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VITEEE Answer Key

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Details of VITEEE answer key

The VITEEE answer key will be published by Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) after the completion of the examination. The competent authority has not yet released the VITEEE answer key 2024 online. The VITEEE answer key will only be updated after the official declaration of the same. The candidates can access their scores with the help of the VITEEE answer key. You can verify your scores well in advance before result publication. The following article aims at answering your questions regarding the VITEEE answer key.

What are the Important Dates of the VITEEE Answer Key?

The Important Dates of VITEEE answer key are Furnished in the Table Below:

Course of Action

Essential Dates

Starting of application form

1 Nov 2023 - 10 April 2024

Last date to submit applications

10 April 2024

Application correction

April 2024

Slot booking starts from

April 2024

Availability of admit card

April 2024

VITEEE 2024 exam date

19 April 2024 - 30 April 2024

Announcement of result

3 May 2024


How to Download VITEEE Answer Key 2024 Online?

Aspiring candidates can go through the following steps to download VITEEE answer key 2024 online:

  • Visit the official website of Vellore Institute of Technology

  • Click on the answer key link in the stipulated web page

  • Subsequently, the answer key page will appear in the dashboard

  • PDF format of VITEEE answer key may be downloaded

  • A print out may be taken for future reference.

What are the Extracts of VITEEE Answer Key 2024 Online?

  • The VITEEE answer key will comprise the right answers to the questions asked in the entrance examination.

  • The candidates who have participated in the examination can verify the right answers to predict the estimated score.

  • The estimated scores will help the aspiring candidates to verify their admission probabilities.

  • Marking scheme of VITEEE 2024 should be verified along with the calculation of scores as mentioned in the exam pattern.

  • The question paper will consist of 40 questions each in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and five questions will be asked from the English segment.

  • 125 marks will be there for 125 questions in total. One mark will be rewarded against each right answer. 

What is the Marking scheme of VITEEE 2024?

Marking Scheme of VITEEE 2024 Exam is as Follows:

Sl No.

Specific Subject

Number of Questions

Marks for each Question




40 X 1 = 40


Mathematics/ Biology


40 X 1= 40




40 X 1= 40




5 X 1 = 5





What is the date of publication of the result of VITEEE 2024 and what is the process after the publication of the result?

The result of the VITEEE 2024 entrance exam will be released by the competent authority, but the dates  are yet to be announced. The ranks and scores of the candidates can be verified by the aspiring candidates after the publication of the result in the official website. A valid VITEEE score is required to be availed by the candidate to be eligible to take part in the counseling process. The candidates who will qualify in the above-mentioned procedure will get their admission in one of the four campuses of VIT as per their given preferences namely Vellore, Bhopal, Chennai and Amaravati. 

What is the Procedure of VITEEE Counseling and Seat Allotment 2024?

The stipulated date of VITEEE 2024 counseling and seat allotment procedure is yet to be announced. The qualified candidates in the entrance examination will be called for VITEEE counseling procedure on the basis of their ranks. The next step of the process is the verification of documents and payment of counseling fee which is again fixed by the competent authority. The above-mentioned process of counseling and seat allotment will be organized by the competent authorities on different days for different ranks. 

What is the VITEEE Paper Pattern 2024?

VITEEE Paper Pattern 2024 is Given Below in the Tabular Form:

Particular Regarding Examination

Details Information

Mode of Exam

Online mode (Computer-based Test)

Duration of exam

Two and a half hours

Question pattern



Physics (no of questions: 35)

Chemistry (no of questions: 35)

Mathematics/ Biology

(no of questions: 40)

English (no of questions: 5)

Aptitude (no of questions: 10

Number questions in total


Total marks


Scheme of Marking

1 mark will be rewarded against each right answer

Negative marking

There will be no negative marking


To get a thorough idea about the VITEEE paper pattern 2024 it is advised to each aspiring candidate to solve previous year papers and sample papers as much as possible. Numerous sample papers and previous year papers are available on the website with solutions.

VITEEE is one of the most prestigious entrance examinations as far as technical exams are concerned in India. The above article is prepared to explain various questions that throng the students’ minds regarding the VITEEE answer key. It also gives a rough idea about the VITEEE paper pattern . The VITEEE answer key plays a sheet anchor role in the whole exam process in view of the candidates as it gives a proper assessment of marks of the candidates which can determine their chances to crack the exam.

FAQs on VITEEE Answer Key

What is a VITEEE Answer Key?

A VITEEE Answer Key is a document containing the correct answers to questions asked in the Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Examination (VITEEE).

Why is the VITEEE Answer Key important?

The VITEEE Answer Key allows candidates to cross-check their responses and estimate their scores before the official results are announced.

How can I use the VITEEE Answer Key effectively?

Candidates can compare their recorded answers with the answers provided in the key to calculate their probable scores and assess their performance in the exam.

Can I challenge the VITEEE Answer Key?

Yes, VIT University often provides a window for candidates to challenge the answer key if they believe there are errors. However, this process may involve a fee.

What happens after the challenge period for the VITEEE Answer Key?

After considering all challenges and making necessary corrections, VIT University releases the final answer key along with the exam results.

Do I need the VITEEE Answer Key if the results are already declared?

Even after results are declared, the VITEEE Answer Key serves as a valuable resource for understanding where mistakes were made and for future exam preparation.