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RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 21 Perimeter and Area of Rectilinear Figures Exercise 21.1

Last updated date: 22nd Feb 2024
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(Perimeter and Area of Rectilinear Figures) Exercise 21.1 - Free PDF

Class 7 mathematics sets a base for higher classes. This is the first time when kids are exposed to many complex topics and practice is essential to understand topics clearly and score good marks in class 7 maths.  One such topic is Mensuration in this class, which introduces students into the algebraic aspect of geometry. This is a very useful topic for students to develop an interest in the subject as it is truly fun and interesting when the concepts are clear. That’s why this topic requires students to solve good quality questions and grasp the fundamentals well.

Teachers recommend students to solve RD Sharma after covering their syllabus as it provides the extra detail and depth for such topics as it has many good questions. RD Sharma is a book that has been used and recommended by students who excel in the subject over the years. The varying level of questions accustom students to the subject while growing their understanding of it. 

This exercise deals with the shape circle. It has twenty main questions. Given below are the  important topics covered in this exercise.

  • Chord of a circle

  • Definition and meaning of the circle

  • Circumference of circles

  • Circular region

  • Diameter of circle

  • Concentric circles

  • Congruent circles

  • Relation between diameter and circle

Benefits of RD Sharma for Class 7 Mensuration

  • Helps to Create a Better Foundation

RD Sharma helps children to clear all their doubts with properly distributed chapters and topics that help students strengthen their foundation. This helps them to stand strong in higher classes on the basis of clear concepts.

  • Gives a Lot of Practice

RD Sharma is full of good questions to solve that provide good practice to students. The book has many application-based questions that require a clear understanding of complex topics. Solving RD Sharma can help the student know where they stand in the timeline of preparations.

  • Prepares Students for Exam

With effective test papers and question papers, RD Sharma gives the student a glimpse of what the exam would feel like and helps them prepare for the exam. The more test papers a  student solves, the more he is confident in appearing for the actual exam.

  • Proper Flow to Concepts

RD Sharma uniquely explains every topic. The difficulty of problems increases with every new topic which helps students to maintain a flow of learning and also helps them grab concepts at a good pace.


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FAQs on RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 21 Perimeter and Area of Rectilinear Figures Exercise 21.1

1. Should Class 7 Students study Perimeter and Area of Rectilinear Figures from RD Sharma?

All Class 7 Students should definitely study Perimeter and Area of Rectilinear Figures from RD Sharma as it is very well distributed and helps children grab concepts much faster. The solved examples inside it help class 7 kids to understand the question pattern and eventually score good marks in the exams. Perimeter and Area of Rectilinear Figures is a concept that is applicable in daily life and also continues in further classes. That’s why RD Sharma is essential because it helps class 7 kids to grab the fundamentals from roots.

2. Where can class 7 children find good questions to solve on Chapter Mensuration?

RD Sharma is a book that class 7 students can refer to anytime for good questions in Mensuration. RD Sharma also breaks down key concepts for students and makes them easier to understand. The test papers in RD Sharma also provide a lot of questions that are highly recommended by teachers. Mensuration is a very important topic that continues in higher classes, so a good amount of questions should be solved by class 7 children to help them to understand fundamentals more clearly.

3. How many questions are required to master class 7 mensuration?

Class 7 Mensuration chapter is really important as the same concepts continue in later classes with more complexity.  Mastering Mensuration will require a lot of practice and thus solving a lot of good questions. Students can find questions at important-questions-class-7-maths. Class 7 students can also refer to RD Sharma which is recommended by teachers to score a better score. It contains many solved examples which students can solve and directly check their mistakes. It also has many test papers that help to create an exam-like environment and test the student more precisely. 

4. How to score well in class 7 mensuration?

Class 7 students should practice a lot of questions to get a good grip over the chapter Mensuration. Mensuration is the part of geometry that deals with the measurement of area, length, or volume and contains a lot of understanding of fundamentals and formulas. This can only be achieved with a lot of practice and by solving good questions that test the understanding of concepts. Class 7 students should know all the formulas and basic derivations of them. This helps to solve application-based problems which add complexity to question

5. How to study from the RD Sharma book?

RD Sharma is one of the most recommended books by many teachers. Students should understand that they can benefit most from the book when they start early. RD Sharma has a lot of resources that can help any student get a very good score in maths. Students should start with theory and go through some solved examples and then directly start with exercises. In maths, concepts get clear when a student solves more and more questions. RD Sharma also has various test papers that help the student to check his preparation before appearing for the final examination.