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KVPY 2017 Previous Year Question Paper for Class 11 SA Stream

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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KVPY Class 11 SA Stream Previous Year Question Paper -2017 with Answer Keys

Free PDF Download of KVPY 2017 Previous Year Question Paper with Solutions and answer keys for Class 11 SA Stream Prepared by Our Expert Teachers is available on Practice this FREE online KVPY mock test to improve your performance in the Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana exam. It’s always a good idea to gain in-depth information about the exam which you are preparing for. Wouldn’t it be great to learn from the best source? If you are really into cracking KVPY, you should always refer to KVPY Previous year question paper to solve questions! Boost your KVPY preparation and always stay ahead of your peers! KVPY Previous year question papers 2017 is given on the website to help you crack the exam gracefully with good marks.

KVPY Previous Year Papers will help you to understand the nature of the questions that will be asked in the upcoming exams as you will be well-versed with the pattern of the question paper. Solving KVPY 2017 Questions Paper for Class 11 (SA) will help you to score good marks in your examination. 

The KVPY SA stream is for class 11 students. The subjects are Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students can be well prepared for the exam through the NCERT books.

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KVPY Class 11 SA Stream Previous Year Question Paper -2017

Let us see the Chapters in each Subject 

Physics has the chapters such as Physics: Magnetic Effects of Current, Reflection of Light, Kinematics, Measurement, Work, Energy and Power,  Alternating Current, Physical World Sources of Energy, Thermodynamics, Electrostatics, Refraction, Current Electricity, Electromagnetic Induction, and  Gravitation, Laws of Motion. Electromagnetic Induction.

Chemistry has these chapters: Chemistry Thermodynamics, Chemical Reactions, Basic Concepts of Chemistry, Periodic Classification of Elements, Metals and Nonmetals, Environmental Chemistry, Solid State, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Isolation of Elements, Surface Chemistry, Chemical Bonding, Chemistry of Noble Gases.

Biology comprises of the chapters: Genetics, Life Processes, Human Physiology, Plant Physiology, Reproduction, Coordination in Animals and Plants Diversity of Living Organisms, Cell: Structure and Function, Biology and Human Welfare, Biotechnology, Control and, Our Environment, Ecology, and Environment. Genetics and Evolution.

Mathematics has the following chapters: Introduction to Trigonometry, Geometry, Coordinate Geometry, Statistics, Quadratic Equations, Mathematical Reasoning, Statistics and Probability, Real Number, Polynomials, Probability, Surface Areas & Volumes, Trigonometric Functions.


Now let us see the preparation tips for the Class 11 KVPY SA stream which can be easy and stress-free preparation.

  1. The first important thing to do is the plan. Everything needs to be well planned to have a smooth functioning so is the studies. If the preparation has to be stressed free then one has to plan accordingly.

  2. Prepare a timetable with the syllabus and give sufficient time to each topic and the chapter. So that each topic is well understood and prepared with a proper conceptual understanding of the subjects

  3. Learning with understanding is very important.

  4. Be regular in your studies and follow the timetable consistently.

  5. Revise every day whatever you would have studied previously. Revision is not meant only during the exam. It has to be continuously done every day. To make revision systematic you can also make a revision plan for each subject. This will help you to have a thorough revision.

  6. Once you have completed all the syllabus start taking the mock tests and solve the previous year question paper. This will help with the perfect writing skills and also rectify the mistakes. Another important advantage of solving the question paper is that it will help in the improvement in the time management skills.

  7. Always be positive and never lose hope but work hard with full focus and dedication.

FAQs on KVPY 2017 Previous Year Question Paper for Class 11 SA Stream

1. What is the advantage  of referring to the NCERT solutions?

NCERT solutions always aim for the benefit of the students. The solved and the unsolved question papers help the students to have perfect practice. The solutions are all well structured and prepared by experts so that the students can confidently rely on the NCERT. They are updated with the latest syllabus and all the topics and the subtopics are covered in detail. The explanation is very easy to understand and students find it easy to understand each topic very clearly. The complex problems are given in easy steps making it simpler for the students.

2. What do students have to prepare for the aptitude test?

Students need not worry so much about the aptitude test. There is no exact syllabus for the aptitude test. The aptitude test is conducted to test the analytical ability of the students. Students should confidently answer the questions. Students has to be well prepared with the syllabus of Class 10, 11, 12 and 1st year of B.Sc./B.S./B.Stat./B.Math./Int. M.Sc./M.S whichever is applicable. So if the students are prepared well with their syllabus it is easy to give the test.

3. Is it required for the students o study all four subjects?

Students have to answer all the questions in the SA stream of Science and Mathematics. But with SX and SB, it is slightly different that is, there will be four sections in Part I (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics) and four sections in Part II (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics).  Candidates have the option of answering any three out of four subjects and in part 2 any two out of three subjects can be answered. Students can start their preparation according to the syllabus and refer to NCERT which will be the best guide in every step. Vedantu provides free access to chapter-wise solutions for all subjects for free.

4. What are the documents to be carried for the KVPY SA exam?

The documents that have to be carried to the exam admit card and along with the admit card students must carry the photo id which can be either school or college id, aadhar card or the passport. Make sure the photograph is clear in the id which you are submitting. Students will not be permitted to the aptitude test without the id and the admit card. So make sure that you keep all the things ready beforehand.

5. What are the things to be avoided during the exam?

Students have to be in the examination hall 1 hour before the exam. The room numbers are displayed in each centre. Students should calmly check their room numbers and enter the respective rooms. Note that calculators and any electronic devices are not allowed. For the calculations, the virtual calculators are made available on the computer screen and also you will be given the rough sheets for the rough work. Do not carry any devices like mobile phone, I-pod, portable hard disc, pen drive, data card, pagers inside.