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LKG Syllabus CBSE

Last updated date: 24th Apr 2024
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Follow CBSE LKG Syllabus to Prepare your Child Well

Lower Kindergarten, also known as LKG, is the first step of a child’s school curriculum. He is introduced to the subject format of a curriculum comprising various learning styles such as reading, writing, activities, playing, audiovisual learning, etc. Parents should download and follow the LKG syllabus CBSE to understand this curriculum and set priorities accordingly.

The detailed segmentation of the LKG Syllabus CBSE PDF here will highlight the learning process directed by the education board. Following such methods will help develop various academic, cognitive and interpersonal skills among children. Let us take a quick look at the LKG syllabus here.

Latest CBSE LKG Syllabus

The syllabus of LKG in CBSE board has been segmented into the following subjects.

  • Mathematics

  • General Awareness

  • English

  • Environmental Science (EVS)

  • Language

The syllabuses set for all these subjects are described below.

CBSE LKG English Syllabus 2023-24

Pre-writing Strokes

• Standing line
• Sleeping line
• Left Slanting line
• Right Slanting line
• Left Curve
• Right Curve
• Up Curve
• Down Curve

Capital Letter (A to Z)

• Identification
• Writing
• Objects related to each letter

Small Letter (a to z)

• Identification
• Writing
• Objects related to each letter
• Matching capital and small
• Vowels and Consonants
• Phonic Drill
• Vowel words
• Rhyming words to improve listening skills


• Sound of letters
• Objects related to letters
• Vowels and Consonants
• Vowel words
• Article a/an
• This-That and These-Those
• One-many
• Positions
• Rhyming words
• Use of flashcards, oral activities and interactions, worksheets, written work, storytelling, genie boards and enactment.

CBSE LKG Mathematics Syllabus 2023-24


• Identify Circles, Squares and triangles
• Identify squares and rectangles

Count to 3

• Learn to count (up to 3)
• Count dots (up to 3)
• Count shapes (up to 3)
• Count objects (up to 3)
• Count on ten frames (up to 3)
• Show numbers on ten frames (up to 3)
Represent numbers (up to 3)

Count to 5

• Learn to count (up to 5)
• Count dots (up to 5)
• Count shapes (up to 5)
• Count objects (up to 5)
• Count in ten frames (up to 5)
• Show numbers on ten frames (up to 5)
• Represent numbers (up to 5)

Count to 10

• Learn to count (up to 10)
• Count dots (up to 10)
• Count shapes (up to 10)
• Count objects (up to 10)
• Count on ten frames (up to 10)
• Show numbers on ten frames (up to 10)
• Represent numbers (up to 10)


• Are there enough?
• Compare groups (fewer or more)
• Fewer and more – compare by counting
• Compare in a mixed group


• Inside and outside
• Above and below
• Beside and next to
• Left and right
• Left, middle and right
• Top and bottom
• Top, middle and bottom


• Same
• Different
• Same and different
• Classify shapes by colour
• Classify and sort by colour
• Classify and sort by shape


• Long and short
• Tall and short
• Light and heavy
• Wide and narrow


• Coin values
• Count 1 rupee coins

CBSE LKG Environmental Science (EVS) 2023-24 Syllabus

  • Good habits and manners.

  • Project on collecting a few living and non-living things

  • Introduction to traffic rules and safety

  • Parts of the body

CBSE LKG General Awareness Syllabus 2023-24

About Myself

• Myself
• My Body Parts
• My Family
• My Birthday
• My Home
• My School


• At home
• On the road
• At the Playground

People Who Help Us

• Doctor
• Teacher
• Policeman
• Postman
• Carpenter
• Farmer


• Road
• Rail
• Air


• Summer
• Winter
• Rainy


• Wild
• Domestic
• Water
• Pet

Tips to Study CBSE LKG Syllabus

Now that we have a clear idea of the syllabuses of all the subjects included in the CBSE LKG curriculum, here is the list of tips to follow to study these subjects efficiently.

  • Focus on the Context

Focus on the chapters included in the textbooks of an LKG subject. Understand why these chapters have been included and follow it accordingly. For instance, the LKG CBSE syllabus rhymes help kids to understand new English words and escalate their memorising power.

  • Practice

Regular practice at home will help your child to understand and recall what he has studied. It will help him score well in the exams.

Understand the LKG CBSE Syllabus Well

Comprehend the syllabus of LKG in CBSE Board well to assist your child in studying the subjects. Proper explanations of the topics will also help them to maintain their enthusiasm to learn new things. Follow the syllabus and tips to prepare your child for the exams.

FAQs on LKG Syllabus CBSE

1. Can I do the same activities for LKG at home?

Yes. Repeating and practising the same activities will help your child to develop cognitive skills.

2. Should I practice LKG mathematics daily?

Practising LKG mathematics regularly will imbibe the concepts of numbers and counting properly.

3. What is the best way to score more in LKG subjects?

Regular studying and practice at home make your child habituated to the questions asked. He will surely perform well in the exams.