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KCET 2016 Biology Question Paper with Solutions

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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Karnataka CET 2016 Solved Question Paper for Biology - Free PDF Download

The Karnataka Common Entrance Test or KCET is a state level examination for getting admission in any undergraduate degree course in Karnataka. It is not at all an easy exam. The previous year question paper for KCET biology 2016 will help you have an upper hand in the examination. It will help you to understand the chapters better and clarify the concepts. Biology cannot be memorized but it also needs understanding and knowledge. One will easily get an idea about the Biology syllabus with the previous year question paper for KCET biology 2016.

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KCET Biology Question Paper 2016

The KCET 2016 biology question paper is easily accessible in pdf format. One only needs to download the Question paper and start practising them. It will help you score better marks. You will understand how to solve the questions to gain the best marks. The KCET 2016 biology question paper will give you a fair idea about what kind of questions you will be getting for the final exams. It also clarifies the question paper format and pattern. Time management is undoubtedly one of the main things for any entrance examination. It is because one has to solve a lot of questions in a particular amount of time. Solving the KCET 2016 biology question paper with solutions pdf will help you practice more questions in a small amount of time.

KCET 2016 Biology Syllabus

  • Living World: Introduction to biology, cell structure and function, biomolecules, cell cycle and division

  • Human Physiology: Circulatory system, excretory system, digestive system, respiratory system, endocrine system

  • Plant Biology: Morphology of flowering plants, photosynthesis, respiration in plants, growth and development in plants

  • Microbiology and Biotechnology: Microbes, principles of biotechnology, environmental issues

  • Ecology and Evolution: Biodiversity, population ecology, applications of biotechnology, conservation, evolution, ecosystems

Benefits of KCET 2016 Biology Question Paper

  • The KCET biology previous year question paper 2016 has a total of 60 multiple choice questions from biology.
  • By solving the previous year's question paper, you can have an idea regarding the essential questions to practice.
  • After you are thoroughly preparing for the exam, all you need to do is practice.
  • This question paper is the best study material for you to revise. One gets to know about the topic where you need to focus.
  • You can clarify your concepts by practising different kinds of questions. It helps you to understand the question paper pattern from beforehand is essential for any competitive exam.


The KCET 2016 Biology Question Paper likely covers a range of topics from biology. Key areas to focus on might include concepts like genetics, ecology, physiology, and evolution. Pay attention to fundamental principles, such as cell biology and biochemistry, as they form the basis for understanding more complex topics. Additionally, topics like plant and animal diversity could be important. Focus on practicing problem-solving skills and understanding the application of biological concepts rather than rote memorization. Strengthening your understanding of diagrams and experimental techniques can also be crucial for success in this topic.

FAQs on KCET 2016 Biology Question Paper with Solutions

Where can I find the KCET 2016 Biology question paper?

You can find the KCET 2016 Biology question paper in PDF format on Vedantu’s website, it also offers resources for entrance exams in India. 

Does the KCET 2016 Biology question paper come with answer keys?

Yes, some websites offer the question paper along with answer keys.

Are the KCET questions similar every year?

While the exact questions won't be repeated, practicing with old papers can help you get a good idea of the topics that are frequently tested and the types of questions you can expect.

Is it helpful to practice with old KCET question papers?

Practicing with old question papers can be a great way to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the format and question pattern of the KCET Biology exam.
  • Understand the level of difficulty of the questions.
  • Identify areas of the syllabus that you need to focus on more in your studies.
  • Improve your time management skills under exam conditions.