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NTSE Scholarship

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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Know All Details About NTSE Scholarship: Amount & Eligibility Criteria

About NTSE Scholarship 

NTSE or the National Talent Search Examination is given to the students to support them in their higher studies. The NTSE scholarship is given to all the 10th class students of Indian nationality residing in India and abroad. NCERT gives this scholarship to meritorious students who want to pursue higher education in their desired field (Basic Science or Social Sciences). For getting an NTSE scholarship you must clear two stages: Stage 1 is the state level exam and NTSE stage 2 is the national level exam.

If you are in the 10th grade, you should definitely register for this scholarship. This scholarship will provide you with financial aid and several relaxations for your higher education. Check out all the details regarding the NTSE scholarship.

What is NTSE Scholarship?

NCERT provides NTSE scholarship for the 10th class students. Under NTSE scholarship, students receive continuous monetary support till their Ph.D. To find the brightest minds, the NTSE scholarship exam is conducted in two stages. 

To know whether you are eligible for the NTSE scholarship, go through the NTSE eligibility criteria mentioned below:

  • All students studying in Class 10 are eligible for the NTSE Scholarship.

  • The applicant must be an Indian citizen

  • The candidate’s age should not be more than 18 years.

  • The student must be enrolled in any recognised school or board of education.

  • 10th class students enrolled in open distance learning are also eligible to apply.


Important Details of NTSE Scholarship 

Sr No




NTSE Stage 1 Organiser 



NTSE Stage 2 Organiser 

National Council Of Educational Research and Training (NCERT)


Frequency of Exam

Once a year


Application Mode



Mode of Exam



Exam Duration

4 Hrs (2 Hrs for MAT and 2 Hrs for SAT)

NTSE Scholarship Amount 

NCERT grants different NTSE scholarship amounts depending upon your current education stage. In the below table, the NTSE scholarship amount is mentioned educational stagewise:

NTSE Scholarship Amount 

Sr No


Scholarship Amount


Higher Secondary level

INR 1250 per month


Graduate and Postgraduate

INR .2000 per month


For a Ph.D. degree (four years)

As per UGC norms

NTSE Scholarship Benefits 

If you get the NTSE scholarship then along with decided monthly compensation, you will receive the following NTSE benefits:

  • Once you start preparing for the NTSE scholarship exam, this process will strengthen your concept clarity. And, you can carry forward this approach to prepare for other competitive exams like JEE/NEET, etc. 

  • This NTSE Scholarship can be your initial step for getting admission to the leading colleges across India. As some seats are reserved for NTSE scholars in renowned colleges like IIT Delhi, IIT Hyderabad, and so on.

  • You will receive a preference over other candidates, in case you plan to join foreign universities for your future studies.

  • When you proceed with any job, you will get certain recognition and relaxation over other candidates.

  • During the selection for NDA, you will get some relaxation.

  • You will get access to versatile study materials and various other courses at a lowered price.



NTSE scholarship amount will be granted and will be continuing to the selected students only if they follow the below-mentioned criteria:

  • The candidate must have a minimum of 60% score in aggregate each year.

  • They should take up education in certified courses.

  • The candidate should support firm procedure as certified by the Head of the College/Institution

  • In order to receive the compensation, students must extend their studies as regular students. Also, they must not mark themselves absent without conventional leave.

  • The candidate must enrol for education on a whole-time basis.

  • NTSE scholars will not take up an undefined job with salary/remuneration/stipend.

  • The candidate must not receive any other scholarship amount simultaneously.

How to Apply for the NTSE Scholarship Exam?

NTSE scholarship exam has two-stage, but you only have to apply for the NTSE scholarship exam in Stage 1. After clearing it you will automatically be eligible to appear for Stage 2. Some states/UTs release NTSE Stage 1 application forms on their NTSE scholarship portal

Follow these simple steps to apply for the NTSE scholarship exam:

Step 1: Firstly, search for your respective state/UTs SCERT website (NTSE scholarship portal) and click on that.

Step 2:  Look for the NTSE section available on the home page and click on the  NTSE 2021-22 application form.

Step 3:  Now, the open-up window will ask for your basic details like student name, date of birth, gender, caste, mobile number, academic details, family income, etc. Mention all the details correctly.

Step 4: The next step is to upload the scanned photograph, signature file, and other documents (as required).

Step 5: Now, you will be directed to the payment page. If applicable,  pay the amount online.

Step 6: Lastly, download your filled NTSE scholarship application form 2022-23 and submit it to your school. YourSchool’s  Head/ Principal will send the application forms to the State Liaison Officer after carefully reviewing them. 

Note: All uploaded data must be attested by your school principal.


We have provided all the details of NTSE scholarships, ranging from what is NTSE? NTSE scholarship amount to how to apply using simple steps. Hope this article has answered all your queries related to the NTSE scholarship. For more information and latest updates concerning the NTSE scholarship and exam, visit our website today!

FAQs on NTSE Scholarship

1. What amount will I receive after clearing the NTSE scholarship exam?

NCERT provides different amounts at different educational stages to the selected candidates for the NTSE scholarship. Here is the list of the amount granted stagewise:

  • INR 1250 per month: For classes 11th and 12th students

  • INR 2,000 per month: For undergraduate and postgraduate students

  • As decided by UGC: For Ph.D. scholars

Along with monetary benefit, You will be getting several relaxations and recognition in government and private sector jobs and education.

2. Can I get any other scholarship also along with the NTSE scholarship?

No, it is strictly mentioned in NTSE scholarship details that you can’t take benefit of any other government scholarship simultaneously with this. In case of any deviation in this clause, it will result in the termination of your NTSE scholarship. Not for this NTSE scholarship, in general, you can’t be a beneficiary for any two government scholarships at the same time. So, don’t try to do that, it can lead to the termination of your scholarship.

3. What is the NTSE scholarship exam fee?

NCERT conducts NTSE scholarship stage 2 on the national level and does not charge any fee for that. But NTSE Stage 1 is conducted by the respective states and Union Territories. Different stages charge a different amount for NTSE Stage 1 applications. Some states/UTs provide the NTSE application free of cost also, and some charge little fee also. So, you must check your concerned stage to know your NTSE scholarship exam fee.