Aluminium Oxide Formula

Aluminum oxide is a chemical compound of aluminum and oxygen, also known as alumina or aloxide.

It is a white amorphous material that is odorless. This compound is amphoteric in nature and has chemical, industrial and commercial applications. We will also learn about Amphoteric oxides in this topic. It is present in some minerals like bauxite and Corundum. Among them, Corundum is the most common naturally occurring crystalline form of aluminum oxide.

Chemical Formula of Aluminium Oxide

The formula of aluminium oxide is Al₂O₃ and is an ionic compound. Aluminium has a +3 charge and oxygen has a -2 charge in it. (aluminium loses three electrons and oxygen gains two electrons in the chemical process). While applying the criss-cross method we can easily write the chemical formula of aluminium oxide as Al₂O₃. 

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Properties of Aluminium Oxide

Aluminium oxide symbol


Molar Mass

101.96 g/mol


3.95 g/cm³3.95 g/cm³

Boiling Point

2977 C⁰

Melting Point

2072 C⁰

Uses of Aluminium Oxide

  • It is used as a catalyst in the Claus process, also used in the dehydration of alcohols to alkenes.

  • It is used in the purification to remove water from the gas stream.

  • It is used in paints, automotive in making spark plug insulators, and cosmetic industries.

  • It is also used as a medium in chromatography.

Aluminium Oxide Equation 

Aluminium oxide is amphoteric in nature. Amphoteric oxides can be defined as metal oxides that react with both acids as well as bases to produce salts and water. Other common examples of amphoteric oxides include ZnO, SnO and PbO.

- Aluminium oxide as a Base

Al₂O₃ + 6HCl → 2AICl₃ + 3H₂O 

- Aluminium oxide as an Acid

Al(OH)₃ + NaOH  →  NaAlO₂ + 2H₂O

Structure of Aluminium Oxide

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Aluminium oxide is an amphoteric oxide with a chemical formula Al₂O₃ that has a huge variety of uses in various fields. Its strength and light weight make it suitable to prepare body armors and bulletproof windows. Due to its hardness, it is used in the medical industry also. Knowing all the relevant properties of this compound is fundamental for students. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Write Some Properties of Aluminium Oxide.

Answer: Some properties of Aluminium oxides are:

1. It is an Electrical insulator with High thermal conductivity and low density.

2. Wear and corrosion resistant, due to its strength and lightweight it is suitable for preparing body armors, and bulletproof windows. 

3. High compression strength and stiffness.

4. Chemical and thermal stability, high melting and boiling point.

Question: Aluminium Oxide is Acidic or Basic in Nature?

Answer: Aluminium oxide is acidic and basic in nature. This type of oxide is known as amphoteric oxides, the balanced equation for aluminum oxide is shown below.

Al₂O₃ + 6HF → 2AIF₃ + 3H₂O

Al₂O₃ + 2NaOH + 3H₂O  →  2NaAl(OH)₄

Question: Aluminium Oxide is Soluble in Water?

Answer: Aluminum oxide has high lattice energy and low heat of hydration and is not soluble in water.