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Kerala Polytechnic Exam Date 2023-24

Last updated date: 25th Feb 2024
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The Department of Technical Education Kerala is responsible for announcing and handling all the polytechnic admission procedures though there is no entrance exam conducted for this course. Thus, there is no polytechnic exam date 2022 Kerala. On the basis of how candidates have fared in their 10th and 12th examination, they can get admitted to the private as well as polytechnic institutes that are run by the government. The marks that the candidates secure in their 10th and 12th exam are a deciding factor in their admission to the desired college and course.


Even though there is no Kerala polytechnic exam date, the candidates will first have to purchase the Kerala polytechnic application form for the year 2022. Before the last date, they should submit the form along with the fees.


Important Dates for Kerala Polytechnic entrance examination 

Below is the list of all the important dates that the candidate needs to keep handy to seek admission into the Kerala polytechnic courses.


  • Starting of online application form - 2nd week of May 2022

  • Online submission of application ends - June 2022 last week.

  • Last date of hard copy application submission at the Polytechnic College for registration- last week of June 2022

Exam Schedule for Kerala Polytechnic examination

There are no examinations held for the Kerala polytechnic courses and the rank is decided based on one's performance in their 10th and 12th standard.

  • The provisional rank and the trial allotment list will be published in the last week of June 2022

  • The last date decided for any appeal, correction r re-option of the application is in the last week of June 2022

  • The final merit list and first allotment list will be published in the 1st week of July 2022

  • The last Date to report or to join as per the First allotment list is in the 1st week of July 2022

  • The second allotment list will be published in the last week of July 2022

  • The last Date for reporting is based on the second allotment list is in the 1st week of July 2022

  • The publication of the Third allotment list will be in the second week of July 2022

  • The last date for reporting or joining on the basis of the Third allotment list is in the second week of July 2022

  • The date for any spot admission at the Nodal Polytechnic College if any is in the second week of July 2022

  • The commencement of the Induction Programme or the class is scheduled from the second week of July 2022

  • All admissions will close on the last week of July 2022


Exam Kerala Polytechnic Exam 2022 Highlights 

  • Exam Name - Kerala Polytechnic

  • Exam Types - UG & PG Level

  • Exam Level – State

  • Courses Offered - Engineering, Technology, Management & Art

  • Conducting Body - Department of Technical Education, Kerala

  • Application Mode – Online

  • Helpline - 0471-25612060, 471-2561209, 0471-2451200

FAQs on Kerala Polytechnic Exam Date 2023-24

1. Explain the Weighted Grade and Points and the Ranking.

A1. The candidates are graded as per the merit that they have earned in the SSLC or the THSLC examination. As per the grade or the percentage earned in the qualifying exam, the candidate is given a grade point between 3 to 9. The weighted grade point average or WGPA is calculated based on two streams applied for. The total grade point average or TGPA is the sum of the two weighted grade point averages that are calculated. A bonus point or the penalized point, as per the rule, is adjusted to the TPGA. This is then used to calculate the rank list, and as per the rank, the students are called for counselling.

Why Should You Appear for the Kerala Polytechnic Examination 2020?

A2. The Kerala polytechnic examination is conducted to seek the meritorious candidates to get inducted in the six-semester diploma course that is provided by the polytechnic colleges. The colleges function under the Department of Technical Education, Kerala‘s guidance. The candidates' 10th and 12th performance decide the grades, and they are then ranked based on the grades calculated. The seats in the polytechnic colleges are divided as merit seats, higher fees for merit seats, management seats, and the self-financed program management seats. All the Government/Aided Polytechnic Colleges have merit seats. The candidates’ can apply for two streams, namely Diploma in Commercial Practice/Management and Diploma in Engineering/Technology.

Are There Any Entrance Examinations for the Kerala Polytechnic Course?

A3. No, there is no entrance examination to get a seat in the diploma Kerala Polytechnic course. All that the candidate has to do is to fill in the application form and submit it within the last date. This will let the Department of Technical Education (DTE) start their regular procedures. The admission is offered based on the candidates’ performance in their 10th and 12th standard. Through this, the candidate gets admission into the various private and government polytechnic colleges in Kerala. A centralized allotment process system or the CAP system is followed to admit the candidates. The candidates are free to apply to a number of institutes in various districts. They just have to make the fee payments accordingly.