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Frank Solutions for Class 10 Physics Chapter 1.2 Uniform Circular Motion - PDF

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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Frank Solutions for Class 10 Physics Chapter 1.2 Uniform Circular Motion - Download Free PDF with Solution

The ICSE Class 10 Physics syllabus teaches different types of motion. One of the crucial parts of this chapter is Uniform Circular Motion. This part of the chapter teaches how this motion maintains a uniform motion forming a circle. It is different from the translational motion or motion in one direction you have studied earlier.

To understand its concepts, refer to the Frank Solutions for Class 10 Physics ICSE Chapter 1.2 developed by the experts. Solving the problems in this book will give a different perspective to understanding the concepts. The solutions will also help you develop a way to answer such questions accurately.

Class 10 Physics Frank Solutions PDF

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Importance of ICSE Class 10 Physics ICSE Chapter 1.2 Uniform Circular Motion

The idea of uniform circular motion is somewhat different from that of the motion in one direction. According to this chapter, when a body is moving in a circular path maintaining a uniform circular velocity, it is called uniform circular motion.

Like the other uniform motions, a body covers a uniform circular path at a particular interval of time. It means a body covers the same amount of angular distance in a particular time period. Only the direction of the body changes instantaneously.

On proceeding further, you will learn about the centripetal forces and how they are calculated. This chapter will explain all these scientific terms with proper mathematical expressions. You will be able to understand the formula to calculate these physical quantities given in the questions along with their units.

If you refer to the Frank Solutions for Class 10 Physics ICSE Chapter 1.2, you will find out the clear difference between these two forces by checking the solved questions.

This chapter is very crucial for the Class 10 students as they will be able to develop a conceptual foundation related to mechanics and proceed to learn advanced concepts in the future.

Benefits of Frank Solutions for Class 10 Physics Chapter 1.2 Uniform Circular Motion

  • These solutions have been designed to offer a simpler platform where you can find accurate answers related to the exercise questions in Frank's textbook. This solution will guide you to find out the different formats of questions asked in this section of the Class 10 ICSE Physics syllabus.

  • You can resolve the doubts related to uniform circular motion on your own. The answers are formulated by following the latest Class 10 Physics syllabus. A standard is also maintained by the experts to ensure you can follow it and score more in the exams.

  • You can refer to the solutions whenever you want to make your Physics exercise practice sessions more fruitful.

Download Frank Solutions for Class 10 Physics Chapter 1.2 Uniform Circular Motion PDF

Get the free PDF version of this chapter and be ready to solve the questions in the exercise. Learn how the experts have framed the answers. Follow the format to score more in the exams. Check the question formats suggested in these exercises and develop an answering strategy on your own using these solutions to score more in the exams.

FAQs on Frank Solutions for Class 10 Physics Chapter 1.2 Uniform Circular Motion - PDF

1. Is centrifugal force a real force?

It is not a real force as it is used to describe a certain type of motion.

2. Is centripetal force the opposite of centrifugal force?

No, centrifugal force is not the opposite of the centripetal force even though their magnitudes are the same.

3. Why a uniform circular motion is in an accelerated state?

Even though a body is in uniform motion in a circle, it changes its direction instantaneously. This is why it remains in an accelerated state.

4. Which force is needed for a uniform circular motion?

Centripetal force is needed to maintain a uniform circular motion.

5. How does a centrifugal force act?

It acts away from the centre of the circular path followed during a uniform circular motion.