.