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JEE Advanced Chemistry Question Paper with Solutions - Your Key to Excellence

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Improve Your IIT Exam Preparation with JEE Advanced Chemistry Question Papers

Students eyeing the JEE Advanced Chemistry paper for both morning and afternoon sessions. You can now access these question papers right here, along with detailed solutions.

After the results are announced, the authorities will release the JEE Advanced 2023 Chemistry question paper for the next session. Keep an eye on the official website for updates.

Don't be intimidated by the Chemistry section of the JEE Advanced exam. With a well-organized study plan, it can become a subject where you can score well. Mastering each topic in the Chemistry syllabus is crucial for maximizing your score.

To help you, we have gathered JEE Advanced Chemistry papers from previous years, such as 2022, 2021, and 2020. Dive into them to prepare effectively. Continue reading for more insights:


JEE Advanced Question Paper


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JEE Advanced

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English Medium


2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023



Available Material:

Chapter-wise Practice Paper with PDF

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JEE Advanced Chemistry Paper Released - Access with Comprehensive Solutions

The JEE Advanced Chemistry paper assesses students in three key areas: Inorganic, Organic, and Physical Chemistry. As you prepare for the upcoming JEE Advanced 2023, these solved Chemistry papers from 2023 will provide insight into the types of questions you'll encounter. Use them to identify areas where you need improvement, improve your speed in answering questions, and fine-tune your accuracy. They are especially valuable for students who want to assess their performance after taking the exam.

JEE Advanced Chemistry Papers: Dive Deep into the Intricacies

JEE Advanced stands out as a demanding test, probing your deep understanding of concepts and problem-solving abilities. Held annually by an IIT, it serves as the gateway to prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology.

Among its three segments – Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics – Chemistry often emerges as the most challenging, evaluating your profound knowledge and problem-solving skills. To aid in fortifying your grasp of JEE Advanced Chemistry, we offer access to previous years' question papers with detailed solutions.

Here's a Closer Look:

JEE Advanced Question Papers (2020-2023): Unraveling Challenges Across Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics

Explore the evolving challenges of JEE Advanced from 2020 to 2023 through comprehensive question papers encompassing Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Gain valuable insights into the exam dynamics and enhance your preparation with this diverse set of materials.

Unlocking the Potential of JEE Advanced Chemistry Papers:

The journey to mastering the Chemistry section of the JEE Advanced exam begins with a key in hand – the Chemistry question papers. These papers serve as the stepping stones to excellence, offering valuable insights into the intricacies of the subject.

Navigating the Three Realms of Chemistry: Chemistry, as a subject, is divided into three distinct realms: Inorganic, Organic, and Physical Chemistry. JEE Advanced Chemistry papers provide a bridge to traverse these realms with ease. Whether you're aiming to tackle complex organic reactions or understand the intricacies of inorganic compounds, these papers are your navigational guide.

A Pathway to Mastery: As you venture into the world of JEE Advanced Chemistry papers, consider them as a pathway to mastery. They are designed to hone your analytical skills, improve your understanding of complex chemical concepts, and empower you to face the exam with confidence.

Strengthening Weak Areas: Just as a skilled chemist meticulously balances equations, you can fine-tune your Chemistry preparation by identifying and strengthening your weak areas. JEE Advanced Chemistry papers, accompanied by detailed solutions, act as a diagnostic tool to pinpoint where your focus should lie.

Enhance Your Speed and Accuracy: Efficiency is key in the JEE Advanced Chemistry section. By practicing with previous years' papers, you not only enhance your speed in answering questions but also improve your accuracy, allowing you to make the most of the allotted time during the exam.


If you're on the path to face the JEE Advanced 2023 challenge, make the JEE Advanced Chemistry papers presented in this piece a part of your study materials. As per official declarations, the JEE Advanced 2023 is scheduled to be held in May. These Chemistry papers will serve as a blueprint, revealing patterns, familiarizing concepts, and making the unknown known.

FAQs on JEE Advanced Chemistry Question Paper with Solutions - Your Key to Excellence

1. Are the questions in the JEE Advanced Chemistry paper divided into specific segments or sections?

Yes, the JEE Advanced Chemistry paper usually tests students on three main segments: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry. Each segment has its own set of topics and subtopics derived from the prescribed syllabus.

2. What is the importance of practicing with previous years' JEE Advanced Chemistry papers?

Practicing with previous years' papers helps you understand the exam pattern, types of questions asked, and the level of difficulty. It is crucial for improving your problem-solving skills, managing time, and boosting your confidence.

3. How can detailed solutions in JEE Advanced Chemistry papers help in understanding complex concepts?

Detailed solutions in these papers provide step-by-step explanations, helping you understand the thought process behind solving each question. They are invaluable in clarifying doubts and comprehending complex concepts.

4. Are there any specific tips for effectively managing the Inorganic, Organic, and Physical Chemistry sections in the JEE Advanced Chemistry paper?

For effective management, allocate time to each section based on your proficiency. Prioritize topics where you need improvement. Regular practice is key to mastering all three realms of Chemistry.

5. How can I use these papers to evaluate my preparation and performance for JEE Advanced Chemistry?

To evaluate your preparation, time yourself while solving these papers, and compare your solutions to the provided answers. Identifying areas of improvement helps tailor your study plan.

6. Can practicing with JEE Advanced Chemistry papers help me become more confident in facing the actual exam?

Yes, practicing with these papers boosts your confidence. Familiarity with the exam pattern, types of questions, and your own strengths and weaknesses instills confidence in your ability to perform well in the actual exam.

7. What role do these papers play in helping students achieve their goals of entering the IITs?

These papers serve as a significant tool for achieving goals. They are essential for understanding the exam's requirements, strengthening your grasp of Chemistry, and improving problem-solving skills—key components for securing a seat in the IITs.

8. How can I incorporate these papers into my study plan effectively?

To incorporate these papers effectively, create a schedule that includes regular practice. Allocate time for solving and reviewing these papers, focusing on areas that require improvement.

9. Are there any key strategies for improving speed in answering Chemistry questions in JEE Advanced?

Speed improvement involves practicing with a time limit and learning to skip challenging questions temporarily, returning to them later. Regular practice helps in becoming efficient.

10. Can these papers also be beneficial for students preparing for other competitive exams with Chemistry sections?

Yes, the knowledge and problem-solving skills gained by practicing with JEE Advanced Chemistry papers can be beneficial for other competitive exams with Chemistry sections, providing a solid foundation for success.