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JEE Main Chemistry Chapter-Wise Previous Year Questions


Download JEE Main Chemistry Question Paper with Solutions and Answer Keys

All the aspirants preparing for JEE Main 2023 can download JEE Main Chemistry question papers chapter-wise for the previous year with proper solutions for both Session 1 and Session 2. 

The subject of Chemistry holds great significance in the JEE Main exam and is considered an easier scoring section out of three sections - Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Here, questions are based on conceptual knowledge; most are asked from NCERT textbooks

While it is important for candidates to cover all topics/chapters combined with a thorough understanding of concepts & formulas, solving the previous year’s question paper is a proven study technique to master concepts, improve speed & accuracy, and track preparation levels. 

Additionally, it also helps students to get familiar with the exam pattern, type & difficulty level of questions, marking scheme, and more. Therefore, to help students develop a deep idea about the JEE Main Chemistry section and important topics, we’re providing Chemistry JEE Main questions with proper solutions. Refer to it and strategize preparations accordingly.

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Check Out JEE Main Chemistry Chapter-wise Questions Pdf - Download Now

The National Testing Agency (NTA) administers the JEE Main entrance exam every year to offer admissions to various courses like B.Tech., B.Arch., B.Plan & B.E. Only the qualifying candidates can pursue technical courses in prestigious NITs, IIITs, Government Funded Technical Institutes, and CFTIs in the country.  

Millions of students appear for the exam, demonstrating the competition level. Thereby it is vital to be well-versed in the concepts & fundamentals of all the JEE Main subjects. The Chemistry paper in the exam is divided into three subsections - Physical, Inorganic, and Organic. 

Solving these JEE Main previous year questions Chemistry chapter wise pdf will help students to nail their theoretical and practical knowledge. 

The table below contains all chapters-wise JEE Main Chemistry questions for the previous year. Take a look:

JEE Main Chemistry Chapter-wise Solutions 2022-23 

Below is the Chapter-wise JEE Chemistry Paper 2022 along with the answer keys and solutions. Click on the given links to know more:

S. No.

Chapter Name

JEE Chemistry Paper


Some Basic Concepts in Chemistry

Check Here


States of Matter

Check Here


Atomic Structure

Check Here


Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

Check Here


Chemical Thermodynamics

Check Here



Check Here



Check Here


Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry

Check Here


Chemical Kinetics

Check Here


Surface Chemistry

Check Here


Classification Elements Periodicity Properties

Check Here


General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Metals

Check Here



Check Here


S – Block Elements

Check Here


P – Block Elements

Check Here


D – and F – Block Elements

Check Here


Co-ordination Compounds

Check Here


Environmental Chemistry

Check Here


Purification and Characterisation of Organic Compounds

Check Here


General Organic Chemistry

Check Here



Check Here


Organic Compounds Containing Halogens

Check Here


Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen

Check Here


Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen

Check Here



Check Here



Check Here


Chemistry in Everyday Life

Check Here


Principles Related to Practical Chemistry

Check Here

Preparation Tips for Chemistry JEE Main

The competition for JEE Main is fierce. Thereby students prepare rigorously to beat the competition and score well. The Chemistry section of JEE Main is considered the most scoring among all other sections. Further divided into physical, Organic, and Inorganic Chemistry, the candidates need to grasp these three parts and master the concepts to score better in the exam.

Candidates often ask, “How to prepare for the Chemistry section in JEE Main?” Here are a few preparation tips that can help you nail the subject. Take a look:

1. Read NCERT Books for Polished Concepts 

Students often cannot answer tricky or application-based questions in Chemistry as they ignore the basic fundamental knowledge. Thereby the first & foremost JEE Main preparation tip for the candidates while preparing for the Chemistry section is to keep your basic concepts clear. 

The best idea is to refer to the NCERT textbooks of Class 11 and 12th. These books contain all the important topics in an easy & explanatory language with supportive examples, diagrams, flowcharts, and MCQs. Practice all the questions and highlighted sections.

2. Follow the Standard Books

Many aspirants get anxious during their JEE Main preparations and study various books, leading to stress and confusion. Though NCERT textbooks are considered the most standard books for Chemistry JEE preparation, students should also refer to other standard books by renowned authors such as:

  • Organic Chemistry: O.P Tandon

  • Inorganic Chemistry: J.D Lee

  • Physical Chemistry: Atkin’s

  • Physical Chemistry by N Awasthi

  • Organic Chemistry by M.S. Chauhan

3. Solve Previous Year's Questions Papers/Mock Tests 

Practising JEE Main Chemistry chapter-wise questions pdf and mock tests is one of the most effective ways for candidates to thoroughly understand concepts and improve speed & accuracy in attempting questions. Plus, it will give an idea about the exam pattern, type & difficulty level of questions.

4. Perform a Continuous Revision

Candidates preparing for JEE Main often ignore the revision and focus only on completing the syllabus. It ultimately results in forgetting what they’ve learned throughout their preparations. Thereby, students are recommended to perform a continuous & frequent revision to help retain important topics, concepts, equations, and formulas for a long.

Wrapping Up

Solving the previous year’s JEE Main Chemistry question paper while preparing for the entrance exam helps students boost concepts and resolve doubts. In this article, students can download all the JEE Main previous year questions Chemistry chapter wise pdf and get an idea of important questions.

FAQs on JEE Main Chemistry Chapter-Wise Previous Year Questions

1. Which chapters have the highest weightage in the Chemistry section of JEE Main?

Chemical Kinetics, General Organic Chemistry, Carboxylic Acids & their Derivatives, Aromatic Compounds, and State of Matter are some high-weightage chapters in the JEE Main Chemistry.

2. Is NCERT enough for JEE Main Chemistry paper?

NCERT books are enough for JEE Main Chemistry preparation. However, it is advised to study other reference books to get in-depth knowledge.

3. How to score well in chemistry in the JEE Main 2023 exam?

Practicing the previous year’s question papers and mock tests of chemistry is the most effective way to prepare for the exam. Also, strategic time management and prioritizing high-weightage topics are equally vital.