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WWF-N has logo for conservation of
A. Tiger
B. Giant Panda
C. Red Panda
D. Polar Bear

Last updated date: 20th May 2024
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Hint: The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-N) is an international non-government organization. This organization focuses on conserving and protecting endangered species. The logo was inspired by an animal at the London zoo whose name was Chi-Chi.

Complete answer:
The logo of WWF-N is for the conservation of the Giant Panda.
The founders of the WWF understood the need for an eye-catching logo that would overcome the language barriers around the world.
Additional information:
The Giant Panda is a native animal of South-Central China. They are identified by their distinct black patches around the eyes. They mainly live in temperate forests having an abundance of bamboo as that is what the pandas predominantly feed on.
Adult female pandas can weigh up to 200 pounds, whereas an adult male panda can weigh around 300 pounds. Despite being bulky, they are excellent tree climbers.
In the past, Giant Pandas was termed as endangered. This was mainly due to habitat loss and fragmentation (due to the construction of roads and tracks). Construction of tourist facilities and other infrastructure has also resulted in the loss of a panda’s natural habitat.

The correct answer is – B. Giant Panda

Note: The WWF works in China in association with the government. They assist in policy decisions regarding the conservation of animals. They also help in creating awareness regarding the protection of pandas among the general public. They also work toward providing legal protection to panda habitats. Because of the efforts of the WWF along with the Chinese government, the panda reserves in China now cover 3.8 million acres of forest.