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CBSE Class 11 Economics Sample Paper-1 (2024-25)

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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CBSE Sample Paper-1 for Class 11 Economics with Solutions - Free PDF Download

Economics is a vital subject for Class 11 Commerce students. In Class 11, they learn the basic concept of this subject. This primary knowledge will be beneficial for them in higher studies. So, the students should read all the topics of this subject sincerely. For exam preparation, the students have to follow the Sample Papers. They can download CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 Economics as the exam preparation tool. They will get different questions of Economics in the Sample Paper. They should solve the Sample Paper of Economics Class 11 on their own and check the solution later. It will be a great exam preparation tool for students.

Economics is a social science that studies how products and services are produced, distributed (allocated), and spent or utilized. It is the study of how people, businesses, governments, and nations distribute resources to meet their requirements, to discover how these groups should assemble and coordinate efforts to achieve maximum production. Economics is the study of allocating resources in a community in the most efficient way possible.

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Total No. of Chapters in Class 11 Economics

  1. Chapter 1 – Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence

  2. Chapter 2 – Indian Economy (1950 – 1990)

  3. Chapter 3 – Liberalization, Privatization, and Globalization: An Appraisal

  4. Chapter 4 – Poverty

  5. Chapter 5 – Human Capital Formation In India

  6. Chapter 6 – Rural Development

  7. Chapter 7 – Employment Growth, Informalisation, and Other Issues

  8. Chapter 8 – Infrastructure

  9. Chapter 9 – Environment And Sustainable Development

  10. Chapter 10 – Comparative development Experiences Of India and Its Neighbors

FAQs on CBSE Class 11 Economics Sample Paper-1 (2024-25)

1. Why should I take the mock test of the Economics sample papers with Vedantu?

Mock tests will make you learn a new technique to solve the questions. There could either be shortcut techniques or advanced techniques to solve the questions. In order to solve the questions easily and quickly, they try different types of methodologies out of one single logic. If they earnestly solve all the mock series or test, they will also work well in their actual exam also. 


Every mock test gives a chance for the learners to learn and present well. The main objective of these mock test papers or the sample papers is to help the learners realize their stand with the chapter or that particular concept. In this way, they can progress the right test-taking approach by a precise outline of their performance.

2. What will I study in chapter 8 Infrastructure?

Infrastructure of Class 11 Economics, educate you of the emergence of macroeconomics, variables: cost prices, wage rates, rate of interest and profits, the structure of macroeconomy, circular flow of income: real or product or physical flow and money or monetary or nominal flow, phases of circular flow: production phase, distribution phase and disposition phase.

Here, you will also learn about factor income, transfer income, stock, flow, economic territory or domestic territory, citizenship or national ship, normal resident/ resident, final goods, intermediate goods, point to remember for final goods and intermediate goods, important points on value, final goods can be classified into two groups and difference between final goods and intermediate goods. Our notes and solutions to the exercise questions are framed from the examination point of view. These shall help you get comfortable with different question styles.

3. Why solving sample papers before the examination is necessary?

Sample papers will make you acquire new methods to solve the problems. They can be unless All our solutions strictly adhere to the guidelines given by CBSE. Using these answers, you will be able to solve all the main examination paper easily with the help of these sample papers. You will understand their strong and weak points in every subject. You will also be aware of the challenges and difficulties faced in the actual exam.

4. Things to remember while solving the sample paper.

Firstly, have a look at the complete paper. Have a glimpse at every question given separately in the paper. Fix your brain on which segment, to start with, and what topics to strive first. Then, attempt the problems which you are well-known with and then move with the leftover questions. Do not misuse your time on problems which you don’t know the solutions to. 

Make sure you are attempting it only when you are 90% sure of the answer. After finishing the entire paper, check on the time taken to complete it. Start monitoring the questions which are tried genuinely. Make a list of errors that you have made and make a note of them in a separate paper. Go by those errors which you have made, and prepare the concept frequently. Through which you do not repeat the same mistakes again.

5. Why should I refer to Class 11 Sample Papers?

  • The Sample Papers offered are written by subject matter experts, and you will receive extensive answers that explain each idea in detail.

  • All of the solutions are offered by subject matter experts following to the most recent CBSE rules.

  • Solving the problems regularly can help you improve your conceptual understanding and problem-solving abilities.

  • By preparing with the Sample Papers, you will be able to approach the actual exam with the utmost confidence.

  • The Sample Paper will push you to learn new approaches to solving the challenge.

  • You will gain an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses in the topic. You will also be informed of the problems and hurdles that you will experience throughout the real Class 11 exam.

6. Important points to remember while solving the Sample Paper?

  • First and foremost, have a look at the chapter. Take a look at every question that is presented separately in the document. Decide in your mind which part to begin with and which things to aim for initially.

  • Next, tackle the problem that you are familiar with, and then go on to the remaining problems.

  • Keep your attention away from the problem for which you have no understanding of the answer.

  • Ensure that you are only attempting questions when you are 90 percent certain of the answer.

  • After completing the entire paper, please take note of the time it took you to complete it.

  • Make a note of the mistakes you've made, and then drill down from that list to prepare and comprehend the topic. You will avoid making the same error twice as a result of this.

7. What are some excellent reference books for Economics for Class 11?

Students will benefit from the Class 11 Economics book since it will help them comprehend the ideas and develop a better understanding of the themes connected to producers and consumers. Students interested in pursuing advanced studies in macroEconomics or microEconomics would benefit considerably from these textbooks.

The following Economics textbooks can be used by students in Class 11:

  • Indian Economic Development (IED): Saraswati Publications & Dhanpat Rai Publications (Sandeep Garg)

  • Business Statistics: TR Jain and VK Ohri

  • Statistics for Economics: Sandeep Garg

  • Introductory Microeconomics: Sandeep Garg

8. Important Preparation Tips for Class 11 Economics Exam.

  • Make it a point to spend at least 5 hours a day studying in order to get ahead. In addition, try not to overexert yourself during the procedure. Take brief breaks in between each session.

  • Preparing for your exam will go more smoothly if you prioritize the chapters based on difficulty. For the Class 11 Economics exam, focus on the most difficult topics first and then move on to the easier ones.

  • The best method to keep yourself on track and avoid stress is by creating an effective study timetable and then adhering to it with discipline.

  • As much as possible, practice activities and master statistical equations. Practicing problem-solving skills regularly will help you improve your problem-solving abilities fast and efficiently.

  • Making brief notes on the most key formulas and concepts will aid you in memorizing them more effectively and quickly. 

  • Take practice tests at least three times every week. This can help you increase your practice, speed, and accuracy when answering questions.

  • The most fundamental yet crucial component of test preparation is understanding and then learning, and this will help you considerably in the examinations. It will aid your comprehension of the subject matter.

9. From where can I download the Class 11 Economics Sample Paper?

You may check out the Economics Sample Paper for Class 11 on Vedantu's website, and you can also download them for offline usage. With the use of these papers, students will be able to assess their test preparation. Our highly qualified and experienced instructors have created and curated these exams following the most recent CBSE Class 11 syllabus. Students can use these solved papers as a resource for their test preparation and success. These example papers will also be useful for students who are unsure what type of paper will be generated from such a broad curriculum or how to respond to various queries.