Preposition of Cause Reason Purpose

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Use of Prepositions with Examples

Before discussing the Preposition of Cause, Reason, and Purpose, First, we should know about What does Preposition means. Let's start with the definition of Preposition, its functions, and examples.

Definition of Preposition

A Preposition is a part of speech that shows direction, location, time, or what introduces an object. The noun or pronoun connected by the preposition is known as the object of a preposition. Prepositions are also sometimes used with subordinate conjunctions. 

Usually, a preposition is a word placed before a noun or a pronoun to show its relation to another element in the sentence. It also shows the relationship of a word to a noun or pronoun. And one of the important notes is to be mentioned: “After the prepositions, it is always necessary to use a noun.”

Functions of Prepositions

There are ten main functions of Prepositions

  • Head of Preposition Phrase 

  • Noun Phrase Modifier

  • Noun Phrase Complement

  • Adjective Phrase modifier

  • Adjective Phrase Complement

  • Verb Phrase Complement

  • Adjunct

  • Adverbial

  • Particle

Examples of Preposition

On, in, at, to, until, about, during, before, after, throughout, outside, inside, into, over around, past, between, beyond, next to, from, since, by, versus, apart from, instead of, etc. are some of the prepositions used to describe the cause, reason and purpose in the sentence.

Preposition of Cause, Reason, Purpose

Without any helping verbs, a sentence will be incomplete. So, it is mandatory to include auxiliary verbs. Preposition relates different items to each other.

The preposition of the cause shows the reason of a happening or being in a sentence. Preposition mostly indicates the cause of something happening or the purpose of an action.

Preposition joins a verb with the noun and shows the reason for happening.

Here are some of the examples mentioned below:

  • They are traveling on the train.

  • Ruma reacted to the incident.

  • I am playing Ludo with my friends.

  • The moon shines because of the sun.

  • The tourists arrived on the island on a hovercraft.

Let us see some more examples of a preposition in detail:

  • To: This is used to show the purpose of the noun. This preposition joins a noun with a verb.

Ex: Alesha gave a hundred rupees to her brother.

  • For: This word is also used to show the purpose of the noun and joins a noun with usually another noun or an adjective.

Ex: They went for an interview to get a job.

  • From: The word “from” is used to indicate distance or direction from separation, deprivation.

Ex: She is traveling from Hyderabad to Vijayawada.

  • Into: This word is used to express any movement action that something enclosed.

Ex: He and his friends jumped into the well.


In this article, we have provided the details of Preposition of cause, reason, and purpose. To understand how to use them, you have to understand the above rules and examples we have mentioned to know where to use them and in which manner. These prepositions will help you in the completion of sentences in a better and appropriate way. To understand them more clearly, you must try your hands on some sentences. Practice to make some sentences using these prepositions, and you will get amazed by the results as it is effortless & fun exercise. Once you learn how to use them, you can quickly write good content. Hope this article helped you to understand them in a better and easy way.