Jharkhand Polytechnic Exam Pattern 2020

The Jharkhand Polytechnic state level exam is every conducted under the guidance of the Jharkhand Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board. This entrance exam is conducted to offer admission in engineering and non-engineering diploma courses. The Jharkhand Polytechnic exam pattern provides basic ideas to the aspirant about the potential paper format. This will also help the candidate to prepare for the exam. Upon clearing the exam, the candidate will be eligible to seek admission in polytechnic courses offered by colleges in Jharkhand. You can get Jharkhand Polytechnic exam pattern 2020 on the official website of the board. 

Also known as, the Polytechnic Entrance Competitive Examination (PECE), the entrance exam is conducted in pen and paper mode. The candidate will need to solve 150 multiple-choice questions within 150 minutes. 

Marking Schemes for Jharkhand Polytechnic Exam Pattern

Like every other entrance exam, the Jharkhand polytechnic exam pattern carries a specific marking scheme. For every correct answer, students will be awarded 1 mark. Similarly, the 0.25 mark is deducted for every wrong answer.


Total Marks







Exam Syllabus of Jharkhand Polytechnic Exam-

The Jharkhand Polytechnic exam pattern 2020 syllabus consists of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The syllabus will be of 10th class, consisting of various topics from subjects’ like-


  • Measurement

  • Kinetics

  • Laws of Motion

  • Work, Power, and Energy

  • Kinetic Theory of Gases

  • Heat and Thermal Expansion

  • Thermodynamics

  • Rotatory Motion of a Rigid Body

  • Gravitation

  • Simple Harmonic Motion

  • Hydrostatics

  • Reflection of Light

  • Refraction of Light

  • Optical Instruments

  • Electrostatics

  • Current Electricity

  • Transmission of Heat

  • Wave Motion

  • Electromagnetism

  • Electromagnetic Induction


  • Elements

  • Mixtures and Compounds

  • Molecular and Equivalent Masses

  • Group Elements

  • Important Chemical Compounds

  • Electrochemistry

  • Acids, Bases, Salt, and Hydrolysis

  • Catalysis

  • Different Chemical Reactions

  • Periodic Classification of Elements

  • Laws of Chemical Combination and Gas Laws

  • Atomic Structure

  • Valency

  • Concept of Atomic

  • Hydrocarbons

  • Polymers

  • Detergents, Drugs, and Explosives.


  • Number System

  • Time and Distance

  • Rational Expressions

  • Logarithms

  • Linear Equations

  • Quadratic Equations

  • Factorization

  • HCF and LCM

  • Sets

  • Time and Work

  • Simple Interest and Compound Interest

  • Banking

  • Taxation

  • Relations and Functions

  • Trigonometric

  • Rations and Identities

  • Trigonometrical Formulae

  • Statistics

  • Geometry

  • Heights and Distances

  • Area, Volume and Surface Area

  • Rectangular Coordinates

  • The Straight Line

Exam Pattern (Question Pattern of Jharkhand Polytechnic 2020 exam)

There is a specific Jharkhand Polytechnic exam pattern, which you need to follow to attend the exam confidently. Below is the details of the exam-

  • The duration of the exam will be 2hrs 30 minutes, and it will be completely pen and paper mode.

  • There will be 150 questions. 50 questions from every three subjects.

  • There will be objective types of questions and total four optional answers in every question.

  • The language of the paper will be Hindi and English

  • For every correct answer, the candidate will get one mark, and for every wrong answer, 0.25 marks deducted.

  • Candidate during the preparation of the exam should check the Jharkhand polytechnic exam pattern 2020 and marking scheme online to avoid any confusion later.

Instructions for Exam Day to Attend Jharkhand Polytechnic 2020 Exam-

  • Candidates should reach the centre 1hr before the scheduled time. Post scheduled time; no candidate will be allowed inside the exam hall. 

  • No textual material, printed papers or electronic gadgets are allowed in the centre

  • Should carry passport size photo

  • Preparation Tips for Jharkhand Polytechnic 

Below are some preparation tips for Jharkhand Polytechnic 2020 exam-

  • You must prepare proper notes on the daily basis and revise regularly

  • Get acquainted with syllabus to prepare without error

  • Keep revising daily on every chapter and subject

  • Proper sleep and diet is important

  • Do mock testing to prepare for the exam

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How will I updated about the Jharkhand Polytechnic 2020 exam syllabus?

When you prepare for the Polytechnic Entrance Competitive Examination (PECE), you should stay updated with the syllabus. Visit the official website of the board where you will find complete details. You can also find updates on our site. The exam pattern and syllabus for PECE is available in PDF format. Candidates are advised to prepare topics of 11th and 12th standard.

2. Is there any negative marking in Jharkhand PECE?

Like every other entrance exam, there is negative marking for wrong answers. For incorrect answer 0.25 marks is deducted. Therefore, you need to be very specific in answering questions.