Places Name for Kids - Common Public Places and Their Functions That Kids Should Know

An Introduction to Some Common Public Place Names in English for Kids

As children get older, it is critical that they learn about their surroundings. To begin, small children can learn about their home and create their own mental maps to help them traverse it. Then, as kids become older and more autonomous, getting to know the city they reside in is really beneficial to their development. Learning about their city and how it is organised gives kids a feeling of belonging and helps them fine-tune their spatial awareness, making them more confident and cautious.

To practise this aspect of their growth, go on a walk with your children and have a chat about the places you see. This will help them form those useful linkages between the city and its structures. In this article, we will discuss some of the important public places and what these do to help children form a basic awareness of their surroundings.

Places Name Examples to Learn and Remember

Once children go through the following, they will discover some names of sites that they might have come across in their city. To facilitate an easier understanding of such places, we advise parents to engage their children in activities and games related to such places. You can also take them for a visit to some of the easily accessible public places, such as department stores, banks, bus stations, zoos, hospitals, libraries, etc.

Service Station

A service station is a place where automobiles are refuelled with gasoline or petrol, maintained, and occasionally repaired. It's also known as a gas station or a filling station.

Department Store

A huge store is organised into categories that sell a wide variety of things such as clothing, household appliances, and so on.

Bus Station

To take the bus, you must first go to the bus terminal. It is where several public and private bus facilities are available to travel throughout the city and outskirts.


A location for sick individuals to go when they require surgery or when someone is expecting a baby. Some hospitals also have an OPD (Outpatient Department) that allows people to visit doctors for a routine check-up. Vaccines are also provided here. People who meet with an accident are also rushed to hospitals with a trauma centre.


A library is a room or a building that contains huge collections of fictional and non-fictional books, periodicals, reference materials and sometimes films, arts and music DVDs. In a public library, you can borrow books but not buy them.


A big, usually enclosed shopping centre with a variety of stores, companies, and eateries. You can watch a movie, play games, have food and shop clothes, electronics, books and stationery supplies, jewellery, toiletries, shoes, etc. 


A museum is a location where historical, artistic, or scientific things are displayed, maintained, or researched. 

Police Station

The headquarters of a police unit, where persons who have been arrested are initially charged. It is a place where you can lodge a complaint against someone for breaking the law or committing a crime, such as theft or murder. Prisoners are kept locked in a police station.

Post Office

A post office is a venue where stamps are sold and another postal business is done. It is where you can send your letters and parcels to other people and places.


A public space that is retained in its natural condition and is normally reserved for the enjoyment and leisure of visitors, such as a playground for children or a dog walk.


You must be already visiting a school or will be doing so soon. This is a place or building where children gain education and teachers teach them.


A location where live animals are housed, researched, bred, and displayed for the public to see.


This is where you deposit money, withdraw cash, borrow money, submit a check and even store important documents and jewellery in a locker.


An airport is a place where aeroplanes take off to other places, could be cities or countries, and arrive from other countries and cities. People usually travel in aeroplanes for long distance journeys.


A court is a place where a judge provides justice to people who have been wronged and punishes criminals for performing wrong deeds or breaking the law.

Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels are places where people stay for a few days when they are travelling to other cities and countries. Restaurants are where people sit and eat special food cooked by chefs. In both hotels and restaurants, people are required to pay for the service provided.


Different Places in a City


Different Places in a City


Learning about local landmarks aids children's integration into their communities while also improving their language abilities. Also, by learning about places in English at a young age, children begin to develop their language skills because simple tasks like going to the supermarket or going to school become a useful way to review vocabulary related to buildings and their uses, while also learning the importance of these places to the community. If you liked reading this article and found it informative, head over to our website to explore a huge collection of such articles.

FAQs on Places Name for Kids - Common Public Places and Their Functions That Kids Should Know

1. What is the best way to teach your child English vocabulary about place names?

Here are some of our top recommendations:

  • Make new words come to life. Take them for a visit to such places.

  • Make a list of new terms on paper.

  • Encourage your young ones to ask questions about any new place they encounter.

  • Converse with your young ones about the different functions in such places.

  • Talk to your child in a two-way manner.

  • Don't stifle your own vocabulary.

  • Place new words in their proper context.

2. What are the places inside a city?

There are different places in a city, some of them are as follows:

  • Buildings

  • Hotel

  • School

  • Post office

  • Hospital

  • Bank

  • Fire stationĀ 

  • Supermarket

  • Department store

  • Restaurant

  • Museum

  • Library

  • Movie theatre