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Frank Solutions for Class 10 Physics Chapter 1.1 Turning Effect of Force and Equilibrium - PDF

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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Frank Solutions for Class 10 Physics Chapter 1.1 Turning Effect of Force and Equilibrium - Download Free PDF with Solution

Class 10 Physics teaches what momentum, force, and equilibrium are. It also teaches how a turning effect on a force and equilibrium changes things. The effects will be discussed with a proper mathematical explanation.

To understand and apply these concepts, refer to the Turning Effect of Force and Equilibrium Frank Solutions developed by the experts. You will find the accurate answers to the fundamental questions framed and develop excellent answering skills to score more in the board exams.

Class 10 Physics Frank Solutions PDF

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Importance of ICSE Class 10 Physics Turning Effect of Force and Equilibrium

This part of the ICSE Class 10 Physics syllabus will teach about the turning effect on equilibrium and force. When a turning effect occurs on a force about a rigid point or a fulcrum, it is called torque or moment of force. This type of force creates a turning effect on the body.

The value of the moment of force can be derived from the definition by multiplying the force applied with its perpendicular distance from the pivot or fulcrum. The distance of the point should be perpendicular to the line of force.

From the above discussion, we can clearly understand that the moment of force is a vector quantity. When a force acts in this way, it causes a turning effect. The direction of a moment of force can be calculated by deriving the direction of the vector quantity. To make it easier, refer to the Frank Solutions for Class 10 Physics Chapter 1.1 - Turning Effect of Force and Equilibrium developed by the experts.

This chapter will also explain with proper examples. You will learn the fundamental principles of this vector quantity and will be able to apply them to formulate answers. You will also come to know about clockwise and anticlockwise moments of force.

This chapter is important as it develops a conceptual foundation in the young minds regarding mechanics. Students will learn how force can act to turn a body and maintain an equilibrium.

Benefits of Frank Solutions for Class 10 Physics Chapter 1.1 - Turning Effect of Force and Equilibrium

  • These solution files have been designed by the experts to offer a convenient platform to solve the questions in the Frank exercises.

  • The solutions will contain the answers formulated following the ICSE Class 10 standards. You will be able to correlate with the concepts, definitions, mathematical derivations, and principles explained in this chapter.

  • Resolve the doubts about the Turning Effect of Force and Equilibrium on your own by using Frank Solutions. Follow the format followed by the experts to develop your answering skills.

  • Make your practice sessions more productive with these solutions files. Find the concise format of answers to revise and recall this chapter faster.

Download Frank Solutions Turning Effect of Forces Questions and Answers PDF

Why wait then? Download the free PDF version of Frank ICSE Class 10 Physics Solutions and use it to solve the questions. Focus on how the experts have compiled the answers. In this way, you can develop your skills in understanding how to use the concepts of the moment of force. Practise answering these questions and evaluate your preparation to score more in the exams.

FAQs on Frank Solutions for Class 10 Physics Chapter 1.1 Turning Effect of Force and Equilibrium - PDF

1. What is translational motion?

When a rigid body is free, it will move in a straight path when a force is applied. It is called translational motion.

2. What is rotational motion?

When a body moves around an axis going through it, it is called rotational motion.

3. How a handle helps us to open a door?

The long handle increases the force applied by using the concept of moment of force.

4. What is the condition of static equilibrium?

The net sum of the forces and their torques must be zero.

5. Why do we use a steering wheel?

A steering wheel helps us to increase the force by using the concept of a couple.