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PESSAT Counselling 2023-24

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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The counselling sessions will be the last phase before you sit in your college classrooms. The counselling is done to ensure your admission to a college. You will only get admitted to a college once all the documents and marks details have been verified thoroughly.

The officials in charge will assist you with the admission procedure and you will be guided well about each procedure that follows. The following tables and the information will help you to learn more about the PESSAT counselling. The counselling session happens to be of great importance.

PESSAT 2022 Counselling Dates

Know the exact dates without any worries or misleads:



Important Dates



10-June 2022 to 30-June-2022


Declaration of result



Round 1 of PESSAT 2022counselling

July first week 2022


The final date for original documents submission by allotted candidates

July last week, 2022 

Candidates are requested to keep an eye on the official website of PESSAT for any further updates on the dates, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Questions that You Must Ask During the Counselling

The counsellors might ask you the following questions during the counseling. So be prepared to face them with complete confidence:

  1. Why do you want to pursue this course?

  2. Which subject do you like to study the most?

  3. Will you be able to bear the study pressure?

  4. What do you do to manage your time?

  5. Are you interested in current affairs? Etc.

Documents Needed to Be Produced During The Counselling

On the day of the counselling you must carry the original and two sets of self-attested photocopies of the following documents.

  • PESSAT 2022 rank card and admit card.

  • 10+2 marks card (PUC) (if you cannot produce the original one then the provisional marks card with the original signature of the college authority has to be produced for verification).

  • 10th marks card (SSLC)/ birth certificate.

  • Transfer certificate or college leaving certificate (as and when applicable).

  • Migration certificate (if you are from any other board or university other than PU Board) (produce if required).

  • Carry 4 copies each of the passport and stamp size photos.

  • Two demand drafts in favour of the PES University General Fund payable at Bangalore For Rs. 3,20,000 and For Rs. 10,000

  • Aadhaar card.

  • PESSAT admission order and rank card MQT admission order. 

Total Number of Seats As Per Last Year’s Data

From the table below, you can gather knowledge about the tentative number of seats for each of the disciplines that you can pursue through the PESSAT exam. These numbers may or may not vary, about which you will be notified through the official website of the PES University.

Name of the Programme

Total no. of seats

Total no. of seats for CET quota

Total no. of seats for PESSAT quota

No. of NRI/ Foreign/ Sponsored seats

Computer Science Engineering





B.Tech in Biotechnology





Electronics Engineering





Civil engineering





Mechanical Engineering





Electrical and Electronics Engineering





FAQs on PESSAT Counselling 2023-24

1. Why is the PESSAT Counselling Important?

The PESSAT counselling holds a lot of importance. This is so because it finally helps you to get admitted to a college under PES University. The colleges follow all the norms as set by the PES authority.

2. Do I Get to Choose the College of My Desire?

It will take you a lot of luck to get through the college that you want to be admitted to. The entire process of admission is based on your exam score and rank. Without these the admission becomes impossible and you cannot choose the college on your own.

3. Are the PESSAT Counselling Rules Very Strict?

Yes. The rules of the PESSAT counselling are indeed very strict. The counsellors follow all the rules and regulations with close attention. There can be no mistake on their part. All your information and documents will also be checked strictly.

4. What if a Piece of Information Does not Match with the Original Documents?

You must be very careful with the information that you provide. If any information is not genuine, you might face severe consequences. It might also be possible that your admission to a college under PES becomes questionable or at stake.