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The Indian School Certificate or ISC encompasses majorly all the schools nation-wide; this is a national and reputed board that conducts the HS examination every year.

The board is known for its trend of setting standard quality question paper. The schools affiliated under this board are guided to conduct the examination in their own set pattern. Like other years, in 2020, the board sets quite a good question paper for every stream. The students are guided and are introduced to the pattern of the question paper set by ISC. For this purpose, the board as well as we, at Vedantu, advise the students to explore as much previous year question papers as in their ambit.   

ISC Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2020 part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I Use the 2020 Question Paper to Know the Expected Questions for the Upcoming Year?

Ans. Yes, the guidance from the 2020 paper can be taken. Overall, the students are required to analyse almost 10 last year question papers to know the maximum coverage of questions that are asked by the board. In fact, solving any type of these previous year question papers will render the same benefit of giving them an idea of the board paper.

2. How Can I Revise the Subject?

Ans. The students can revise the subject by reviewing the notes that they have prepared. They can also go through the revision notes prepared by us. Also, it is the best if previous year question papers are included at the time of their revision. The students only after learning the chapters quite efficiently can take up the revision for the exam with the help of the 2020 question paper.

3. What Scope do Class 12 Results Give Me?

Ans. A student’s Class 12 results become the pivotal turn in their career. Their interest and higher study depend on Class 12 results. Basically, the 12th results help the students to get admitted to the colleges or to other institutions for their graduation degree. Good results will allow the students to take up their study as per their own choice. The results moreover serve the base for the future studies of the students.

4. What is More Important- A Good Answer or a Correct Answer?

Ans. A correct answer will fetch the destined marks, but a good quality answer will fix a good impression of the quality of the student. A good answer will definitely speak volume about the knowledge and hard work invested in the study by the students. ISC searches for good answers rather than mere correct answers.