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RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 19 - Indefinite Integrals (Ex 19.7) Exercise 19.7

Last updated date: 05th Mar 2024
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RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 19 - Indefinite Integrals (Ex 19.7) Exercise 19.7 - Free PDF

Free PDF download of RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 19 - Indefinite Integrals Exercise 19.7 solved by Expert Mathematics Teachers on All Chapter 19 - Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.7 Questions with Solutions for RD Sharma Class 12 Maths to help you to revise the complete Syllabus and Score More marks. Register for online coaching for IIT JEE (Mains & Advanced) and other engineering entrance exams. 

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 19 - Indefinite Integrals

Class 12 board exams are a life-changing moment for every student. Practising a few of past years’ question papers and sample question papers will help you clear your board exams effectively. Selecting a proper guide with solved answers for preparations will save your time and help in preparing well. The guide you follow should be curated by respected subject experts. 


Keeping in mind the marking schemes is one of the main steps before you start preparing for the final exams. Students would be under tremendous pressure to perform well and score in the exams, which will ultimately cause anxiety and stress. 


You should start your board exam preparation as soon as possible after starting the Academic year. This will help you build your concepts in-depth and revise the complete Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE 12th Syllabus properly before the main examinations.


Students will always think that they have a lot of time before the main exams and start studying only when the exams are nearby. This will make them waste the initial time that is available for preparation in a leisurely manner and then worry at the last stage. You must plan your preparation carefully and follow the same strictly. 


Everyone must make it a daily routine religiously to implement the planned preparation and study accordingly.  Articles provided by Vedantu on CBSE Class 12 Preparation Tips will help you to ace your examination. Your Class 12 marks play a crucial role in shaping your future and career. This will help in selecting your favourite course and lead you in your desired career path.

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 19 - Indefinite Integrals (Ex 19.7) Exercise 19.7

1. How do I plan to study for the 12th board exams?

Time management is a very important aspect to consider before you start preparing for your board exams. Practice with last year's question papers or sample question papers so you will be familiar with the marking schemes and time limit you will be provided to answer the entire question paper. After every class, you should prepare notes with important formulas and procedures so that you can revise them later with ease.

2. How to score the highest marks in board exams?

Plan and schedule your study time. You should know your capabilities and work on your weak areas. Spend quality time and prepare notes with all formulas and procedures. This will help in last-minute revision and preparation. Rather than getting scared and nervous, making proper preparations for the exams will be of greater help. A positive attitude towards anything will always help in maintaining high confidence levels and with this, it is possible to achieve flying colours in any toughest exams of life.

3. Why is it essential to identify and work on weak areas?

If you have taken up the Science stream, you might be good in Physics and Mathematics, but find it difficult to concentrate on Chemistry, then identify your weak areas and start working on them so that these tough subjects do not impact the overall percentage. Most students will show less interest to study subjects they are weak at, and this is the biggest mistake. Instead of running away from the subject, try finding the weak points and work on them to turn them into your strong areas.

4. Do we need to concentrate on the presentation of our exam paper?

It is quite obvious that an answer sheet, which is clean and approachable, fetches more marks than the one which is filthy and messy. Many students strike out the lines and words often in the answer sheet, which will hamper the neatness and cleanliness of the sheet. Many students ignore these simple things, but these can help in scoring a few extra marks in board exams. And those few extra marks will help in boosting the overall percentage in the board exams to quite an extent, so maintain a nice presentation throughout your paper.

5. How do we tackle the final paper in the examination hall?

Plan your timing and which question to be answered first and at the end. If you have already practised well with the past year's question papers or sample papers then you will have an idea of how to face the real exam. Don't panic before starting to write. Read through the question paper properly and plan accordingly. After writing and completing the paper take time to re-read your answers and check thoroughly. These small tips will help you write a good examination.