JEE Advanced Rank Predictor 2019

JEE Advanced Rank Predictor 2019 - Check Rank Here

Engineering and Medical are the two most pursued career options. In this scenario, JEE provides candidates with the excellent opportunity to be enrolled in the most prestigious engineering institutes of the country.

Previously known as AIEEE or All India Engineering Entrance Examination, JEE is conducted over 2 rounds. Clearing JEE Mains, candidates can still get admission in the esteemed engineering colleges of the country, sans IITs. For IIT aspirants, clearing JEE Advanced is mandatory and so is the JEE Advanced Rank Predictor.

This is because each year, thousands of candidates appear for this exam with the hope to study in IITs. This often leaves candidates in fits of anxiety since they are confused if their performance was adequate to get listed for counselling. Then, there is the choice of IITs, based on their obtained ranking.

It is in this context that JEE Advanced Rank Predictor 2019 was created to make sure that aspirants had a heads up about their estimated rank. This would make it easy for them to be prepared with a sequential list of preferred IITs and branch of engineering.

Read on to know more about JEE Advanced rank predictor.

Rank Predictor for JEE Advanced 2019

Preparing for a national level competitive examination is never easy. Additionally, JEE is nothing but the best since it is mandatory for IIT aspirants. This year, the exam will be conducted to fill in about 10,988 seats of the 23 IITs spread across the nation. And, about 2,24,000 top candidates from JEE Mains appear for this exam.

Hence, the difficulty level becomes self-explanatory. There are certain stringent rules and regulations considering the standard of its question paper.

The responsibility to conduct JEE Advanced rotates among 7 Zonal IITs. IIT Roorkee is the conducting authority of 2019 JEE Advanced. Keeping in mind the importance of this exam, the conducting body makes it sure to release dates relevant to this exam soon after the completion of JEE Mains.

The qualifying IIT aspirants need to be prepared for 7 rounds of counselling that would follow after clearing the Advanced level. Each IIT has different requirements of rank. 

  • I. Rank Predictions for Engineering and Architecture courses

  • Here are some examples of the predicted ranking and the respective allotment in various IITs of the nation for different engineering and architecture courses. 

  • Engineering –

  • S.noInstitutionCourseClosing Rank (as per rounds of counselling)
    01IIT KharagpurComputer Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Technology, 4 years)267272272272272272272
    Computer Science and Engineering (Bachelor and Master of Technology, dual degree, 5 years) 423425425425425425425
    02IIT MadrasComputer Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Technology, 4 years)200200200200200200200
    03IIT BombayComputer Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Technology, 4 years)59595959595959
    Electrical Engineering (Bachelor of Technology, 4 years)265265265265265265265
    Electrical Engineering with M.Tech. in Microelectronics (Bachelor and Master of Technology, dual degree, 5 years)446446446446446446446
    04IIT RoorkeeComputer Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Technology, 4 years)416416416416416416416
    05IIT DelhiComputer Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Technology, 4 years)100100100100100100100
    Computer Science and Engineering (Bachelor and Master of Technology, dual degree, 5 years)169169169169169169169
    Mathematics and Computing (Bachelor of Technology, 4 years)300300300300300300300
    Mathematics and Computing (Bachelor and Master of Technology, dual degree, 5 years) 448452452452452452452
    Electrical Engineering (Bachelor of Technology, 4 years)460462462462462462462
    06IIT KanpurComputer of Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Technology, 4 years)213213213213213213213

  • Architecture –

  • S.noInstitutionCourseClosing Rank (as per rounds of counselling)
    01NIT TiruchirapalliArchitecture (Bachelor of Architecture, 5 years)501622622622622622670
    02School of Planning and Architecture, New DelhiArchitecture (Bachelor of Architecture, 5 years)414461461461463465486

  • II. Some key points about the JEE Advanced rank predictor 2019

  • The above-tabulated rank predictions must have given an estimate about the probable list of available colleges. Here are some other points about the rank predictor for JEE Advanced 2019.

  • Approximate JEE Advanced marks vs rank predictor - Aspirants must jot down an estimated score of each subject they appeared for. They can use the rank predictor only when they have this approximate scorecard.

  • Active until – The rank predictor targets to draw an approximate JEE Advanced rank for the aspirants. Hence, once the official positions are declared, the rank predictors go inactive.

  • What next after Rank predictor – Once a candidate draws an estimated rank for, he/she can go for JEE Advanced College Predictor 2019. This will help him/her have a correct assumption about the colleges he/she will be offered over the 7 rounds of counselling.

  • How to calculate an approximate score for each subject in JEE Advanced 2019?

  • • Download answer key for JEE Advanced 2019. The conducting authorities make it available for downloading on their official website soon after the examination.

  • • Compare answers in the key with the solution you have marked in your paper.

  • • Here is how you calculate approximate marks for this exam - know the official marking scheme for JEE Advanced:

  • a. +3 for correct answers and -1 for wrong answers in the case of single correct answers.
    b. +4 for correct answers and -2 for wrong answers in the case of 1 or more correct answers.
    c. +3 for the right solutions in comprehensive type questions. 

  • • Calculate estimated scores.

  • III. How to use JEE Advanced rank predictor 2019?

  • Using the rank predictor for JEE Advanced is simple. Applicants need to follow the following steps, and they can have the edge over other aspirants with an accurate idea about their ranking in the prestigious examination –

    STEP 1: Click on the link for JEE Advanced rank predictor.

    STEP 2: Log in with your Google/Facebook account.

    STEP 3: Enter the registration number of JEE Advanced 2019 and your category. Also, put in the estimated score for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics along with the difficulty level for each of them.

    STEP 4: The exam pattern and estimated scorecard along with the approximate rank will be displayed on the screen. Follow this up with the JEE Advanced College Predictor 2019 to list the probable options of institutions.

    Therefore, once you get done with the JEE Mains 2019, make sure to keep yourself updated about the JEE Advanced if you are an IIT aspirant. Despite the rotating conducting authority each year, not much of a change takes place as far as its syllabus is concerned.

    Here are a few tips for the JEE aspirants of the year, to help them be better prepared to take on this national level test –
  • 1. Do catch up with the syllabus and exam pattern.

  • 2. It is advised that you start your preparations for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced simultaneously.

  • 3. Keep yourself updated about the latest news on these examinations, especially the dates, eligibility criteria, and required list of documents.

  • 4. Jot down last years’ cut-offs as it will give you an idea about this year’s minimum score requirement.

  • 5. As soon as you are done with the JEE Mains 2019 (Paper 1: 8, 9, 10, 12 April 2019; Paper 2: 7 April), start with the mock tests and live video classes for JEE Advanced 2019 (Paper 1, 2: 27 May 2019, AAT: 17 June 2019).

  • 6. After the exams, chalk out the approximate score, visit JEE Advanced rank predictor official links, and list out the colleges available on the basis of your estimated rank.

  • Get ready for your upcoming bright future! All the best for the JEE Advanced 2019!