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JEE Main 2023 Mathematical Reasoning Revision Notes - Free PDF Download


JEE Main 2023 Mathematical Reasoning Notes - PDF Download

Providing the best help to our students has always been our priority. To help you understand the topics covered in Mathematical Reasoning better, our experts at Vedantu have come with JEE Main Mathematical Reasoning Revision Notes. 

These Mathematical Reasoning Notes for JEE Main are prepared by our highly experienced IIT JEE Mathematics Expert who has laid a lot of stress on providing a conceptual clarity of each and every topic covered in the chapter. These revision notes include lots of problems that will surely enhance critical thinking and problem-solving abilities among the students. 

Mathematical Reasoning is an understanding based chapter which requires you to know the different kinds of statements and then come to a conclusion. Though this may sound easy, but the chapter can only be mastered with lots of practice, which our Mathematical Reasoning Revision Notes ensure.

So, download and go through our JEE Main 2023 Revision Notes on Mathematical Reasoning given below.

Download JEE Main 2023 Maths Chapter-wise Revision Notes - Free PDF

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Download Mathematics Reasoning PDFs For JEE Main Exams

Mathematics Reasoning PDFs For JEE Main Exams are curated by our experts who have put tremendous effort and devoted a lot of their time in preparing well-structured revision notes for Mathematics Reasoning covering all the important facts, formulas, and concepts included in the chapter. The Mathematics Reasoning PDFs For JEE Main Exams have been prepared with the objective of making students understand all the theorems, formulas, and derivations quite effectively.


Mathematical reasoning notes for JEE Main cover almost all the fundamentals of each and every topic helpful for cracking different undergraduate level engineering entrance exams. Students can download Mathematics Reasoning PDFs For JEE Main Exams through the link provided below.  


JEE Main Mathematics Reasoning Weightage

The topic of Mathematical Reasoning has less weightage in JEE Main Mathematics exams in comparison to the other chapters like Coordinate Geometry and Integral Calculus. The questions asked from this chapter can be easily solved as it requires less logical thinking. Around 1-2 questions of 4 marks are generally asked from the chapter Mathematics Reasoning in JEE Main exams. Therefore, the total weightage of Mathematical Reasoning in JEE Main exams is around 1-2%. 


Some important topics covered in this chapter are Tautology, Fallacy, and various Mathematical Reasoning Laws. Students should put more efforts into these topics while preparing for the exams. 


Benefits of Mathematics Reasoning JEE Main Notes Free PDF

  • Students can download mathematical reasoning JEE main notes in a pdf format free of cost and can refer to it anytime as per their comfort. 

  • Referring to the mathematical reasoning JEE notes help students to prepare the chapter meticulously. 

  • The revision notes are designed by the experts after complete research of the topics. This allows students to benefit from the expert knowledge of the people who work with Vedantu.

  • The notes are presented in the crispest and precise form. This means that students can skim through the notes in a relatively short period of time while also learning everything there is to know about the chapter.

  • Students can easily recall all the topics covered in the chapter with these notes. The notes have been created with the aim of helping students recall the information they have learned, so the experts who have created these notes have summarised everything in a clean and concise manner to aid in your learning.

  • The mathematical reasoning JEE main notes can help you a lot in your last-minute preparation. We, at Vedantu, are well aware that many students prefer to do a quick brush up through the material just before the exam. These notes were created with this thought in mind, to make that last-minute preparation easier and stress-free.

What is Mathematical Reasoning?

Mathematical reasoning is a branch of maths that is concerned with finding the true value of a mathematical statement. This section, which is the last unit of the JEE Main maths syllabus, is concerned with testing how people verify the truth of a mathematical statement. This section tests the logical thinking and critical thinking skills of the students. This subject has a lot in common with the field of Logic, which emerged as a subfield of Philosophy. The field is relatively young, having only emerged in the 19th century as a combination, or confluence, of the two subjects of Logic and Mathematics. 

Simply put, Mathematical reasoning is a branch of maths that requires students to use their cognitive abilities to verify the truth of mathematical statements. The field emerged because many mathematicians throughout history noticed that some mathematical statements that were earlier assumed to be true were actually false, or unprovable, or true only within a certain set of variables. This started a movement to establish a series of provable, truthful foundations for the subject of mathematics.

You can view a full list of the topics covered under Mathematical Reasoning by downloading the syllabus.

Also, read Vedantu’s Mathematical Reasoning revision notes, which are expert-curated and 100% error-free. So, solving our JEE Main 2023 Mathematical Reasoning Revision Notes, prepared according to the latest JEE Main 2023 syllabus, will ensure your complete preparation for the exam. 

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FAQs on JEE Main 2023 Mathematical Reasoning Revision Notes - Free PDF Download

1. When should students refer to the Mathematics Reasoning JEE Main notes?

Immediately After the Completion of Chapter:  It enables students to quickly capture the important points, theories, definitions, formulae, and diagrams covered in the chapter and retain them in their minds.

During your Weekly Revisions: This helps you to recall all the important and difficult topics that you might have missed. 

A Few Days Before the Exams: It enables you to revise the chapter quickly without spending too much time on the less important topics. The clear, concise notes available on this page will allow you to skim through the chapter while still learning everything you need to know.

2. Is Mathematical Reasoning JEE Main notes available free of cost?

Yes, Mathematical Reasoning JEE Main notes are available free of cost on Vedantu’s official website and Vedantu’s app. Students can refer to the pdf at the comfort place anytime as per their convenience. This PDF of the revision notes has been carefully crafted by experts in the field of mathematics, who have worked with Vedantu to provide the best quality study resources for students. Since Vedantu believes in providing high-quality resources to all students, this PDF, and many like it, are available completely free. All you need to access the downloadable materials on Vedantu is a free account, which can be set up in less than 5 minutes.

3. Is the NCERT book helpful in clearing the concepts of Mathematics for JEE Main exams?

Almost half of the JEE syllabus is mostly based on the NCERT and CBSE syllabus. Therefore, using NCERT books is quite useful to crack the exams. You should read the chapters thoroughly and try to gain a clear understanding of the concepts. Besides, the language used in the NCERT book is simple while the concepts are explained in detail. Referring to NCERT books will help candidates develop a strong foundation of mathematics concepts. However, in addition to NCERT books, candidates can also make use of other relevant books that will help them boost their JEE preparation.

4. How do the  Mathematical Reasoning Revision Notes help me?

The Mathematical Reasoning Revision Notes have been created and compiled by experts in the field of maths. These experts have been recruited by Vedantu to provide you with the best quality materials possible. The goal of providing these materials is to allow students to learn from the best that experts in the subject have to offer. These revision notes are clear, concise, and written in a manner that makes them easy to understand. By referring to these notes, you can skim through the material for this chapter in a relatively short amount of time, which is especially useful for last-minute studying. In fact, Vedantu has created these notes with the express idea of providing them to students so that they can revise the chapter with these notes in the last few days before the exam. 

5. What is covered in the  Mathematical Reasoning Revision Notes?

The Mathematical Reasoning unit of the JEE Main Maths syllabus was added to teach students how to puzzle out an answer by examining and analyzing the question. The unit covers some important rules of mathematical reasoning. These include statements - the definition of statements plus examples, the negation of a statement, logical operations, compound statements - statements including the connectives "and" and "or," quantifiers like "there exists" or "for every," and implications like "if," "if only," and "if and only if." The revision notes also cover the methods of validating a statement. The full list of topics covered in this unit can be found in the JEE Main maths syllabus.