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TNEA Admit Card 2023-24

Last updated date: 24th Feb 2024
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Admit Card Details for TNEA Exam 2022

A Host of Important Details and Information about the TNEA

Since the TNEA does not conduct any exams, the question of a TNEA Admit Card actually does not arise. However, you must be thorough with the importance of an admit card. It is extremely vital because it

  • Carries the candidate’s details 

  • Has the date of the exam and the exam centre 

  • Happens to be the hall ticket which has to be produced on the day of the exam

  • You can only take the exam on producing the admit card at the exam venue

Here is a detail of the fee structure. This will give you an idea about the fees that you have to pay. If you know the amount beforehand, then paying the amount will not be cumbersome later on. The fee structure is different for the General, SC/ST, and First graduate general categories.

TNEA 2022 Fee Structure


Amount in Rs.

Total Fees

Rs. 9180 – General

Rs. 7180 – SC/ST

Rs. 7180 – First Graduate General

Amount to be paid at the time of counselling

Rs. 5000 – General

Rs. 1000 – SC/ST

Rs. 5000 – First Graduate General

Balance amount to be paid at the time of admission

Rs. 6180 – General

Rs. 4180 – SC/ST

Rs. 2180 - First Graduate General


Facts about TNEA 2022

Read the facts thoroughly as these will help you to clear all your doubts.

  • The Directorate of Technical Education, Tamil Nadu, conducts the TNEA. Previously, the TNEA was conducted by Anna University.

  • Candidates are selected for admission based on the marks obtained in the required subjects ({Mathematics} – 100, {Physics + Chemistry} – 100), which is reduced to 200 in the qualifying exam.

  • The TNEA 2022 schedule is available on its official website. You can simply visit their page to get all the latest information and notices.

  • The application forms are to be strictly downloaded from the official website. You, by no means, should be availing the forms from any random sites or people. 

  • Students of other states having studied their VIII-XII in Tamil Nadu are equally eligible to apply for TNEA. However, if you are one such candidate then you have to produce a Nativity Certificate.

  • The TNEA authority releases separate application forms for both the B.Tech. and B.Arch. courses.

  • Only candidates who are natives of Tamil Nadu are eligible for the special reservation category.


Look for these Factors Besides the TNEA Admit Card

  • Ranking of the colleges

  • The courses offered 

  • Scholarship programmes 

  • Fee structure 

  • Faculty and their qualifications

  • Future prospects of the courses 

  • The validity of the marks achieved 

  • Hostel facilities (if provided by the colleges)

There will be several factors besides the ones mentioned, for you to take into consideration. Keeping all these in mind, you must apply for the TNEA. 

The Advantages of Studying in Recognised Colleges

  • Uncompromising knowledge 

  • Great faculty 

  • Examination guidance  

  • Encouragement to study 

  • No missing of classes and lectures

  • Awesome lab facilities

FAQs on TNEA Admit Card 2023-24

1. Which Web Browser Can I Use to Download the Application Form?

You can use Google, since it is the most reliable site to download the application form for TNEA. On downloading the form, you must keep it safe as it might be required during the counselling sessions as well.

2. What is the Course Tenure for the B.E. or B.Tech? Courses?

The B.E. and B.Tech. courses run for 4 years. Each year is divided into two semesters. This adds up to exactly eight courses by the end of the programme.

3. Are there Options for Other Courses Under B.Tech.?

Yes, there are other options like the Production Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical, and Electronics. Engineering is offered at PSG College of Technology under self-financing scheme. These courses are pretty fruitful and will help you in the long run.

4. Will There Be Any Student’s Concession on the Admission Fees?

This is a little difficult to be sure of. You can ask the authorities by directly contacting them over an email. However, it would be wise to look for scholarships in that matter.