Plastic Bag Essay

Essay on Plastic Bag

Few things that have come to us both as a boon and curse of scientific advancement, plastic and plastic bags top the list of them. Plastic bags are the most commonly used commodity today which is bringing forth non-compensable damage to nature. From carrying groceries to dumping rubbish, plastic bags are indispensable for us- there is no denying this fact. But can we not do without them? Let’s ask ourselves this question before it is too late. 

Why Plastic Bags are so Popular

Long-lasting and reusable as carrying-bag- plastic bags are one of the essential items of consumers. Plastic bags make life easier undoubtedly. Packing items in them and carrying them from one place to another is easy. It keeps off dust and water and protects the contents. Some plastic bags come in attractive design and prints too. They do not decay or rot or get destroyed in anyways. All these make this item popular among the common population. 

Why Saying “No” to Plastic Bags is a Must

Plastic bags add to the already increasing pollution. Being non-biodegradable plastic bags do not decompose readily and only add to the waste. It may take a thousand years for plastic bags to decompose completely. Till then it pollutes the soil.

Plastic bags, when thrown away in water bodies, drains or on roads, are carried away by water or wind and act as a pollutant for the water. Plastic bags either float on the water and thus lowers the availability of biological oxygen, or they reach deep in the water and make the lives of aquatic creatures hazardous. 

When plastic bags are present in the soil, it contaminates the same and prevents the tree roots from going deep under. Thus the plant growth is hindered and the soil becomes infertile. Animals like cattle often gulp down plastic bags as they cannot differentiate between food and non-food items. Plastic bags, when they reach their respiratory tract, choke them to death. Thus, the harms of plastic bags are many and they must be said “no” to. 

Ways to Avoid Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are causing slow but steady damage to the planet earth. Thus, a strict ban should be put upon the use and those violating the instruction must be given exemplary punishment. It is the common people on whom it depends a lot as not using or refusing plastic bags will eventually lead to no production of the same. Shoppers must bring their own bags and refuse plastic bags even if the shopkeepers offer it. 

Use of cloth, jute, and paper should be encouraged as materials for bags. As for packing and storing food, containers made of steel or aluminium are always there. For all the purposes we use plastic bags, we can always shift to more sustainable and biodegradable options and we must do that in order to save this blue planet of ours. 

The awareness regarding plastic bags needs to be well-spread among children and adults alike. The habit of throwing away plastic bags here and there must be done away with. We, the dwellers of this planet must take a pledge together to put a stop to the usage of plastic bags once and for all.