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KVPY Interview - Cut-off, Questions and Dress Code

Last updated date: 29th Feb 2024
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You have cleared the KVPY written examination round if you are reading this article. Therefore, congratulations on making it through. You might have many questions about how to prepare for the KVPY interview round and all the dos and don'ts. But before jumping onto the vital details about the interview round, it is essential to know what the KVPY interview round is. The KVPY or Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana is a national-level scholarship exam for students who want to pursue a career in science stream. The KVPY selection process has 2 stages, the first is the aptitude test, and the second is the KVPY interview round. The KVPY interview round is conducted to test the aspirant's knowledge about PCM/B and research-related fields.

How to Prepare for a KVPY Interview?

The KVPY Interview carries 25% weightage. It is the last and most crucial round after the written examination. It is necessary to get an overview of KVPY information regarding the interview and what you can accept at the time of the interview. But before jumping into the interview preparation, it is essential to know the KVPY expected cutoff of the aptitude test to help you prepare for the interview round.

The Expected KVPY Cutoff  for SA and SX Stream is:

  • General Category: SA stream (65% & Above); SX stream (60% & Above)

  • SC/ST Category: SA stream (55% & Above); SX stream (53% & Above) 

  • PWD Category: SA stream (55% & Above); SX stream (53% & Above)

What to Expect at The Time of KVPY Interview?

Most of the students worry about the interviewers and what questions might pop up in front of them. While it is normal to feel nervous, you should keep in mind that you are expected to show good communication skills and confidence. In addition, you can also answer the questions in your preferred language (English or Hindi). The interviewers will ask questions regarding PCM/B, research fields, and personal interests:

  • One of the most common KVPY interview questions is: tell us about yourself or give your brief introduction. For both SA and SX streams, students should answer this question accordingly. You will be expected to give a brief yet accurate personal introduction, your interest, and more. The interviewer asks this question to know how the student is apart from the academic scores.  

  • Interviewers can ask questions regarding their favorite subject. All the students should be prepared to answer questions on their favorite subject at the beginning of the interview. Your interview might be centrally focused on your favorite subjects. 

  • The interviewers can ask some specific questions regarding the SA stream. The KVPY interview questions for the SA stream primarily focus on research-related fields or any of your favorite subjects, such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics or Biology.

  • Another common KVPY interview question is: tell us about your hobbies. Interviewers will ask this question to know how your hobbies are related to different aspects of technology and science, and how they have helped you in preparing for the exam. 

  • The interviewers can ask some specific questions regarding the SX stream. Students of the SX stream are mostly those who have passed class XII or are in the first year of an undergraduate program. The KVPY interview questions for the SX stream may focus on technology and basic science. 

  • You can also be asked about which field you want to work in the future. The interviewers will ask these questions to know the field you are interested in and why you chose that particular field. 

Some Tips to Clear the KVPY Interview Round

Some of the tips below will help you prepare better for the KVPY interview round. Though there is no specific pattern that is followed every year for the interview round but knowing some last-minute tips would help you answer most of the KVPY interview questions in a better way: 

  • Make sure to do the basic fundamental revision of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology before the interview. 

  • It is important to maintain a proper body language and presence of time at the time of the interview. It will help you to crack the interview

  • The interviewers may put real life situations in front of you to check your response and reaction regarding the problem. Therefore, you must be prepared to answer accordingly.

  • The interviewers analyze everything before giving the final judgment. Therefore, you should be calm throughout the interview and not answer any questions in a hurry.

  • You can also be asked to answer questions unrelated to the exam top to check your IQ level. Therefore, you should be well prepared to answer such questions accordingly.  

Students should take care of certain things before appearing for the KVPY interview. There are certain documents that all the students must bring. 

Dress Code for KVPY Interview

Though there are no proper instructions on the KVPY interview dress code, the candidate should dress appropriately and formally while appearing for the interview to make a good impression on the interviewers. 

  • For the Male Candidates: All the male candidates should preferably wear light coloured shirts (like white, cream), dark trousers or pants with a tie (optional).

  • For the Female Candidates: All the female candidates should preferably wear a light coloured saree/salwar suit/ formal shirt and trousers. 

  • In addition, all the candidates must pay attention to the small details, such as wearing polished and well-ironed clothes and shoes. 

Documents to Carry at The Time of The Interview

Below is the list of documents that you should carry while appearing for the KVPY interview:

  • Interview call letter

  • Caste certificate for ST/SC students

  • Self attested copy of 10th and 12th mark sheet for SA and SX stream.

  • Medical certificate for physically and visually challenged students

  • Self-Appraisal form

  • Recommendation letter from a teacher


Lastly, we hope that this well written article has cleared all your doubts regarding KVPY interview dates, and questions and will guide you on how to prepare for KVPY interview in a better way to avail the scholarship.

FAQs on KVPY Interview - Cut-off, Questions and Dress Code

1. Do candidates of SA stream have to give the KVPY interview?

All the candidates who cleared the written examination round including the SA/SX/SB stream students have to appear for the interview round. Interview round is the last and the most vital round of the KVPY examination; therefore, if you have cleared the written examination from the SA stream you must attend the interview round to get a good overall result. 

2. What are common questions that are asked during the KVPY interview?

The interviewers mostly asked questions regarding Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics from both SA and SX stream students. However, it would help if you prepare yourself to answer some questions regarding your interest, research, and technology, and some unrelated to your exam topic to prove your IQ and thinking ability. 

3. Is there any negative marking in the KVPY aptitude test?

Yes, there is negative marking in the KVPY aptitude test for all the streams (SA/SX/SB). There is negative marking of -0.25 marks for every wrong answer in section one and a negative marking of -0.5 for every wrong answer in section two of the question paper.