RSA Full Form

Know The RSA Full Form And Learn More About Their Invention And Importance

The abbreviation RSA is a lesser-known one. The short form RSA Stands for Rivest, Shamir, Adleman. As you can comprehend, these three are indeed the names of three people. You must be wondering who they are. They are the inventors of public-key encryption technology. This is a public-key cryptosystem for safe and secure transmission of data on the internet. With the help of this, you can transmit highly sensitive and top-secret data. RSA Data Security Inc developed this technology. 

What Does Encryption Mean? 

If you have to understand encryption in the most natural way, then here it is. Encryption is a term that means encoding information. It is a part of cryptography. The code is added to the message, which is then converted into a mess.


Need For the RSA Algorithm

The RSA algorithm reduces the difficulty in the encryptions. This is completely based on the problems and levels of difficulties faced during the factorization of the numbers. It is used when there is no other method or way to factorise very large numbers. This entire process is time consuming. 

The RSA algorithm works the best with the two different keys: a private key and a public key. Going by the terms, the former is kept completely private with the company. The latter is made public for the use of everyone. The public key functions with two numbers, of which one is the sum of the multiplication of two large prime numbers. The two prime numbers make the private key. 

Other Facts About the Keys of the RSA Algorithm

  • The strength of the encryption is directly proportional to the key size.

  • RSA keys can be as long as 1024 or 2048 bits.

  • Larger keys increase the strength of the encryption.

  • The public-key encryption scheme is also known as the asymmetric encryption.

  • The main purpose of developing this key was to solve the problem of sending a coded message without sharing the code with it.

What is this Encryption for?

While the data is being transmitted over the internet, a certain level of security has to be maintained. This public-key encryption technology is used to do this work. It is a standard method for encrypting sensitive data.


From the paragraphs given above you will be able to conclude how Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman have contributed. Their contribution is indeed a remarkable one. The importance of the public-key encryption technology is indeed a great invention in today’s world. As we are living in a world where every technical data gets stored, it is also vital that they must be secured against being misused.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Will I get Enough Information on the Internet About Public-Key Encryption?

A: The internet is a storehouse of every piece of information under the sun. So if you want to study further, go ahead and read all that you want to about this public-key encryption. Besides this you also need to be thorough with the Meaning of RSA.

2. What is a Private-Key Encryption?

A: After you encrypt the message using a public key then it can only be decrypted with a private-key. Thus, you would need both the public and the private keys to read such messages.

3. Can Anyone use These Encryption Keys?

A: Not at all. Only those who are trained to do so can use these keys to read a message. As the data must be kept secured, therefore only trained and trusted people are entitled to the job.