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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12 Math Chapter 29 - The Plane - Free PDF Download

Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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Class 12 Math Chapter 29 PDF Download

A plane is a flat, two-dimensional surface with an infinite dimension, but with a zero thickness. So, if two points are taken, the line segment that joins them is entirely on the surface. The 3-dimensional space plane has the following equation:

ax + by + cz + d = 0,

Here, at least one of the values among a,b,c, must be non-zero.

The three possible planes in a 3-d coordinate system are:

  • xy plane, in which the value of z coordinates is 0.

  • y-z plane, in which the value of x coordinate is 0.

  • x-z plane, in which the value of y coordinate is 0.

This Chapter’s PDF, RD Sharma Class 12 Chapter 29 Solutions provides you with all the solutions for RD Sharma problems on the subject of 'Planes' in Class 12th Math. Practice questions to find a deeper understanding of the topic. The questions in this Chapter are relevant from the point of view of the examination. The RD Sharma Class 12  Solutions The Plane will give a basic understanding of Planes along with the important questions asked in board exams.

Vedantu provides an amazing and free PDF of RD Sharma Solutions For Class 12 Math Chapter 29 so that students may study for their board exams.

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Class 12 RD Sharma Textbook Solutions Chapter 29 - The Plane

These RD Sharma Class 12 Chapter 29 Solutions are prepared by experts who have vast experience in the subject. The experts have done a lot of research to provide unique and step-by-step solutions to all-important questions of the Chapter, The Plane so that students can understand the concepts easily and ace their exams with good marks. The plane contains all the main concepts with a clear description that aims to help students better understand concepts and develop analytical skills. Students studying for their Engineering and other Entrance Exams must read RD Sharma Solutions For Class 12 Math Chapter 29. 

There are several benefits of referring to RD Sharma:

  • A good comprehension of the concepts presented in the exercises is required.

  • More questions based on NCERT exercises to practice from.

  • To be fully prepared for your Class 12 Math exam, you'll need to solve a variety of different types of questions.

  • If one gets caught in the middle of difficulty, there are solutions available.

  • A novel but straightforward approach to problem-solving

Let’s dive further to understand more about what a plane is and how it can be determined.

The plane

  • If either of the following is identifiable, a plane can very easily be determined: the plane's normal and distance from the origin, i.e. the plane's equation in normal form.

  • It runs through a location and is perpendicular to a given direction.

  • It passes through three specified non-collinear places.

There are also other topics based on which, there are questions provided in the RD Sharma book. We’ll not dive into those yet, but let’s have a look at the various exercise given in the Chapter

Exercises in RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12 Math Chapter 29

The question bank of RD Sharma's reference book is large. The exercises in the Chapters include all kinds of questions with varying difficulty levels. Solving such questions will help you in assessing your preparation thoroughly. The exercises in the RD Sharma reference book for Chapter - The Plane is listed below:

Tips to Prepare for Exam Using RD Sharma Solutions For Class 12 Math Chapter 29

These tips will help students to secure good marks in their board exams from The Plane Chapter.

  • Don't just read the problems given here. Rework on them. Writing down the steps will help you recall them. Make sure you try to solve the problems without looking at the answers.

  • Understand the concepts of The Plane clearly and also remember the basic formulas which are used to define The Plane. Try an approach for a solution by drawing the diagrams if necessary.  

  • Practice as much as you can. Math has always been the kind of subject that requires thorough practice. It is a subject that requires the process of trials and errors. So take out a few hours of your day to practice various kinds of problems daily.

  • Select a variety of problems. Solving only one type of question will not help you master the subject better. RD Sharma has a lot of various kinds of questions in its question bank to practice from.

  • Students are advised to download the free PDF of RD Sharma Class 12  Solutions The Plane which is available on the Vedantu platform which provides solutions easily and understandably.


The RD Sharma Class 12 Chapter 29 Solutions are prepared according to the CBSE format. So these solutions are very useful for Class 12 students to prepare for their board exams which also have a lot of practice problems to improve their subject knowledge. 

The Class 12 Chapter - The plane is a technical Chapter, not a tough one. It necessitates a significant level of application expertise. Geometry isn't particularly tough to grasp in general. You're fine to go with just a couple of hours of practice per day. If you're still having trouble understanding and solving the questions, we recommend consulting these notes from Vedantu: Chapter 11 three dimensional Geometry 

FAQs on RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12 Math Chapter 29 - The Plane - Free PDF Download

1. Why should I refer to Vedantu for  RD Sharma Class 12 Chapter 29 Solutions?

This platform provides top-notch content for Mathematics which has a few of the best Mathematics teachers in the country. So, when students refer to  RD Sharma Class 12 Chapter 29 Solutions, they are provided with an expert solution by a few premier Mathematics teachers. Math, if we look at it, is comparatively a more difficult subject than others. It requires a good presence of mind and application skills. Vedantu’s solutions help the students cope with the difficulties that they might find while solving various problems.

2. How important is RD Sharma Solutions For Class 12 Math Chapter 29?

Great command of the basics of The Plane Chapter allows students to figure out complex problems. The Plane is one of the most valuable branches of Mathematics, commonly used in engineering and many other branches of sciences. The RD Sharma solution for Class 12 Math is that one step of practice that every student must take. Doing so will help the student to practice their understanding of the concepts very thoroughly.  Practicing these will strengthen their preparation for their exam. 

3. How do I get the free RD Sharma Class 12  Solutions The Plane?

Students can download the PDF of RD Sharma Class 12  Solutions The Plane from Vedantu, for free. with a free PDF on different topics of Mathematics. The solutions are solved by our experts at Vedantu. These solutions have been solved to aid students in enhancing their learning experience in the most efficient way. Other than RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12 - The Plane, there are other resources also available for students to refer to while preparing for their Math exams.

4. What are the topics included under the Class 12 Chapter - The Plane?

The Topics included under the Class 12 Chapter - The plane involves the definition and the understanding of a plane. The topics also include the equation of a plane in a very easy language along with appropriate examples for students to understand. Other topics include the equation of a plane passing through three collinear points. These topics have been very well explained in the NCERT textbook along with examples and back exercises. 

5. How can Geometry be used in the real-life of a student?

In Actual Life, There are a Variety of Applications for Studying Geometry:

Art and Mathematics are intertwined in numerous ways. The theory of perspective (a graphical representation of an image as seen by eyes on a flat surface) shows that Geometry encompasses more than only metric properties of objects, and this perspective is the cornerstone of projective Geometry. Satellites in GPS systems also use Geometry to calculate their position and GPS location, which is determined by latitudes and longitudes.