NDA Cut Off 2020

NDA Entrance Exam Cut Off

NDA Cut Off 2019 can help candidates gauge the qualifying marks for this year’s NDA Exam. NDA cut off is the mark that you need to get if you want to be eligible for the National Defence Academy training or course. NDA cut off 2019 was announced by the UPSC after the written exam last year.  The final cut off was announced after the SSB interview. Read this article till the end to know about the NDA cut off 2019 in detail. 

Types of NDA Cut Off

The National Defence Academy comes out with two types of cut off marks. One is for the written exam and the other one is for the combination of the written exam and the SSB interview. If a candidate wants the NDA to call him for the SSB interview, he has to secure the cut off marks or more marks than that. Once the candidate completes the interview session, a final cut off list will be provided. This cut off list will take into account both the written exam and the SSB interview. The first cut off will be against a total of 900 marks. The second cut off will be against a total of 900+900 = 1800 marks.

NDA (I) Cut Off 2019 

The NDA came out with the NDA cut off 2019 marks on 12th November 2019. The results for the written exam were announced on 4th November 2019. This means that you have to wait around 7 to 10 days for the cut off marks to be announced. NDA cut off 2019 for the first NDA exam of that year was 342. This means that only the candidates who secured 342 or more marks in the written exam were called for the SSB interview. The full marks for the written exam were 900.

After the candidates who got the cut-off marks or more than that attempted the interview session, another cut off mark was announced. This cut off mark was the final. It included both the written exam and the interview. So this NDA cut off marks 2019 - final was fixed at 704. The full marks for the interview session were 900. So the final cut off mark was announced with respect to the full 900 + 900 = 1800 marks.

At A Glance: NDA Cut off 2019 

NDA Written Exam Cut off 


NDA Written Exam full marks


NDA Final cut off mark


NDA final full mark


Is Achieving The Cut off Marks All That Is Needed 

If a candidate achieved the NDA cutoff 2019 but failed to get at least 25% marks in the individual papers, he would be deemed failed. So in order to successfully get to the interview session, one must also achieve at least 25% of the full marks in each paper of the written exam.

Structure Of NDA Exam 

NDA exam is conducted by the UPSC and not by the army officials. However, in the SSB interview, you will have to face the officials of the Indian Armed Forces. 

The NDA exam has two parts - Written Test and SSB Interview. The written test is of 900 marks. It consists of two papers - Maths and GAT. The Maths paper will have 120 questions having 2.5 marks each. Therefore, the full mark for the Maths paper is 300. There will be a negative marking of -0.83 per incorrect answer. The GAT paper will have 150 questions having 4 marks each. There will be a negative marking of -1.33 per wrong answer. The full mark for the paper is 600. So the total full marks for the written test is 900. 

The interview session will only entertain those candidates who succeed in securing the cutoff marks for NDA. The 5 test is a gruelling one with psychological tests, group tests, fitness check, interview and whatnot. There will be picture perception, description test, thematic apperception test, group tests, individual tests, personal interview, a conference to judge you physically, psychologically and morally.

You Cannot Predict The Cut off Marks 

Across the internet, you will come across various people predicting the cut off marks by looking at the previous years cut off marks. However, predicting the NDA cut off 2019 or for that matter, any other year is not possible. In 2016, the NDA (I) cut off was 288. It jumped to 342 in 2017. Again in 2018, it plunged to 338. So, it is very hard to predict the NDA cut off marks.

What About NDA Cutoff 2020

NDA cut off 2020 will be a thing to wait for. It can get interesting. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the UPSC failed to conduct the NDA (I) exam and now it plans to combine the NDA 1 and 2 exam and conduct a common exam. This common exam will include both the NDA 1 and 2 aspirants.

So effectively, this year there will be just one NDA exam. The competition will be fierce. And so the cut-off, although cannot be predicted, is expected to be higher than the previous year.

You have to study hard this year if you want to qualify for the written exam. This year the common NDA exam will be held on 6th September 2020.

How to get good marks in NDA written exam

Make the NCERT books your best friend. Every Maths concept up to the level of Class 12 should be known by you. School-level history, geography, English questions will also be asked. So bring out those books from the corners of your house. Many of the questions are copied from the NCERT syllabus word to word. NCERT books are your best bet. Once you are sure that you are aware of the concepts mentioned in the book, follow R.S Agarwal books for further practice.

How to Ace the Interview

You need to be calm. For tests like picture perception or DT, you need to be distraction-proof. No chaos should be able to disturb you. At the same time, you must be friendly and approachable if you want to ace the group test. For the personal interview and conference, be honest, sincere and courteous. 

So, Here’s the Important Info at a Glance

NDA 2019 written exam full marks 

300 for Maths + 600 for GAT = 900

NDA 2019 full marks for the SSB interview


NDA final full marks

900+900 = 1800

NDA cut off 2019 for written exam 


NDA cut off 2019 - final 


NDA cut off 2020 

To be announced after the exam and the publication of the result.

The NDA cut off mark will decide if you qualify the exam or not. NDA cut off 2019 was similar to that of the 2017 NDA exam i.e. 342. No one knows what will be the cut off mark for this year’s NDA exam result. Students aspiring to join one of the most prestigious jobs of the nation should not aim for achieving just the cut off marks. Logically, they cannot qualify by scoring that only. They must aim for achieving 100 more marks beyond the cut-off. Only then, they can realise their dream of enrolling in NDA. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What was the NDA cut off 2019?

Ans. In 2019, the cut off marks for the NDA (I) written exam was 342. The cut off marks for NDA (I) final was 704. A candidate needed to have achieved at least the cut-off marks in order to be deemed qualified for the NDA training.

2. What were the full marks of the NDA exam 2019?

Ans. The full marks of the NDA 1 written exam 2019 were 900. The full marks for the NDA 1 SSB interview were 900. So, the total final mark was 1800. This remains the same in 2020.

3. Do I need to get a certain percentage of marks in each of the papers separately?

Ans. Yes, in order to be deemed qualified in the written NDA exam, you need to score 25% marks in each of the two papers.

4. What were the cut off marks for the NDA exam in 2018?

Ans. The cut off marks for the NDA exam 2018 were 338.

5. What were the cut off marks for the NDA exam in 2017?

Ans. The cut off marks for NDA Exam 2017 were fixed at 342.

6. What will be the NDA cut off marks 2020?

Ans. Cut off marks for NDA Exam cannot be predicted. It can only be guessed from the past years’ cut-offs. In 2020, the competition will be huge because there will be just one NDA exam. So, the cut off mark is bound to rise. The students must adhere to all the eligibility criteria and must study strategically to be able to crack the examination.

7. When will the NDA 2020 be held?

Ans. NDA 2020 will be held on the 6th of September, as per the latest announcements. It will be a common exam for both the NDA 1 and NDA 2 aspirants. Hence, the cut-off is bound to rise.