RAW Full Form

What is the Full Form of RAW? 

The full form of RAW is the Research and Analysis Wing. This is the most important foreign intelligence body in India that is committed to collect hidden information and essential data to prevent the nation from foreign attacks. This agency works day and night to guide the Indian policymakers on the right track. The head office of Research and Analysis Wing is situated at New Delhi. 

RAW is the strongest agency in India that silently spread agents worldwide to gather relevant information. The requirement of RAW was felt after the Indo-China war (1962) and Indo-Pak war (1965). Its first director established this powerful body, Rameshwar Nath Kao, in September 1968. RAW is not answerable for any of its activities to the office of the Prime Minister. 

How do the RAW Agents Work? 

The RAW agents work in secret and sometimes in disguise. They gather and provide information to the team to take proper action before it’s too late. The RAW agents appear to live a normal lifestyle like the other citizens to keep the doubtful eyes away. In the end, the nation can deny the citizenship of a RAW agent in case he/she gets trapped in a foreign land. 

Importance of RAW

RAW is of huge importance when it is about the security of the country. The secret operations of this agency remain unknown to the countrymen. But as we are living peacefully, it is just because of the endless efforts of the secret agents. The members of RAW accumulate information about the plans of undercover operations by the enemies. 

Why do the RAW Agents Hide their Occupation? 

The RAW agents hide their job to maintain secrecy. If their working area gets unveiled, then the enemies will start spying on them, which can be dangerous. Each step of a RAW agent is important and worth monitoring; hence, to keep the informers of other nations at bay, the RAW agents tend to hide their occupation. 

How to Contact RAW?

To contact RAW, you will have to contact the NIA, National Investigation Agency. The address is as follows: the 7th floor, Cumballa Hill, MTNL Telephone Exchange Building, Peddar Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra-400026. You can also contact them through a call at 022-23550650. Fax: 022-23542525. In the end, you are allowed to send an email at info.mum.nia@gov.in

How will the Nation Fight Without RAW? 

Since you know what RAW stands for, the nation will find it difficult to fight the hazards without it. Without highly skilled officers and agents, it is nearly impossible to track the plans of the enemies. And without an idea of the pre-planned steps, it will be challenging to fight the sudden attacks. The RAW agents give their best efforts in monitoring the unlawful activities of the foreign countries. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the Training that the RAW Agents have to Undergo?

The RAW agents have to take two types of training, Basic and Advanced. ‘Basic training’ lasts for not more than 10 days. And Advanced training lasts for 2 years.

2. Do the RAW Agents Reveal their Identity to their Near Ones?

The RAW agents hide their profession from everyone except the agency he/she worked for. Even their family remains unaware of their high-risk working area. This is only to maintain utter secrecy.

3. How to Join RAW?

To join RAW you will have to clear the Civil Service examination. After that only, the cream candidates from the top will be allowed to give the exam for the Research and Analysis Wing. A RAW agent can earn up to 1.3 lakhs per month.