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RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 19 - Indefinite Integrals (Ex 19.21) Exercise 19.21

Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 19 - Indefinite Integrals (Ex 19.21) Exercise 19.21 - Free PDF

Free PDF download of RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 19 - Indefinite Integrals Exercise 19.21 solved by Expert Mathematics Teachers on All Chapter 19 - Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.21 Questions with Solutions for RD Sharma Class 12 Maths to help you to revise the complete Syllabus and Score More marks. Register for online coaching for IIT JEE (Mains & Advanced) and other engineering entrance exams.

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Indefinite Integrals for Class 12

The topic of indefinite integrals for Class 12 consists of various exercises. Students learn various concepts like an introduction to integrals, their functions, integration by parts, their types and so much more. This is a very important topic for Class 12 as there are high chances that it might be asked in the question paper. There are many exercise questions available in the RD Sharma book and students can solve as much as possible to ensure a deep understanding of the concept. 

The list of Exercises for The Chapter Indefinite Integrals are: - 

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.1

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.2

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.3

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.4

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.5

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.6

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.7

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.8

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.9

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.10

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.11

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.12

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.13

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.14

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.15

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.16

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.17

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.18

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.19

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.20

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.21

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.22

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.23

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.24

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.25

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.26

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.27

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.28

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.29

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.30

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.31

  • Indefinite Integrals Ex 19.32

Advantages of RD Sharma books for Class 12 

RD Sharma is one of the top books that is used by many students and various institutions for studying all the subjects right from class 1 to Class 12. It is a very useful book and contains a detailed explanation of the concepts. The book helps the student to understand all the basics of a particular concept before moving on to solved questions. The solved questions further deepen their understanding and help them to think critically and to apply their theoretical knowledge for other similar questions. Once the students are done studying the concepts, the book also has a lot of practice questions that the student can solve to prepare themselves for their exams. 

RD Sharma is very structured and covers all the topics that a Class 12 student is required to study. It starts with a brief introduction of the topics, explains the concepts in every para, contains solved examples and moves onto the other topic. After the entire chapter is over, there is also a chapter summary along with many other practice questions that the students can solve to familiarize themselves with the concept. The website also has other resources that the students can check out.

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 19 - Indefinite Integrals (Ex 19.21) Exercise 19.21

1. How do find the solutions for Chapter 19 Class 12?

Students can sign up to the Vedantu website for all resources that are required for the preparation for the exams. They will find a lot of information on the website that is available for free downloads. Students can find solutions for Chapter 19 on the website under Class 12 and they can also download the pdf for their advantage. This allows the students to study at their leisure and aren't even required to use the internet for the same.

2. Which book is best for practice for Class 12?

RD Sharma books are the best books to practice all the tough and easy questions. It contains very simple instructions and is also easy to learn and understand. This book is also used by top institutions to help students crack competitive exams, so it is more than enough for Class 12 as well. The book has solved examples that the students can refer to and they can also go to the website to find solutions for other practice questions behind every chapter.

3. Is Chapter 19 important for Class 12?

Chapter 19 is indefinite integrals and students will study integrals and their functions and types and so on. Just like every other chapter, the 19th chapter is also very important for the exams. Many questions can be asked from this chapter so students should make sure that they don't skip any topic or concept and ensure to practice all the questions before their exams.

4. How to study for Class 12?

Make sure to start your preparation a few months before the exams. This way you can take your own time to properly learn and understand the basic concepts will have time to practice solved question papers and will also be able to revise before your exams. It is really important to start your work early and to practice hard.

5. How to use RD Sharma for Class 12 preparation?

RD Sharma already has very easy to follow and clear instructions about how to use the book. Make sure to cover all the basic theoretical concepts and to practice all the solved examples and practice questions. It is a very useful and interesting book and students can score high marks with the help of RD Sharma books. They also come with summaries and practice questions to which the students can find the solutions on the website. Try solving as many questions as possible before your exams so that you will have the time to correct your mistakes.