KCET Rank Predictor 2020

The KCET Rank Predictor 2020 will help the students who aspire to gain admission to the B.Tech colleges of Karnataka by giving them an assumption about their expected rank for the entrance examination. This in turn will give them a fair idea about which colleges they may get to choose in the counseling session and the streams which they could opt for, if selected. Taking the help of KCET main rank predictor could be a strategic initial step for aspirants.

How Can KCET Rank Predictor 2020 Help Aspiring B.Tech Students of Karnataka?

Those who appear for the KCET B.E or B.tech examinations, often have apprehensions regarding their ranks. This is because the rank determines whether the student will be able to get into an institution of their choice or not. If they do not do well in the entrance examination, they do not get admission into the institution that they prefer the most. However, there is a way in which the students can predict their rank beforehand and this definitely adds to their confidence.

Students often have a pertinent question, ‘how to calculate my KCET main rank?’If you have the same query, you should know that you can also predict your examination rank with the help of a rank predictor. With this, you can get an idea about your score. You can know your expected score based on the cut-off for the KCET.

Knowing about the rank beforehand can help you gauge the target colleges and decide on the streams that you would wish to take up. This comes in very handy as you gear up for the counseling sessions to get into some of the best engineering and technical colleges in the country.

KCET Rank Predictor 2020- How to Calculate KCET Main Rank?

The KCET 2020 rank predictor helps in providing a more or less accurate picture of the rank and helps you understand the level of performance. The figures which are provided in the KCET rank predictor are based on various factors and they also take into account the last year’s trends as well as data provided by other websites. It will also show how to calculate rank from percentile. You can check the expected score and the rank by entering the number of questions that you have attempted, the number of correct attempts you have had and the self- evaluated data. The rank predictor will be taking into consideration all the data to provide the expected rank. The system uses percentile to rank converter to tell the rank. The difference between KCET Main percentile vs rank is that while the former shows the score, the latter shows where the candidate stands in relation to others.

Some Steps Have to be Taken to Calculate the Estimated KCET Rank with KCET Rank Predictor:

  • First, you have to log in to the section of the rank predicting website and feed the details which have been asked for. In case you are a registered member of the website, then you have to login to the website first and then click on the KCET Exam link. If you are not a member, then you first need to sign up and create an account and then proceed from there.

  • The Sign Up form will be asking for details like name, email address, valid mobile number and the preferred stream. This information has to be provided to complete the sign up. 

  • Next, you have to click on the Log In tab and from there, you will be taken to the rank predictor tool of the website.

  • Once all the correct credentials have been provided, you have to click on the Submit Button. 

  • You will have to go through two stages of entering the details and both of them have to be completed to arrive at the rank.

  • Once the final stage submission is over, the KCET Main rank predictor category wise will show the rank and you can note this down for future references.

You have to remember that one of the most important credentials that have to be included while calculating the rank is to feed in the number of correct answers and the incorrect answers. With the help of these answer keys, you will be able to verify all credentials. Also, you are advised to re-use the rank predictor after the release of the KCET 2020 Answer Key so that you can get close to the assumed rank as much as possible. The KCET Main rank predictor from percentile is a good enough tool to gauge one’s own performance in the exam.

Once the answer key has been released, the KCET 2020 result will be declared and this will confirm the rank of the KCET 2020 exam candidates. This will give you an idea about your eligible position for the KCET 2020 Counseling process. Only those students who appear in the counseling process will be allowed to get to the admission process and get the desired seat for the selected course. The KCET main percentile calculator 2020 gives you a fair idea regarding where you stand.

You should also take note of the fact that those who aspire for the KCET 2020 and apply to the B.Tech colleges of Karnataka have to prepare very well for the examination. They happen to be some of the best colleges for B.Tech in the country and the admission procedures and the entrance examinations are both very tough nuts to crack. A solid foundation in the subject will lead to better scores and this will result in a higher rank, helping you get into a college of your choice while paving the way for a successful future.