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JEE Main Difficulty Level 2023: Strategies to Prepare

By Manasvi GuptaDecember 26, 2022
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As the JEE Main exams are approaching, and there are only a few days left to appear for one of the most difficult & challenging exams in the country, aspirants are all set with their preparations. To perform better in the exam, it is important to be aware of the difficulty level of the exam.

Is JEE Main 2023 Tough? Know the Difficulty Level

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However, most JEE aspirants struggle with a common question: “Is JEE Main tough?” and “Will JEE Main 2023 be easier or tougher than last year?”.

Many students think that the JEE exam's difficulty level increases yearly, but it is not true. Sometimes the difficulty level is higher, while sometimes it is lower than the previous year. And even if it is higher, aspirants shouldn’t be scared or panic about the difficulty level; rather, try to stick to their overall study routine. The ranks are assigned according to their relative performance. Therefore, how well you are prepared or performed in the exam matters.

However, when it comes to coping with the difficulty level of the exam, there are a few tips that you can follow:

Preparation Tips To Crack JEE Main Exams 

JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is a computer-based online engineering entrance examination administered by the National Testing Agency to provide admissions to students willing to pursue undergraduate courses in India from engineering colleges such as IITs, NITs, etc.

Every year, lakhs of students appear for the exam, and only a few get qualified, even after lots of hard work and dedication. Ever wondered why? The reason is none other than the lack of an effective study plan and time management.  It doesn’t matter how many hours you study; if you aren’t following the right strategies, you won’t succeed. The concept behind “Is JEE Main tough?” is none other than the quality of your study. Here are some of the JEE Main preparation tips.

1. Be Aware of the Syllabus 

The reason most students wonder “Why JEE Main is tough” is all due to the vastness of the JEE Main syllabus encompassing the Class 11 and 12 subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. But if you segregate the syllabus according to the respective classes, it will help you cover the most important chapters first and, late,r the less important ones. Therefore, it is suggested that aspirants know about the syllabus in detail and develop a well-organized study plan.

2. Learn to Manage Time Effectively 

Once you’ve set up a realistic and organised study plan, the next important step is to manage your time effectively throughout the JEE main preparation. You must allocate a certain time period to each of the subject or chapters according to your preparation level and try to follow it dedicatedly. Set yourself short-term goals instead of long-term to keep yourself on track and focused. Effective time management is essential to crack the exam.

3. Solve Last Year's Question Papers & Mock Tests 

If you want to get over the question “is JEE Main tough”, focus on solving as many previous year question papers and mock tests as possible during your JEE Main preparations. It will help you clear your doubts, strengthen concepts as well as gear up the overall speed of understanding and attaining questions. Keep in mind that the types of questions being asked in the exams aren’t only limited to a single subject or chapter. Your concepts should be clear to answer any question.

4. Get Hands on Best Books

There are a plethora of JEE books in the market to help you prepare for the exam. However, the only trick is that JEE is more focused on concept-based learning instead of cramming. So, it is advised to only get the books that are useful, relevant, and aid to your overall preparation. The best idea is to read NCERT books to clear your concepts and gain proper knowledge about the subject to the core.

5. Ensure Regular Revision

As the syllabus of JEE is extensive, it is recommended to inculcate a regular revision into your daily routine, followed by a frequent study plan. A comprehensive revision will help you clear your doubts and remember the concepts in the long run. It will also improve your intellectual level, knowledge, and understanding of a subject. Ensure at least revising every two weeks.

How Tough is JEE Main Exam?

The JEE Main exam is considered one of the most difficult and complex engineering entrance exams that requires dedication and smart study. No wonder students ask, “How tough is JEE Main exam?

Though JEE Main is a tough exam, it is slightly easier than JEE Advanced. The only thing that makes JEE Main one of the toughest exams to crack is the number of JEE aspirants who appear for the exam every year. Lakhs of students prepare for this entrance exam, which increases its difficulty level. However, it is not tougher than NEET as there are fewer candidates to apply for compared to engineering exams.

Therefore, preparing a smart study plan and consistent practice is important to crack the exam.

Which is Tough JEE Main or Advanced?

Many JEE aspirants ask a common question: “Is JEE advanced the toughest exam in the world?” However, both JEE Main and Advanced are national-level examinations, and comparing them, JEE Advanced is a lot harder than Main.

But if you have your concepts clear in mind and follow a frequent study routine with utmost revision daily, you can shine in the exam. It is suggested to know the syllabus in detail and practice enough question papers on JEE Main. Remember, the difficulty level of the exam depends on one’s preparation.

Summing Up

To shine in the JEE Main or JEE Advanced, it is important for the aspirants to know the difficulty level of the exam. However, one can presume the difficulty level of the exam based on his/her preparation level. Instead of panicking about the “Is JEE Main tough?”, it is recommended to focus on a smart study plan and concept-based learning. No matter if the exam is going to be easy or complex, an all-prepared aspirant can shine in both situations.

FAQs on JEE Main Difficulty Level 2023: Strategies to Prepare

1. How can I prepare for the JEE Main exam?

Get aware of the JEE syllabus, and exam pattern and develop a well-organized study plan. Give sufficient time to each subject and ensure frequent revision.

2. Is the JEE Main exam easy?

Though JEE is considered one of the more complex entrance exams to crack, it is advised to aspirants to create a smart study plan, manage time and stick to their overall preparations.

3. What type of questions are there in the JEE Main exam?

The JEE Main exam includes both numerical and multiple-choice questions. 

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