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JEE Main - Permutations and Combinations Notes (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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Download JEE Main Permutations and Combinations Notes with Important Topics and Prepare Efficiently

Prepare effectively for JEE Main by downloading the Permutations and Combinations Notes with important topics. These notes, Prepared by our master teachers, simplify complex concepts, highlight key points, and provide important topics. You can download them for free from our website. These comprehensive revision notes condense the essential information you need to know, making your preparation efficient. As you delve into the topics covered, you'll enhance your understanding and be well-prepared for the exam. Get ready to excel in JEE Main with these valuable resources at your disposal.


JEE Main Revision Notes


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JEE Main

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Permutations and Combinations

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English Medium



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Chapter-wise Notes with PDF

Permutations and Combination covers include factorial notation, counting principles (addition and multiplication), permutations (arrangements), combinations (selections), binomial theorem, and probability basics. These are some of the important topics for JEE Main exams. Check out the table below for more information. 

Year Wise Weightage of Questions: JEE Main Permutations and Combinations

Sl. No.


Average No. Of MCQs Asked

Marks per Question

Total Marks





















To reach your goals, prepare for your JEE Main 2024 exams using Vedantu’s Permutations and Combination Notes PDF and the JEE Main Maths Syllabus 2025.

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JEE Main 2025: Must-Revise Topics in Permutations and Combinations

Let's focus on the key topics you should review in Permutations and Combinations. These important topics can make a real difference in your preparation. Mastering them will give you a strong edge in the upcoming exam. Let's dive into the must-revise topics to help you shine in JEE Main 2025.

  • Fundamentals of Counting

  • Factorial Notation

  • Permutations

  • Combinations

  • Binomial Theorem and Applications

  • Arrangements and Selections

  • Multinomial Theorem

  • Pigeonhole Principle

  • Distribution of Identical Objects

  • Circular Permutations

Maths Notes: Chapter-wise links 2025

Download JEE Main Maths Chapter-wise Notes - Free PDF from the table below:

How Permutations and Combinations can Shape your JEE Main 2025 Journey?

Dive into the enchanting world of permutations and combinations – a realm where numbers dance and arrangements play hide and seek! This chapter isn't just about solving puzzles; it's about understanding the art of possibilities. Let's embark on a journey of discovery that unveils the magic behind arranging, selecting, and calculating probabilities.

Explore the World of Arrangements and Selections:

  • Imagine arranging your game pieces on a board or choosing toppings for your favorite pizza. That's the heart of permutations and combinations!

  • In this exciting chapter, we dive into the art of arranging and selecting items in different ways, a skill with applications ranging from probability to coding algorithms.

Permutations: Mixing Up the Order:

  • Imagine you're arranging books on a shelf – that's permutations! The order matters, so every arrangement creates a unique outcome.

  • Think of it as building your own playlist – the sequence of songs matters, and changing even one song transforms the experience.

  • From seating arrangements to number combinations, permutations bring out the storyteller in numbers!

  • Learn how to calculate permutations when the order of items matters.

Combinations: Embrace the Variety:

  • Combinations are like creating your own sundae with different toppings – order doesn't matter, but variety does!

  • It's like forming a team – who's in the team matters, not who's first or last.

  • Combinations pop up in various scenarios – from selecting your outfit combination to creating your dream team in sports.

  • Discover the magic of combinations in scenarios where the order doesn't play a role.

Unraveling Probability:

  • Permutations and combinations are like secret keys to unlocking probability problems. Imagine predicting the chances of drawing a specific card from a deck – that's where these skills shine!

  • And hey, if you're into computer science, these concepts pop up in algorithms, cryptography, and more. Cool, right?

Master the Art with Interactive Examples:

  • Brace yourself for interactive problem-solving sessions! We'll walk you through arranging colors, selecting superheroes, and cracking codes – all while mastering permutations and combinations.

  • Get ready to explore puzzles, riddles, and even real-life applications. Don't worry, we'll break down the steps and make every concept crystal clear.

Why Permutations and Combinations Matter:

  • These skills are crucial not only for JEE Main but also for various fields like statistics, probability, computer science, and more.

  • Stand out with your ability to solve complex problems, predict outcomes, and make informed decisions – all thanks to permutations and combinations!

Ready to Tackle JEE Main with Confidence?

  • Armed with permutations and combinations, you'll breeze through questions that might stump others.

  • So gear up to unlock the puzzle of possibilities and embrace the power of permutations and combinations on your journey to JEE Main success!

Remember, every arrangement and selection has a story to tell. Let's embark on this exciting journey together and unravel the world of permutations and combinations – one possibility at a time!

Permutations and Combination Formulas to Learn with Notes

JEE Main formulas are important for doing well in the exam. Using them with organized revision notes becomes useful for understanding everything well. While you go over your JEE Main notes, include the related formulas. First, understand why the formula is used by looking at the notes, and then try it on practice problems. This mix helps you understand better, remember more, and get better at solving problems. These are all very important for doing great in JEE Main 2025. You can get the essential JEE Main Maths Formula PDF for free from Vedantu’s website and get higher scores in your JEE Main 2025 Exams.

Next Steps: Further Resources for JEE Main 2025 Permutations and Combinations

Ready to take your JEE Main 2025 Permutations and Combinations preparation up a notch? Delve into these crucial resources:

  • Practice Papers: Hone your skills with targeted practice.

  • MockTests: Simulate exam conditions and boost your confidence.

  • Sample Papers: Familiarize yourself with the question patterns.

  • Previous Year Question Papers (PYQPs): Gain insights into the exam's structure and trends.

Combine these resources to refine your understanding and exam-taking abilities. Elevate your performance for JEE Main 2025!

Here are the links for the additional resources of JEE Main 2025:

Prepare with Vedantu’s JEE Main Notes to Raise your Performance

In your journey to conquer JEE Main 2025, Permutations and Combination Notes are your trusted guide. They simplify complex concepts, highlight key points, and provide practice, making your preparation effective. With Vedantu's JEE Main notes, you will understand better, solve problems confidently, and excel in inThe exam. Download the Permutations and Combination Revision Notes for FREE to sharpen your skills and triumph in JEE Main 2025.

FAQs on JEE Main - Permutations and Combinations Notes (Free PDF Download)

1. What are the Permutations and Combinations in the context of JEE Main 2025?

In the context of JEE Main 2025, permutations refer to arrangements where the order matters, and combinations refer to selections where the order doesn't matter. These concepts are crucial in solving problems involving arrangement and selection of elements, testing students' ability to understand and apply mathematical principles in the exam.

2. How can I apply the Permutations and Combinations to solve JEE Main problems?

To apply Permutations and Combinations to solve JEE Main problems:

  • Understand the problem's context and identify whether it's about arrangements (permutations) or selections (combinations).

  • Use the appropriate formulas for permutations and combinations based on the problem statement.

  • Carefully define your values for ‘n’ (total elements) and ‘k’ (selected elements).

  • Simplify the expressions using factorials and solve for the desired outcome.

  • Pay attention to unique constraints or conditions specified in the problem.

  • Practice a variety of problems to build confidence in applying these concepts effectively.

3. What are some strategies to effectively use Permutations and Combinations notes for JEE Main 2025 preparation?

StrategiesTo effectively use Permutations and Combinations notes for JEE Main 2025 preparation are:

  • Regularly review your notes and reinforce concepts.

  • Practice solving various types of problems to build problem-solving skills.

  • Focus on understanding the applications and implications of each law.

  • RelateTheoretical concepts to real-world scenarios mentioned in your notes.

4. Which are the most important topics of Permutations and Combinations Notes for JEE Main 2025?

The important topics covered in the Permutations and Combinations Notes for JEE Main 2025 include:

  • Fundamental Counting Principle

  • Factorials and Basic Permutations

  • Combinations

  • Binomial Theorem

  • Multinomial Theorem

  • Distribution Problems

  • Derangements

  • Problems with Restrictions

  • Repetitions and Non-Distinct Objects

  • Pigeonhole Principle

5. Which is the easiest topic of JEE Main 2025 Permutations and Combinations Notes?

The concept of ‘Factorial and Basics of Permutations’ is often considered one of the easier topics in JEE Main Permutations and Combinations. It covers fundamental concepts like factorials, permutations of distinct and identical objects, and circular permutations. It serves as a solid foundation for more complex topics within the subject.

6. Where can I find additional resources to supplement JEE Main 2025 Permutations and Combinations Notes?

You can discover supplementary resources to enhance JEE Main 2025 Permutations and Combinations preparation through Vedantu’s website. These resources offer practice papers, video lectures, interactive quizzes, and discussions that complement your JEE Main notes, enriching your understanding and exam readiness.

7. What is the weightage of Permutations and Combinations Notes for JEE Main 2025?

The weightage of Permutations and Combinations Notes for JEE Main is around 1-2%. This chapter is of low weightage and usually 1-2 questions are asked from this chapter. However, it is still important to study this chapter as the questions asked are usually conceptual and can be tricky.

8. How much time is required to prepare for JEE Main 2025 Permutations and Combinations Notes?

The time required to prepare for JEE Main 2025 Permutations and Combinations Notes varies based on your familiarity with the concepts, study habits, and practice efforts. On average, a few weeks of consistent study, including active reading, problem-solving, and revision, should provide a solid foundation. However, it's essential to tailor your study plan to your learning pace and commit sufficient time for comprehensive understanding and practice.