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Speech on a Journey by Train

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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A journey by train is extremely safe for everyone of every age group and that makes it even more exciting. As when one travels by train, they can come across people from all parts of the world and learn so much. No other journey can make you feel the way a journey by train does. Every experience is different and it is quite a task to express the experience of this journey in words for students to articulate. In this article, we will explore the different ways to present a speech on a journey by train. It can be a long or a short speech on a journey by train. 

Long and Short Speech on a Journey by Train

Long Speech on a Journey by Train

This is a 500-word speech extremely helpful for students in grades 8-12 who can give a 5-minute speech. It is also understandable, as the language of this speech is simple and lucid. 

Good morning everyone, respected principal, teachers and my dear friends, I am Abc (mention your name) and I feel very excited to speak on the journey by train. A journey by train for me is always thrilling. I have always been consumed with excitement no matter the duration of the journey. Whether it is a short one to my maternal grandparent’s house or a long one that my family goes on for the summer vacations. It has always been thrilling, to say the least. 

The journey of a train especially the first time can be filled with a lot of anticipation and you will realize it was worthwhile. Railway lines were first started when India was still under British Rule. It was first used for the import and export of goods. Gradually people started using it as a mode of transport. Railways have been the safest and the most economical way to travel whether it is solo or with your family. With family, the time spent on the journey by train is fun and frolic. 

I remember the first time I travelled by train, there was busy and bustling energy on the platform. We were headed to a hill station to spend our summer vacation there. Everyone is trying to find their way to reach their respective bogie. 

Once we reached our train I was pleasantly surprised to see there were so many bogies for different sections. There is a women’s section, general, and 3 classes of the air-conditioned bogie. A train also has a dome in the front and it also comprises a food coach. In this compartment, the food is prepared for the people who order when they make a long journey. Obviously, the quality of the food served differs from one to another.

My siblings and I were fighting for the window seat when we stepped inside to our seats. And we compromised, we were very quickly distracted by the availability of a variety of snacks and fast food like samosas and also served idlis and dosas. There also stands selling newspapers, books and magazines. 

Once the journey began, I was captivated by the natural beauty of our surroundings. It was truly like poetry in motion, no picture can capture its true beauty. You have to just be there to experience the great artist God is. 

When we travel, we leave behind the problems, and in a way become a new person. You also realize that our problems are not as big as we make them be. The magnitude of nature makes our issues disappear. You are likely to meet new people, so make sure to listen to their stories. It will enrich you. Learn from the experience of others and imbibe the good in it. 

Often when one entails a journey by train regularly, they take it for granted and forget it’s beauty and the way it made them feel. Each journey is a new experience, and one must always look forward to it as there is no greater joy in creating new experiences. 

Thank you!

Short Speech on a Journey by Train

This speech on a journey by train is brief and very helpful for students in grades 4-7 who can present a 250-word speech. 

Good morning everyone, I am XYZ (mention your name) and I am here to speak on the topic of the journey by train. In our country whenever one needs to travel to a short or a long one, the mode one prefers is usually via train. Train journeys are very affordable for people of every class in society. As there are different types of coaches like for general bogies the price is less and goes high to the non-air-conditioned bogies followed by air-conditioned ones. 

Train journeys help us in exploring beautiful landscapes and sceneries. One is always enjoying the charms of this little world even at halts and breaks. The time spent on a train journey cannot be replicated by any other means. It is extremely convenient and comfortable to take a rest and one can sleep without any worry. 

The platform is like a small town, and different types of itineraries are available. One can also buy a magazine or a book to read while on their journey, more likely if it is a long one. There are sellers, arriving at intervals with tea, coffee, chips, lassi and sandwiches. When the snack of choice is bought you can also engage in different activities like board games or card games which is a great pass time. 

I have travelled many times via train and I am still learning more and more about the different cultures and different types of people. 

You can meet a person totally from a different background who you would otherwise not meet like army men. They have so many incredible stories. I once met a gymnast who was commuting and led an extremely busy life from a very young age. Journeys like this truly broaden your perspective and teach us about the world. One must experience this once in their lifetime.

Thank you!

10 Line Speech on a Journey by Train

This is helpful for students in grades 1-3 who might have experienced this journey and can use these simple lines to articulate their views.

  1. Train journeys and railway stations have a world of their own.

  2. It is very charming to be able to experience the beautiful landscapes while on the train.

  3. My parents and siblings always have a good time along with other families and friends we travel with.

  4. The short journeys are memorable but it is the long ones that give us a total experience of what a train journey is like.

  5. The tickets are also affordable for trains, as there are different price ranges for each compartment type and bogies.

  6. One can travel very comfortably and safely.

  7. There are so many types of snacks and food items available and kids find it very enjoyable.

  8. The security is also good and there are less to no threat of robbery or any kind of attack.

  9. We also played many games like monopoly, ludo, and UNO.

  10. The people we met were also interesting and told us so many kinds of stories. All of it has only added value to such a memorable experience.