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TS POLYCET Cut Off 2023-24

Last updated date: 20th Apr 2024
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When you decide to take up any entrance examination like the TS POLYCET, you must pay severe attention to the TS POLYCET Cut Off marks.  Now, you must be thinking from where will you get to know the cut off marks?

From Where Will You Know the TS POLYCET Cut Off Marks?

The answer to every question you have in your mind will lead you to the official website. The examination authorities will announce the relevant TS POLYCET Cut Off marks for the aspirants. Each candidate can check the cut off marks according to their categories.

Download the TS POLYCET Cut off Marks Brochure:

For the ease of the students, the TS POLYCET authorities publish a detailed brochure indicating the decided cut off marks for the year. You can follow the below steps to download the brochure:

  1. Visit the official website of TS POLYCET

  2. On the website, you will find a link that will direct you to the Cut off Marks

  3. Click on the mentioned link

  4. After you click, you will be transferred to the page that will display the cut off marks

  5. Here, you can check out the cut off and determine your result

  6. Download and save the file for future use

When Will the TS POLYCET Cut off Marks Be Declared?

The examination authorities will declare the TS POLYCET Cut Off marks after the declaration of the result of TS POLYCET.  The cut off marks will be declared for each round of counseling. The aspiring candidates can check the cut off marks for every institution that is a part of the TS POLYCET. 

Factors that Determine the TS POLYCET Cut off Marks:

The following factors are taken into consideration before fixing the TS POLYCET Cut Off Marks:

  • Number of application received

  • Result f the highest score received in the examination

  • The difficulty of the examination

  • Number of seats allotted

  • Category of the appearing candidate such as general or SC/ST

These determining factors are revised every year, as the statistics can vary each year

Why is the TS POLYCET Cut off Mark Important?

The main purpose of the cut 0off mark is to limit the number of students taken it. As there is a fixed number of seats that are offered to the aspirants, the authorities cannot take in just any number of students. By fixing the cut off marks, the authorities screen out only the best of the bests. Candidates who can reach the set cut off mark or beyond are rewarded with the seats offered. 

Important Information for TS POLYCET: 

Availability of application form

2nd week of April 2022

Last Date of submission 

4th June 2022

Time of the last submission

5.00 pm

Revised last date of submission

5th June 2022

Issuing of admit card 

June 2022

Date for TS POLYCET Exam

30th June 2022

Fees for General Students/ SC/ST Candidates

400 INR & 250 INR respectively

FAQs on TS POLYCET Cut Off 2023-24

Q1. When Will You Be Handed the TS POLYCET Admit Card?

Generally a minimum of 2 or 3 days is taken to issue the admit card after you fill up your application form. The official website will publish required notifications regarding the issuing of the TS POLYCET Admit Card.

Q2: Can I Get Admission Without Scoring the TS POLYCET Cut off Marks?

The answer is NO. No college will allow your admission if you fail to reach the cut off marks decided by the authorities.

Q3: Can I Get a TS POLYCET Admit Card Without Paying?

Fill in the application form and paying the due fees for the application form is a mandate to get the admit card. The fees of the application form vary for different categories of candidates. The fee for the application form is 400INR or general candidates and 250 for SC/ST candidates.

Q4. What are the Eligibility Criteria for POLYCET?

If you wish to appear for POLYCET, you must be of Indian nationality. You must have a clearance certificate of the SSC exam conducted by any recognized board of education. You must be a local in Telangana.  You must pass in all the subjects with a minimum of 35%.