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RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 20 - Mensuration I (Area of Circle)(Ex 20.3) Exercise 20.3

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Mensuration I (Area of Circle) (Ex 20.3) Exercise 20.3 - Free PDF

Mensuration is the study of measurement that is based on the usage of Algebraic Equations and Geometric Calculations. Mensuration helps to define the width, depth, and volume of a random object or many objects. Mensuration is a very important concept for children to learn earlier in childhood.  

Despite its use in daily life, every year a good number of questions are asked from this chapter. The application of Mensuration also comes up in higher classes and carries a lot of percentage in Board Exams.

If the basics of Mensuration are cleared in early classes like Class 7, then the student can solve any problem with ease. RD Sharma is the perfect book to refer to, for clearing the concepts of Mensuration of Class 7.

RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 20

RD Sharma is a very good and recommended resource for studying mathematics for class 7 students as well as other classes. It helps children to break down the basic concepts with a good grip on the fundamentals of topics like Mensuration and other topics that require a lot of practice. RD Sharma also provides Solved Examples that help children to understand concepts better if they missed the theory.

RD Sharma covers all the important topics from the Chapter Mensuration of Class 7. The topics are well distributed in the following sequence-

Distribution of Topics

  • Units of measurement of area

  • Area & Perimeter of squares & rectangles

  • Area between rectangles

  • Areas of a parallelogram & rhombus

  • Area of a triangle


Do make the best use of free resources from Vedantu website to learn and prepare for the chapter 20 of class 7 created by subject experts.

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 20 - Mensuration I (Area of Circle)(Ex 20.3) Exercise 20.3

1. Is RD Sharma good for Class 7 Students?

RD Sharma is a very resourceful book and is perfect for students of class 7.  RD Sharma can be used to study theory as well as solve & learn from solved examples. The test papers at the end make it a must-have book for Class 7 students. The book is well distributed to make it easier for students to learn in a flow without getting confused. RD Sharma with revision-notes by Vedantu can help your student bring full marks in class 7 maths exam.

2. Where can class 7 children find good math questions to solve?

There are many questions on the internet that can be overwhelming for class 7 students. That's why Vedantu has taken out the most asked questions over the years and made a special most Important Questions list that class 7 children can refer to and save a lot of time. Test papers at the end of RD Sharma are also a very good resource to refer to find good math questions to solve. Children can always use the FREE resources provided at the Vedantu Website.

3. Is it necessary to solve all the exercises in RD Sharma for class 7 students?

RD Sharma consists of many questions in the form of exercises and test papers. It gives plenty of resources to Class 7 students to solve. Solving all the problems can be a big task at the last minute but it is definitely advised to solve most of the questions from RD Sharma for Class 7 students as it helps them to understand the concept more clearly and help them achieve good marks in the exam. The test papers at the end of RD Sharma’s book are highly recommended by the teachers and should be solved by children.

4. How to score well in class 7 maths?

Teachers always advise children to practice Maths as much as they can in any class. To score well in Class 7 Maths, RD Sharma is a very good book for children to refer to. Practicing with a good streamlined book such as RD Sharma can help children to understand concepts better by solving the Sample Question Papers. Children of Class 7 can also refer to the  Youtube Channel of Vedantu that is specially designed for kids to take interest in maths and score good marks in their exams.

5. Why is studying from the RD Sharma book essential for class 7?

NCERT textbooks are taught in schools that cover the very basics of any given topic. Chapters like the Mensuration of Class 7 Mathematics syllabus require a lot of practice to understand the concept by heart and thus RD Sharma is a very sufficient and essential book for Class 7 students. It explains each and every chapter clearly and the solved examples help the student to understand how questions can be asked from the chapter. The test papers at the end of RD Sharma are very useful to judge the student before the real exam.