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National Cancer Awareness Day: Empowering Hope and Health

Last updated date: 22nd May 2024
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Coveted as one of the most notorious diseases in the world, cancer has known to be one of the leading causes of death across the world. Cancer in any form is life-threatening and people often shy away from discussing it. However, cancer awareness can be of great benefit to the common people.


Long Essay on Cancer

In this long essay on cancer, we are providing you with cancer meaning, speech on cancer awareness. Go through this cancer essay to get a complete overview of this deadly disease.

In a recent study conducted in 2018, it was found that around 9.5 million people died that year owing to cancer. The World Health Organisation has revealed that cancer is the second leading cause of death across the world. The statistics in India are also no better and as per recent figures about 1300 people die every day owing to cancer of different types. Cancer types and causes have seen a steady increase in the past decade which does not bode well for the world population.


Meaning of Cancer

Before we proceed in this essay on cancer, we must understand cancer's meaning or what exactly is cancer? Cancer is the term given collectively to any and all forms of unregulated cell growth. Normally, the cells inside our body follow a definitive cycle from generation to death. However, in a person suffering from cancer, this cycle is unchecked and hence the cell cycle passes through the checkpoints unhinged and the cells continue to grow.


Types of Cancer

Now, that we have a preliminary understanding of the meaning of cancer, let us proceed to the cancer types or specifications. Cancer types are usually named after the area they affect in the body - usually like skin, lung, pancreas, blood, stomach among the others. However, if classified biologically, there are primarily five types of cancer. These include - leukemia, melanoma, carcinoma, sarcoma, and lymphoma.

Leukemia is the type of cancer that originates in the blood marrow and is a cancer of the blood. In this cancer type, no tumors are formed. Melanoma is regarded as one of the most dangerous types of cancer as in this, the skin coloring pigment or melanin becomes cancerous in nature. Carcinomas are cancers of the various types of glands or organs such as the breasts, stomach, lungs, pancreas, etc. Cancers of the connective tissues such as the bones, muscles, etc are classified as sarcomas. Lymphomas, on the other hand, are cancers of the white blood cells. Among the most diagnosed types of cancers are carcinomas.


Cancer Causes

In the present day living environment, a number of factors are liable to cause cancer. However, in many cases, one single factor cannot be attributed or held responsible for causing cancer in an individual. The substances that are known to be cancer-causing or increasing the risks of cancer are known as carcinogens. Carcinogens can range from anything from pollutants to tobacco to something as simple as processed meats.

The effect of carcinogens, however, on different individuals is different and it is also dependent on a number of factors, be it physical, lifestyle-choice, or biological. The physical factors enabling the effect of carcinogens include exposure to different environmental conditions such as UV rays, X-rays, etc. Cancer among mining workers because of their constant exposure to asbestos and fine silicone dust is common. Biological factors generally include hereditary factors, such as the passing of a mutated BRCA1 or 2 mutations from mother to daughter in case of breast cancer. In addition, they also include factors such as age, gender, blood type, etc. Lifestyle choice refers to habits such as smoking, drinking, radiation exposure, etc, which can act as triggers for carcinogens.


Cancer Treatment

In this segment of our essay on cancer, we will discuss the various types of cancer treatments involved and their applicability. The most commonly applied cancer treatments include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Often, these treatments are given in a combination of one with the other. Surgery is usually performed in the case of benign tumors usually followed by a short cycle of preventive chemotherapy. The treatment of chemotherapy includes a combination of drugs targeted to kill cancer cells. Radiation therapy, on the other hand, makes use of radiations to kill cancerous cells. All these treatments are usually known to have side effects, so after-care for cancer survivors is also equally important.

The kind of treatment best suited for a patient is usually determined by the physician. The most important aspect of cancer treatment is early diagnosis and immediate medical intervention. The chances of surviving or beating cancer increase by a paramount value if diagnosed in the early stages.


Cancer Awareness

In India, and many other countries, speaking or discussing cancer is still considered taboo and this perception is in dire need of a change. Always remember cancer awareness is the first step towards cancer prevention. You must come across survivors sharing their journey by means of speech of cancer awareness. It can be of great benefit to know about the disease beforehand as it will keep you wary of any signs or symptoms you might come across and bring the same to the notice of your physician immediately. This will help in preventing or fighting cancer more effectively.


Short Essay on Cancer

To provide you with a grasp on the subject matter, we have provided a short essay on cancer here. Cancer is a disease in which the cells in specified or different parts of the body start dividing continuously. Cancer is usually caused by specific substances that affect several factors in our body. These specific substances are called carcinogens.

Cancer can be caused owing to exposure to pollution, radiation, harmful substances, poor lifestyle choices, etc. Cancer is best treated when detected early. Usually, surgery as well as other treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc. are used to treat cancer.

Cancer awareness is one of the best means that help in preventing and fighting the disease.


Points to Remember About Cancer

Students are recommended to remember the point of facts so it can be helpful for the students to write an essay with ease. Below are listed a few quick points for the convenience of students who are opting to write an essay on Cancer—

  • Cancer is a condition in which the cells divide in vast numbers uncontrollably which results in impairment and other damage to the body.

  • Excessive alcohol consumption, poor nutrition or physical inactivity and, excess weight of the body are some of the causes of Cancer. 

  • Genetic factors can be responsible for the development of cancer. 

  • Some genetic malfunctions occur after birth and factors like exposure to the sun and smoking can increase the risks. 

  • A person can also inherit a certain predisposition for a particular type of cancer. 

  • Chemotherapy is one of the treatments for cancer that targets the dividing cells, it can cure cancer but the side effects can be fatal. 

  • Hormone Therapy is another way for treating cancer where the medication targets certain hormones that interfere with the human body. Hormones are essential in breast cancer and prostate cancer. 

  • Immunotherapy is another way where the medication and treatment target the immune system to boost it.

  • Personalized medication is one of the newer developments where the treatment is more personalized depending on the person’s body and gene. It is believed that this kind of treatment can cure all types of cancer. 

  • Radiation therapy is the treatment in which a high dose of radiation is given out to kill the cancerous cells. It can be used for shrinking the tumors before the surgery. 

  • Stem cell transplant is essential for blood-related cancer like leukemia and lymphoma. In this treatment, the blood cells are removed that are destroyed by chemotherapy and radiation and then the cells are put back into the body after being developed by the doctors. 

  • Surgery is also a part of the treatment. 

  • Leukemia, Breast cancer, thyroid cancer, melanoma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, pancreatic, endometrial, colon, liver, and bladder cancer are the types of cancer that people are diagnosed with every year. 

  • The most common types of cancer are lung cancer and melanoma.

  • Cancer is classified by doctors in two ways. 

  • First, by the location of the cancerous cells. 

  • And secondly, by the tissues that are affected by it. 

  • Metastasis is a condition where cancerous cells spread to different parts of the body. 

  • Improvements in the rate of cancer have been seen over the years after a significant drop in tobacco consumption and smoking. 

  • The outlook of cancer depends on the severity, type, and location of the cancerous cells.  

  • Some cancer can exhibit symptoms while others don’t so it is always advised to report anything to the medical expert if something is wrong. Cancer doesn’t exhibit many symptoms unless it is in an advanced stage so it is usually better to go for regular checkups. 

  • Tumors can be caused in the brain and spinal that can be cancerous in nature. 

  • Germ cell tumors give rise to sperm and eggs in the body and it can be caused in any part of the body. 


Quick Ways to Remember and Write an Essay on Cancer

  1. Do the research

It is essential to write the valid points and present them in this essay as it is based on Cancer. An essay on Cancer must be comprehensive and should ideally contain the context related to this topic hence, it is very important for a student to know about this topic thoroughly in order to write the essay brilliantly. 

  1. Analyze the question

A student must understand the intention of the essay and know the terms that are needed to be used. It will clearly form an essay that consists of all the valid points related to cancer. 

  1. Remembering the information on Cancer

Cancer as a topic is vast because there are several types of Cancer and writing about all of them is not possible in a condensed essay so it is important to understand and remember the points which are more essential than the others to be mentioned in the essay.  

  1. Defining the terms and theories

It is essential for a student to explain the terms being used in the essay. For example, writing the names of the types of Cancer is not enough, it also has to be explained by the student on how it affects and how it may be treated. 

  1. Organize a structured essay 

Students must write the essay in a coherent manner which must begin with the introduction to cancer, followed by the body of the essay that must contain the types of cancer, treatment, and other information regarding the topic of Cancer. It must be well concluded later to tie everything up neatly. 


Cancer is, undoubtedly, one of the most life-shattering diseases. Together, let us make an effort to take on this disease with more care and hope.

FAQs on National Cancer Awareness Day: Empowering Hope and Health

1. Differentiate Between Cancerous and Non-Cancerous Tumours.

The unregulated cell mass inside the body is known as a tumour and can be specified to a particular area or the uninhibited cell growth may spread to the surrounding tissues. Based on this, tumours are majorly classified into two types:

Benign Tumours: This type of tumours are usually regarded as non-cancerous as they are specified to a particular area and can be surgically removed without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.

Malignant Tumours: These tumours, on the other hand, have broken free from their site of origin and spread to other tissues, usually through the bloodstream. These tumours are cancerous in nature and usually require other treatments.

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